patient care

  1. E

    Is scribing and caregiving (“non-medical”) a decent combination for clinical experience?

    I’ve read comments where adcoms say they’re looking for patient interaction and an informed decision (to apply to medical school) from applicants. The thing is, I’m not sure either job fulfills the requirements for patient care. I work with elderly clients at their private homes through a...
  2. 3lindsy5

    Counseling on Elemental Calcium

    How do you guys explain to a patient that elemental calcium is different than what is listed on the bottle (calcium carb or calcium citrate)? And how to help them calculate their total daily dose based on that. I have tried math (0.4 x the bottles listed mg for carb & 0.21 for citrate), I've...
  3. P

    Question about Eyeglass Prescription

    I had an eye exam appointment this past Tuesday. The OD said that my prescription would be emailed to me. A few days went by and I did not receive it. I called multiple times asking for the prescription, and they kept saying that it would be sent to me soon. They finally sent it to me only after...
  4. I

    How can I improve my application?

  5. Kobethegoat24

    I read on some website that Clinical research coordinators are PCE?

    So I read on a website that Clinical research coordinator is PCE, does anyone have any experience with this field? I have a lot of pharmacy technician hours also and was wondering if anyone knows of a PA school that allows pharm tech hours as PCE, so far I haven't seen any when researching.
  6. W

    Has anyone ever had bad volunteer experiences?

    I'm saying this because, I've been volunteering in the patient care program at a unit in a hospital. I've been made fun of several times by the nurses, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists there and I always hear them make sly remarks towards me, I even had two nurses laugh at me and...
  7. C

    Paid Clinical Position for Medical School Graduates

    CityMD is a rapidly growing urgent care network in New York, New Jersey and Washington state. With over 70 sites and growing, CityMD has a large presence in the healthcare community, offering a wide range of high quality services for over 1 million patients a year. Physicians can provide...
  8. B

    Patient contact

    I am in my first clinical year as a medical student. It is really the first time we have been 'let loose' on the wards. I have enjoyed learning about physiology, pathology, investigations and treatment as I really like the puzzle solving side of medicine. However I have been struggling with the...
  9. lifeguard2014

    Odd questions: pondering life

    Is it ever okay to cry with a patient? Would you pray with a patient, even if their beliefs differ from yours?
  10. U

    The Practicality of DOs in US Healthcare

    r/Change my view: I am a pre-med student trying to decide between DO and MD schools, but I am having a hard time finding evidence that supports becoming a DO. My GPA and MCAT score are sufficient for both options, so that is not the deciding factor here. From the research I've done, it seems...
  11. 1griffin

    How to find a medical school with a robust ethics curriculum?

    I'm looking for a medical school that is particularly strong in medical ethics. However, I can't figure out how to tell which schools are strong in that particular field, especially because so many schools list their ethics courses by other names, such as "Medical Professionalism". How can I...
  12. Kobethegoat24

    What job am I qualified for?

    Hello, so my past three weeks have been spent with trying to find a clinical job. I have applied to probably 20+ jobs and have only received one response. Three patient representative and ER tech jobs declined me via email. I have been looking to enroll in CNA or Medical assistant classes but...
  13. A

    How does knowing neurology make you a better psychiatrist?

    I'm about to start reading through Kaufman's this week. I flipped through the textbook and it seems kind of boring. Some people say that you don't need a neurology textbook to pass the board exam. That doesn't give me any motivation to plow through either. For those that read Kaufman's or...
  14. M

    Advice on work during my gap year?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in my senior year of college and plan on applying to medical school in June, right after I graduate (pending a decent MCAT score). Since I will have a gap year between graduation and matriculation into medical school, I am thinking about what I will do during my gap...
  15. O

    Case Presentation examples

    Hey med students, A couple of quick questions. I am helping my school create a database of patient presentations. It will include a variety of specialties, types of presentations, length, etc. I am wondering if: The school you attend has any type of database or archive of case presentations...
  16. M

    Ideas for Patient Care Involvement?

    Hi everyone. I am a pre-med undergraduate student and wanted some patient care ideas. I have shadowed a lot of doctors already and have also volunteered at hospitals before. I was wondering what other things are out there for me to do that involve patient care. Would volunteering at a nursing...
  17. princepharmd

    Non-Patient Specific Dispensing

    With the increase in states passing laws that allow for drugs like naloxone to be dispensed to non-specific patients, anonymous partner expedited therapy, and now NY passing a law to allow pharmacists to dispense HIV post-exposure prophylaxis to non-specific patients, I'm curious to what you all...
  18. B

    Possible jobs for patient interactions

    Hello everyone, I am having some trouble finding jobs that involve patient interactions because I was looking into pharmacy school until very recently. Thus, I have no additional certifications so that narrows down the jobs available. Could you guys please give me advice on possible jobs or if I...
  19. F

    Motivation for medicine... can I be frank?

  20. A

    I think I just hurt a patient and now I'm freaking out

    So I'm on my OB rotation and the teaching has been subpar to say the least. A lady was in labor today and terrified about having a laceration so as she was pushing (2+ station) I was doing some posterior pressure with perineal massage. Now at this point it is just me and the labor nurses. The...
  21. Candy_cane2011

    Clinical experience???...

    So I have been going to med school tours and talks and they all preach clinical experience as being a must, which I understand. I am currently a pre med/psychology/biology student who wants to become a psychiatrist and I am trying to find clinical experience and I have had 2 opportunities...