1. P

    Dropped out of pharmacy school, now what?

    So, I’ve dropped out of pharmacy school. To be fully transparent, I was halfway through my program. I feel confident in my decision but now I’m struggling to figure out what to do next! I do have an undergrad degree so I’m looking in to that, but it seems everything required a higher degree or...
  2. P


    Hello, I took the pcat this september and used dr collins and it was not similar to the pcat at all I ended up doing horrible and i used kaplan and collins for quantitative section and still did bad. Can someone please tell me what to study for the biology chem and math. Biology I did the worst...
  3. P


    I am taking the PTCE in less than 3 weeks. So far I have been studying using Mosby's Review for the PTCE by Mizner (2e), studying flash cards on the top 100 drugs, studying flash cards on drug class prefixes + suffixes, and studying through the pharmacy-tech-study website. Is there anything else...
  4. P

    Early Decision Program Help!!

    Hello, I might apply for early decision and take my pcat in july which is the last date to take the pcat for early decision. I wanted to know if I need to retake my pcat later on but I had already submitted my application and everything with my july pcat for early decision but did not receive an...
  5. Gdelgado7155

    Which pharmacy school is better for residency purposes?

    Hi everyone, I recently got accepted to PBA, LECOM, and USF. I just wanted someone to shed some light on which program would be better for residency and being matched. Also pros and cons of each school. Any feedback would be great!
  6. J

    Roseman University Pharmacy Class of 2021 South Jordan, UTAH

    Hello Everyone! Who got accepted to Roseman University at South Jordan, Utah? Can anyone provide me some details on the pros and cons of this program?
  7. J

    Roseman University Pharmacy Class of 2021 South Jordan, UTAH

    Hello Everyone! Who got accepted to Roseman University Pharmacy at South Jordan, Utah? Also Can anyone give me more information about this program? Good or bad? Pros and cons?
  8. P

    UCSD C/O 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread

    How come there is no official c/o 2022 thread for USCD? :eek: Please post here if you hear back from the school!:)
  9. O

    New podcast for pharmacy students - OnePharmily

    Hey guys! I recently started a podcast called OnePharmily. I'm a third year pharmacy student myself and wished there were more review podcasts intended for pharmacy students, so I decided to try to make one! I've got two episodes out right now, where I picked a disease state and discussed the...
  10. P

    pcat without ochem

    hello, I wanted to know if organic chem 1 or organic chem 2 were tested heavily on the pcat? I have not taken the courses yet and want to know if I should wait and take the course if I will be able to learn some stuff on my own. I am familiar with some organic 1 topics but not the majority of...
  11. E

    Best time to start prepping for the PCAT?

    Hello everyone, I am currently a sophomore at university and I am on the pre-pharmacy track. I am a chemistry and psychology major (also a prospective biology minor due to successful completion of pre-pharmacy pre-requisites simultaneously completing a biology minor at my institution). I want...
  12. Aki Shimoyo

    Albany College Class of 2021

    I am wondering if anyone got accepted to this school and is planning to attend this coming fall.
  13. J

    Post-Bacc and Getting into Pharmacy School. Low GPA.

    Hello All, I am trying to pursue pharmacy school but I was wondering what I should do to help my chances to get in with my situation. A little background of myself -- - I graduated with a degree in Public Health Sciences at UC Irvine ( FALL 2013) with a low overall GPA specifically 2.6. -...
  14. P

    Pharmacy school!!

    Hi everyone, I want to get an idea of what pharmacy school is like. Do all the students take the same courses there first year of pharmacy school and how many credits do they take? I'm in undergrad and I take 12 credits each semester to make me full time but I don't schedule so many difficult...
  15. J

    Responding to interview invites

    I have received an invitation to interview with a program that is located in my city; the problem is they would like me to list preference interview dates and I have yet to hear from 12 programs, 10 of which are out of state (2 have stated I will be informed ~18th). So my question is: How do I...
  16. J

    Community College => Pharm D transfer program 2+4?

    I read about a 2+4 Pharm D transfer program online, where you start at a community college and transfer to a pharmacy school. I'm not sure if this is even a thing, but if it is, what are some schools that provide such programs? Google wasn't too helpful :/
  17. P

    Pre pharmacy course sequence help

    Hello, Ok so I am going to be starting college in the winter semster instead of the fall semester. I understand I will be behind and my chem classes I will not be able to start taking until next year and I will need to take a prereq for gen chem which will put my even more behind and then next...