osteoapathic vs allopathic

  1. lialalala

    Become a DO surgeon

    I am interested in cardiothoracic / pediatric surgeons, which would start with general surgery residencies. I saw many threads saying DO have to work "harder" to be in ortho or dermatology. But I haven't seen comments about my fields of interest. I know nothing is impossible, but how hard is it...
  2. N

    Low GPA and worried!

    Hello, I am a University of Toronto student that holds an American permanent residency (I received acceptance during my sophomore year so I'm currently unable to move to America due to my ongoing education in Canada). I am worried about my chances at medical school and only have 50 hours of...
  3. Potinator

    Osteopathic vs allopathic

    Hello. I am a junior Bio Major planning to apply to medical school next year and taking most courses recommended for the MCAT such as bio, chem, sociology, biochem, Phys, psych...etc. I currently have a cumulative gpa of 3.57 and a science gpa of about 3.23 which I know is not very competitive...
  4. M

    SMP Questions

    Hello, I'm a fairly new poster so let me get right to it... Some SMPs such as Toledo want a 500 MCAT to be accepted into the program which has a great matriculation rate as stated as "65-80%". My question is what happens if a DO school offers an acceptance but so does Toledo SMP? Should you...
  5. U

    Please be honest about my chances for medical school

    I went to a community college where I earned a total of 73 credits and a 3.4 GPA. I then transferred to a university and did not have a smooth transfer. During this time I took most of my pre-requisites. For the longest time, I always had a 2.8-2.9 overall GPA at the university. I had all of my...
  6. N

    Switching from IM/Peds to PMR

    Hello, I am a PGY-1 in a IM/Peds program and am strongly considering switching to PM&R. I did two PM&R rotations as a med student, and actually applied to and interviewed in IM/Peds, IM and PM&R, with my rank list looking like 1 IM/Peds program (the one I matched in), then 4 PM&R programs (I've...
  7. Wahoo1125

    Prospective DO Student with Unusual Circumstances (What are my chances!?!?)

    Hello everyone! I am a third year student at the University of Virginia hoping to apply to a long list of DO schools next fall in my final undergrad year. I didn't do so hot my 1st year and had a gpa of 2.9. My 2nd year I had surgery on my brain and was out for the fall semester and returned in...
  8. O-Block Uchiha

    Is it significantly harder for EM Residency with DO?

    Hello to all my insightful predecessors. I am currently studying for my MCAT for July 27th, and my ambition is to become an emergency medicine physician. I'm going to apply for this years cycle to MD, but I am considering DO. The holistic and hands on approach they partake is one that really...
  9. swimmergalpal1996

    Low BCPM, High MCAT, need honest opinion

  10. worldwidemich

    Low undergrad gpa would like to apply to DO school

  11. O

    Why I am regret osteopathy

    “DO’s treat the person as a whole”, “DO’s are holistic”, “DO’s are trained to use their hands to bring relief to their patients”. Such phraseology peaked your interest and you gravitated towards the profession. Who wouldn’t want to treat their patient “as a whole”? If you are still reading...
  12. O

    Why I am regretting osteopathy

    “DO’s treat the person as a whole”, “DO’s are holistic”, “DO’s are trained to use their hands to bring relief to their patients”. Such phraseology peaked your interest and you gravitated towards the profession. Who wouldn’t want to treat their patient “as a whole”? If you are still reading...
  13. 6

    DO or MD ? (rowan v drexel)

    Hi! Looking for some advice here as to if I should choose my state DO school (Rowan, which I love) or an out of state MD school I was recently admitted to (Drexel). I really want to pursue pediatrics, and do not see a problem with landing a residency at either school. I also really like both...
  14. N

    DO Chance ACGME Internal med fellowship

    Hey guys, I am debating on attending KCU next year and am aspiring to become a cardiologist. I understand that although DOs can specialize in anything I was wondering if there are any biases in regards to ACGME fellowships after doing a ACGME internal medicine residency. I chose to go the DO...
  15. BlackStar90

    William Carey 2017 Masters in Biomedical Sciences Post Bacc program

    Hey all, I wanted to start this thread for anyone who has already gone through the WC MBS program as well as those who still plan on applying even though a tornado ripped through the campus as well as those who have been accepted and plan to attend still. I'm open to all insight about the...
  16. 7

    DO School -> Residency

    Hello Everyone, I have read many many posts and forums regarding this whole topic of DO school and residency. I do fully understand that MD vs. DO, the title is not everything. It is how the student does in school, board exams, interaction with your faculty, etc. With my stats, I am more fitted...
  17. C

    DO School or Reapply?

    **Reposted from pre-allo thread because I thought it would be more appropriate here** I know this topic has been discussed on here previously but I would like to see what options I have given my specific situation. I applied to all of the Texas schools for the 2017-2018 application cycle in...
  18. DRHRT


    Anyone looking for a roomate? Cheap apartment for rent? Or any information about housing? Duke Med, Durham, NC
  19. DRHRT

    DUKE MBS 2017-2018

    Hi Guys! Any reviews on DUKE MBS program? Success Rate? Housing? Anything you guys would like to ask or share about this program this is the place.....:)
  20. M

    "Real Medical Doctor" vs DO, according to a practicing MD

    Came across this gem of a web site http://www.advancedskinofoc.com/about/ Dr. Lauber is a board certified Jewish Dermatologist. More importantly, he is a real Medical Doctor, and not an inferiorly educated or inferiorly trained DO or Osteopathic doctor. According to Yelp, his patients love...
  21. E

    Considering DO school

    Hi! So I do not know much about DO schools, I am looking into doing some shadowing, I have heard that there is "no difference," but if this is true why are they usually easier to get in compared to allopathic schools? I am just trying to learn more so I can formulate an opinion, so anything is...
  22. S

    MD & DO What are my chances for DO or MD?

    Major: Occupational Therapy with a minor in Psychology cGPA: 3.61 sGPA: 4.0 I haven't taken the MCAT yet, but I'm hoping to take them Spring 2017. I'm about to enter my 4th year in a combined BS/MS 5-year occupational therapy at a relatively small school, however I ended up realizing...
  23. LIC2015

    Rationale for MD over DO, and vice versa

    I've been strongly considering applying to DO schools. My stats are above average for DO but average for MD low-tier. I would rather have a medical degree than no degree and have to re-apply. However, I am somewhat concerned that if I become interested in specialized medicine, especially...
  24. T

    Is there a place I can find avg GPA/MCAT data for most recent classes at all DO schools?

    I can't find this info anywhere, I'm building my schools list and I'd really like a comparative list of all the average MCAT scores and GPAs at all the different DO schools The CIB doesn't have it, and I checked the stickies thread in this forum with all the useful links and the only one that...
  25. G

    Real Reason for MD Over DO?

    In general what are the reasons for choosing to apply to MD schools vs DO schools. Since they can do the same residencies and jobs it seems like the only real reasons to choose MD over DO is because of the prestige factor. Can anyone else give their insight on this?
  26. O


    I know there have been other threads, but none within the past year or so. I have acceptances to both schools and I'm really having a hard time deciding. I initially got 4 DO offers and was ready to assume that as my future, but then I got one MD offer, that I didn't really consider getting at...