1. W

    Lawsuit alleges OHSU leadership ignored reports of sexual misconduct by resident who was Tik Tok star

    TikTok Doctor being sued for sexual assault, harassment while at OHSU It is a long read, but I recommend reading the lawsuit, which details a pretty disturbing situation at OHSU There are some interesting comments on Twitter with the hashtag #ChooKnew. Esther Choo, for those who don't know, is...
  2. I

    Just received interview for Pediatric NP program - advice/specific questions to prep??

    I applied to the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at Oregon Health and Science University and just heard I've received an interview. Any specific questions I should prep for?? I know one could be the difference between PNP and pediatrician, but curious of any beyond that. Eek, nerves are...
  3. medshousing

    Renting Portland Oregon 2 bedrooms in a 4 bedroom home

    PORTLAND OREGON Listed on www.MedsHousing.com Hello! I have two beds/ two baths for rent in my home. Each bedroom has a bathroom, you so will have ample space. This is a great set-up for either a WFH professional or student/resident. One room can be your bedroom, and the other can be used...
  4. C

    OHSU: Medical school and Master of Clinical Research (M.C.R.)

    Are there any OHSU medical students or alumni who can share their experiences or knowledge about completing the human investigations program (HIP) for a master in clinical research (MCR) from OHSU while also getting completing MD program? Benefits, pros, cons? From what I've read, this seems...
  5. P

    UCSF (IS) vs. OHSU (OOS)

    Hi SDN! Had pre-Dec interviews for 5 schools and got accepted to 4! I withdrew my acceptance to Touro and USC is too expensive to be an appealing choice so I'm now between UCSF and OHSU. I don't really have financial support from family, so I plan on paying for school through loans and any aid...
  6. medshousing

    Renting Portland Oregon mother in law suite

    As listed on www.Medshousing.com Listing #44647 This apartment is for you if you have a dog and would love a private fenced yard for the furry one. One bedroom spacious and airy apartment in a quiet, single-family home with separate entrance. Only a ten minute walk to Mt Tabor, five minute...
  7. A

    OHSU vs Dartmouth?

    Any thoughts? Both are NCI designated institutions? Any opinions on the strengths of each of these based on your experience? Is one significantly better than the other? Thanks.
  8. P

    OHSU vs Wayne State

    Hey all. I would love any input. Both schools are OOS for me(Im from California). I received a full tuition scholarship from Wayne and was just accepted to OHSU so I don’t have fin aid info from them yet. Girlfriend will be attending UMichigan for law school; so that, plus the full tuition...
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical OHSU School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips & Deadlines

    OHSU is Oregon’s only health center, and the school focuses on training med students to serve throughout the state. The goal is to advance health care delivery and leadership throughout the state. Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) 2018-19 Secondary Application Writing Prompts: OHSU...
  10. D

    Renting Roommate wanted, Portland OR, available now

    Seeking roommate for 3 bedroom 2 bath home in hip and trendy SE Portland Oregon between Hawthorne and Division Ave. Available now, any gender. No animals as there are already two adorable pups. The room is big and has it's own sink. One roommate is a 4th year medical student and the other is a...
  11. Mat the coolcat

    OHSU EM VSAS response...?

    Have ppl been accepted for the visiting rotations at Oregon yet? Specifically in EM? I sent in my app the first or second day it opened, and I still haven't heard whether I am confirmed or denied for the rotation. I don't have very high hopes, but it starts in basically a month now and I'm...
  12. M

    OHSU Alternate List Movement

    Hi everyone, I found some very old posts that mentioned a way to see last year’s mobility and admissions from OHSU’s alternate list but have been unable to find out how to see this data. My spouse just received word that she is on the alternate list for 2018 and I’m just trying to gauge the...
  13. Whatwethinkwebecome

    Do I fit into OHSU's mission groups?

    Hello, I am new to SDN. I will be applying to OHSU this coming cycle and am curious whether or not I fit into a mission group. I am married and my husband is in the military, so we are not currently living in Oregon. We both have drivers licenses in OR, vote in OR, file taxes in OR, own...
  14. JACO_2017

    MD Somewhat lost nontrad (Asian) eyeing OHSU MD

    Hey there. I'm a current uni student taking up pre-med (majoring in Life Sciences, minoring in Global Politics), and I was wondering where I could even begin to apply for a med school abroad, particularly OHSU? I'm full Filipino, with relatives in the States (NY, NJ, LA, WA to name a few areas...
  15. A


  16. P

    OHSU or Creighton?

    To the current dental students out there, please advise me. I was accepted at both Creighton and OHSU and have been going back and forth between the schools for the past month. I am from Portland so it seems like a no-brainer to go to OHSU, but my sister is finishing at CU dental and had a...
  17. T

    Looking for guidance

  18. C

    OHSU vs University of Miami

    Hi all, in keeping with the consistent trends of having to decide in a few days, I'd like to hear your opinions on advice between picking these excellent institutions. Oregon Health & Science University +Research Prestige factor, well-known regional lay prestige, well-known national medical...
  19. E

    Advice for a young whippersnapper?

    Hello! I am looking for some advice in terms of what I should do coming out of high school. Young, premature, whatever - I know... but please understand that, albeit very far ahead in the future, ophthalmology is something I'm already very passionate about. For the past few years, I have been...
  20. D

    OHSU vs. SUNY Downstate

    Hi all - I would love to hear everyone's input on OHSU vs SUNY Downstate. I know the two schools are very different, but I am drawn to SUNY to be close to family and save $20K a year after I become a NY resident. OHSU, on the other hand, seems to be better regarded in terms of ranking and the...
  21. K

    Wanted Summer Sublet OHSU (Portland, OR)

    Hi, I'm looking to sublet a room near OHSU in an all female apartment/unit/house from June until the end of July. Please message me if you have an available room!
  22. N

    Roommate Looking for OHSU Student to room with in Portland, Oregon

    Hey there, I'll be attending OHSU dental school this August and I'm looking for another OHSU student to room with. Portland seems to be affordable enough for students who share a two bedroom apartment. While it would be great to find someone who's also in the dental school, I think it would be...
  23. pnwhmt

    OOS vs In-state Applicant? - UW and OHSU

    Weird situation. I have ties in both Oregon and Washington and I'm worried that because of that I won't be considered an in-state applicant at either school. Either that or I will be considered in-state for both, if that's possible. Hoping for some input. Washington: Went to high school here...
  24. N

    MD Should I move to Oregon, Wisconsin or Vermont?

    All three have good state schools with high in-state acceptance rates (especially at UVM). I'm not looking to enter medical school until 2018 so I have time to establish residency. I'm looking to maximize my chances at a school that fits me well. I have lots of family in Wisconsin so that's the...
  25. M

    Is there any current D3/D4 students at OHSU?

    I'm curious if current D3, D4 students are satisfied with the clinical education system and the number of patients the school have after the recent changes.
  26. D

    Tufts vs. OHSU Dental program

    Hi all, I'm having trouble choosing between Tufts and Oregon health&Science for the 4year dental program. I'm OOS for both and currently live in the west coast (went to school in New York State). Boston is definitely one of my favorite cities but it is really really expensive!! And either one...
  27. medheart

    2015 OHSU Pre-Med Thread

    I have an interview at OHSU this Friday morning. I am told it will be both MMIs and a one-on-one interview with an administrator. Does anyone have any pointers for the OHSU interview? Or MMIs in particular? Please and thank you.