ohio state

  1. Melvillei

    BU vs OSU

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE Very grateful to be accepted to both schools but struggling to choose between them. BU was originally much more expensive, but I was offered enough financial aid to make total COA essentially even. Both would be far from home (California) and my eventual goal would be to...
  2. hippomonster1

    Ohio State c/o 2026

    I haven't seen one yet for my dvm OSU hopefuls! Good luck everyone! This is my fourth time applying and hoping it will finally be my year!
  3. M

    MD Scared Rural First Generation App--Will I get in?

    I'm terrified. I'm in this alone, and I feel like I don't have enough community service hours! Rural and Underserved birthplace and residence. West Virginia Degree: Chemistry, State University MCAT: 512 GPA: 3.68 BCPM, 4.0 AO, 3.77 Total Clinical Volunteer: 104 hours at hospital, but counting on...
  4. optomize

    Ohio State University (OSU Optometry)- PROS/CONS

    I dont see much about OSU on SDN....Does anyone have any info about OSU? What are the pros/cons? Any major negatives?
  5. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Ohio State OTD 18-19 Application Cycle

    Hi everybody! I wanted to start a thread and discussion for the OTD program at Ohio State for the 18-19 app cycle. My application was verified Oct. 10 and I just received an interview offer today by e-mail. Interviews are Dec 8, and I believe they only have one round of interviews. The e-mail...
  6. Eleithyia

    Ohio State vs. U of Cincinnati

    Just got an acceptance from OSU this morning and now I'm trying to decide between two very similar schools! The prestige difference between OSU & UC is probably negligible, both have great research opportunities, and tuition is very similar at both schools. UC has repeatedly used their...
  7. agzs2015

    All about iPads

    Hey everyone! I will be attending Ohio State CVM in the fall and we are required to purchase an iPad Pro. I have decided that I will be purchasing the larger model (12.9"). Now I'm stumped on the accessories!!! I'm definitely purchasing the apple pencil (and Notability app). I am required to...
  8. E

    General Admissions & OTCAS Ohio state OTD 2018

    Hey I was wondering if anyone that interviewed on the 20th of January had heard back from the OTD department regarding admissions at OSU
  9. P

    Ohio State University 2021

    I am curious to see how many people have put a deposit down for OSU. Hopefully we can connect as there isn't a fb page or anything yet. Fell free to comment, etc.
  10. M

    Ohio State Physical Therapy Admissions Process

    I applied to Ohio State for physical therapy and have received emails to complete their supplemental application. I completed that and then received an email asking me to activate my Ohio State User ID. My guess is that they do this for everyone, but I just wanted to check. Does anyone know the...
  11. M

    Weak state ties better than no state ties?

    I saw there were some threads about what constitutes strong state ties but my questions are a bit different as those threads all seemed to be about specific examples. There are a few public schools to which I want to apply, and I know my ties aren't strong to their respective states, but I was...
  12. M

    Medical Dietetics at Ohio State

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted into OSU (yayy!!!). I plan on majoring in Medical Dietetics, and then I plan to apply to medical school after I'm done. I was wondering if any students on here have majored in this at OSU? If so, I have some questions, and I would love to get some insight on...
  13. Z

    Undergraduate Acceptance Decision for Pre-Med

    Would anybody be able to tell me the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following schools in regards to program quality, academic rigor, and research opportunities for an aspiring pre-med student? In the long run, which of the following schools would help me the most with medical school...
  14. Elephant.95

    Ohio State or Cornell?

    I was admitted to the Class of 2021 at both Ohio State and Cornell. Both programs seem pretty similar in terms of quality, breadth, and resources offered. Would any of you recommend OSU over Cornell or vice-a-versa? Two of my biggest concerns are camaraderie among students and mental health and...
  15. B

    Case vs OSU

    Hi guys, I'm currently between choosing OSU and Case for med school. Case Pro: Family in Cleveland Eventually hope to work for UH or Cleveland Clinic Opportunity for medical Spanish program Master's in Applied Anatomy looks cool Case Con: COST*** (I know we all take out loans but Case is...
  16. P

    UIC vs Ohio State

    Hi guys, I was lucky enough to get into both of these schools in the same time frame before having to commit to either one of them. I was curious as to general opinions about each school as well as some specific questions. Some quick background on me, I am out of state for both schools and...
  17. T

    OSU vs. Houston McGovern

    Please help! I am trying to decide between OSU and McGovern. I need some help comparing them. I am not a state resident of either and understand that McGovern would be cheaper. I also know that OSU is ranked a little higher with regard to research. But here are some questions: How does...
  18. McDreamy2008

    MEDPATH 2017 Ohio State University

    This thread is for everyone that has been invited to apply to OSU's MEDPATH program! The applications are due January 31st. Good luck!!
  19. D

    Disappointed with Ohio State's pharmacy school?

    For those who have toured Ohio States' pharmacy facilities, have any of you been a little disappointed? It felt like everything was in a basement, there were no windows, they had barely any open study space, etc. This just isn't what I'd expected from The Ohio State University. Am I missing...
  20. L

    Ohio State vs Indiana University vs Rochester vs Cincinnati

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me some pros and cons of each of the four schools mentioned above. Considering money as not an issue, which would you prefer? Thanks!
  21. N

    Accidentally Applied EDP... HELP!

    So I mistakenly applied to Ohio State's EDP not realizing that I potentially wouldn't be allowed to apply anywhere else until October 1st. OSU would definitely be my first choice but I would really be thrilled to go to any med school anywhere. I have average stats (511 MCAT and 3.7 GPA) for...
  22. TalaDuShrrg

    Choosing between Drexel and Ohio State

    Hi guys. I was accepted into Drexel and had been planning to go there, but I've just been surprised with an acceptance from Ohio State. I know that Ohio is generally more well regarded, but I'm wondering if anyone has any more specific advise on how to choose. (also, any advice on how to...
  23. T

    Ohio State with low GPA?

    If there is already a thread out there similar to this please let me know (and I apologize for a repeat post) I have an undergrad cGPA of a 3.098. I was in grad school for one semester before realizing that I hated the program and wanted to follow my dream instead of my family's. I had a 3.9...
  24. P

    Ohio state interview swap

    Hello! Just hoping someone can do me a solid and switch! I have Ohio state sandwiched between my 2 Boston interviews on Dec 5th and rather than flying back and forth, is it possible to switch with someone who has a January interview??? Thanks guys and best of luck with interviews :)
  25. C

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Ohio State 2015-16

    Does anyone know when OSU is sending out interview invitations, when the interview dates are, etc? I asked back in September or October and they had not set a date for the interview yet. Thanks!
  26. J

    Ohio State Class of 2020

    I wanted to reach out to anyone else who has gotten accepted and or officially accepted enrollment at OSU for the class of 2020! I started a Facebook page so that we can get to know eachother before next year.
  27. IndianLake

    Application Status Question - Ohio State University

    I had a question about my status on AADSAS for OSU and wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. So I got my full application submitted (including supplement) to OSU by the third week of August. After it was submitted, my status on AADSAS changed to Under Review. On September...