personal statement advice

  1. sheeeesh2021

    Anyone Interested In Critiquing my Personal Statement

    If so, I can share my personal statement through DMs.
  2. W

    Can someone look at my personal statement?

    Helloo, I need someone... anyone to look at my personal statement and give me feedback. Please let me know if you will be willing, I would appreciate you very much.
  3. crichard

    Reapplying- Personal Statement

    So I am currently waitlisted, but trying to prepare myself for re-applying this cycle. With that being said, I worked very hard on my personal statement last cycle. Would it be frowned upon to use it again? I plan to write new responses to all of the individual essays of course, but wasn't sure...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical Can You Use the Same Personal Statement for Different Schools?

    One of the questions we are asked most often by college and graduate school applicants is this: “I’m applying to six different schools, and each one requires two to seven essays/personal statements. That’s so much writing! Can I reuse the same essay for different schools? How can I keep up the...
  5. that_sad_fish

    Personal statement theme advice?

    Hi all, I'm currently working on my PS, and am having trouble creating a coherent theme from a couple things that I feel I want to focus on. Assuming the cliche of "wanting to be a doctor since I was young", I was diagnosed with epilepsy as I started high school. This eventually led to a lot...
  6. abualas

    Am I shooting myself in the foot with my personal statement?

    Hello everyone! Today, I pretty much finished making my PS and my father read over it. Although I felt it was well written and genuine, my parents thought it was awful. I'm going to outline the general idea of what my PS was about and what he did not like. I want to know what you all think...
  7. P

    Personal statement review/help

    Hello everyone! I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but does anyone know of good online services for PS review/advice that aren’t too expensive? It would also be amazing if there’s anyone here that would be willing to give me feedback for my PS since my writing/grammar sucks...
  8. ApplyPoint

    You are more than your MCAT score

    While the MCAT is typically the first concern of a prospective medical student and an important component of the medical school admissions process, there are other factors—competencies in interpersonal communication and professional behavior—that can be a much better predictor of an applicant’s...
  9. L

    looking to hire help with personal statement for psych phd

    I'm an unconventional, 39 year old career changer with kids and determined to get my phd or psyd. I'm very overwhelmed about the personal statement and organizing how to articulate why I make a good candidate. Will gladly pay for editing and organizational writing help! Thank you !
  10. TheGrand

    FNP to MD/DO. Personal Statement help - "Why medicine?"

  11. G

    Activities/personal statement: would this be considered a HIPAA violation?

    Hey everyone, A lot of my shadowing and another experience (which is one of my most meaningful experiences) includes work at a doctor's office in which I was once a patient. This fact is a huge part of my story, but I was wondering if mentioning I was once a patient at this office would count...
  12. ethereal_fae

    Framing Personal Statement - Possible 'Controversial' Topic

    Hello all! I am planning on applying next cycle, and am starting to think about how I want to frame my personal statement. My desire to become a doctor strongly stems from my experiences in healthcare growing up as a low SES immigrant from South America. I'll try to make this condensed - my mom...
  13. Y

    Personal Statement Feedback

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to look over and provide feedback/edits on my personal statement? I'm applying this cycle and am trying to get a few non-biased reviews. I've asked some close friends, but I wanted to also get opinions from people who are confident in their personal statement or...
  14. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Makes a Personal Statement Compelling?

    Competition for top med school programs is always intense. You may be an exceptional student, but so are the thousands of other applicants vying for a small number of spots at your target school. To earn that acceptance letter, you must submit an outstanding application that will help you stand...
  15. B

    Personal Statement Draft Feedback

    Hi all, I'm looking for some fresh eyes to give me feedback on a personal statement for the upcoming 2022 cycle. I would appreciate any readers, especially those with an English or writing background. Happy to trade and edit yours in return!
  16. YungRic

    Advice on how to re-write or revise personal statement. Feedback much appreciated

    Hello. I am re-applying this cycle and currently waiting for my MCAT score. I felt that my MCAT score was a giant red flag and wish I waited for it to be released before submitting my application last cycle. I am not sure what to revise about my personal statement as I received a majority of...
  17. F

    Personal Statement Draft Feedback!

    Hello everyone! I posted here about a month ago and received great feedback on my personal statement. I wanted to know if anyone would be willing to provide further feedback as I get closer to a final draft. Thank you for all your help and I can send you a google doc link.
  18. F

    Personal Statement Draft Feedback Please

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to read over and provide feedback on a draft for my personal statement? I plan on applying for the upcoming cycle so I did not know if I should post this in the Personal Statement Guide that was for the application cycle which is still currently happening. I can...
  19. F

    Honesty in Personal Statement

    Hello everyone, I'd like to start by saying this question is not for me but for a friend of mine. He is looking into applying to Psychiatry residencies in the upcoming months. He has had personal experience with mental health and with support from family, friends, therapists, and his school was...
  20. S

    Personal Statment Help

    Super new to this forum but is there anyone here that wouldn't mind giving my personal statement a quick glance? I just would like to make sure that it flows well.
  21. otstudent95

    General Admissions & OTCAS personal statement- too much information?

    Hi everyone! I'm really stuck on the amount of information I should provide on my personal statement - I definitely want to talk about my experience with raising my baby cousin after my aunt passed away as well as how being a preschool teacher and working with a kiddo with Down syndrome helped...
  22. R

    Previous personal statement .. bad taste?

    So I applied very late last cycle - did not get in. I only submitted my application to one school and managed to get an interview which means they would have read it. Would it be okay to use the same personal statement? Or should I just start from scratch?
  23. LindaAccepted

    Medical Time to Get Started on Your Med School Personal Statement!

    In our recent webinar, How to Create a Winning Med School Personal Statement, pre-health advisor and Accepted consultant Lolita Wood-Hill taught attendees about the importance of the personal statement and provided guidelines for composition and tips for getting started on the right foot. If...
  24. B

    Question for Accepted Non-Trads from Business World

    Congrats on the A! I'm one of the aforementioned Non-Trads with 5 years strategy consulting experience applying this cycle. I am trying to finalize my personal statement, which does not discuss my business experience at all (aside from a short digression stating that I strayed from medicine for...
  25. springoriole

    Personal Statement - Is writing about your own medical issues a good or bad idea?

    I am debating on a couple of personal statement topics. On one side the reason I want to become a physician is because I went through a lot as a kid and it shaped me into the person I am. I have idiopathic pancreatitis since birth and no one can figure out why (obviously, since it's...
  26. W

    HELP! Applying after a gap year

    Hello, I applied to a bunch of schools last summer, but I withdrew my application to all the schools after getting my MCAT score. I had applied toward the end of the cycle anyway and wanted to retake the MCAT. I did not submit any secondaries prior to withdrawing. I emailed all the schools about...
  27. Lifeblood_20

    Personal Statement Writing Process

    Hello, I wanted to get some insight regarding how people worked on their PS. I didn't have an epiphany moment that led me to medicine, but rather a series of little things since my upbringing that helped me appreciate the elements of a medical career and led me to explore the career path. From...
  28. DAT Destroyer

    Editing Services for Medical and Dental School Applications

    Our students deserve nothing but the best. This is why we highly recommend the editors at EDU Writing Services for all types of personal statements and application writing needs. Not only are they both passionate and dedicated to helping you through the crucial stages of your academic journey...
  29. S

    Talking about depression I experienced during a hospital stay?

    Wondering if writing about my mental health issues while in the hospital for a brain infection 10yr ago would be a bad idea. The point is I believe I can take care of sick patients better because I understand both the physical and mental toll of a severe illness. I got help for the former, but...

    US Medical Admissions Consulting & Personal Statement Editing Services

    SITE LINK: Home US Medical Admissions Consulting (USMA) is offering its services for the 2019-2020 Application Cycle. USMA is a New York based consultancy offering its expert editing services to applicants seeking admission to a variety of health care programs. The greatest portion of our...
  31. C

    MD ERAS Personal statement- include location preference?

    Hi, there! I'm a medical student from NY applying to IM residency programs this cycle. My husband lives in CA and I was wondering if this is something I should include in my personal statement for CA programs. All of my other educational experience has been in NY and I don't have any other...
  32. SprinkleSerotonin

    HELP with explaining and remedying a low GPA from EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES

    Hey guys, so I'm in a pickle in terms of how exactly to go about writing my personal statement to help ADCOMs understand the truly uniquely horrible experience I had in college that severely impaired my GPA. I'll try and keep this short with just enough details to paint yall a picture of my...
  33. TheBlueSnail

    Personal Statement - Writing about racist hometown and childhood

    Hi all, I am not sure if I'll use this in the personal statement or somewhere else in my application but I've been getting mixed feedback. Keeping things vague so I don't dox myself. I was born and grew up in a super small rural town to two immigrant parents and 2 immigrant siblings (all...
  34. DrH541224

    NEEDED: Personal Statement Review!

    Hello! I was hoping that someone could read my personal statement final draft and give me their most honest critique! I appreciate the help.
  35. LindaAccepted

    Medical Your Med School Personal Statement Roadmap

    You’ve heard it again and again – the personal statement is one of the most important parts of your med school application. However, we know that admonition doesn’t make it any easier to write! But even though personal statements can definitely be challenging, they don’t need to be overwhelming...
  36. A

    Personal Statement help.

    So I have been having a little it of a rough time writing my personal statement. I have some good shadowing experiences and I currently am doing tissue engineering research, both of which I am trying to bring into my PS. I just dont think these experiences are unique enough. I am a middle class...