1. L

    WAMC: Class of 2026 Hopeful!!

    South Carolina resident, 20 years old, 1st time traditional applicant Schools I plan to apply to: UGA (contract seat opportunity), Auburn, UPenn, Mississippi State (contract seat opportunity), Florida, Colorado State, Lincoln Memorial, LSU (?), Missouri, Tufts (?) Cumulative GPA: 3.75 Science...
  2. serendipity14

    applicant for class of 2025

    Hi everyone! I was hoping for some advice on my status for this application cycle. Please give me any advice/recommendations you have. Also, feel free to comment where you're standing right now if you're applying this cycle as well. Good luck to everyone!! 21 y/o Hispanic female from NY...
  3. DVMGoals77

    Schools and UNE Online Courses

    Hi! I know there is a giant UNE thread discussing the online courses available through the University of New England, but I didn't have any luck finding information about which schools accept these courses and which ones don't. I know it's best to email every school, but wondered if anyone had...
  4. L

    Internships during Undergrad

    Hey everyone! I just finished my first year of undergrad and I didn't have a job or internship during the school year because I wanted to give myself a year to focus on academics. Now that the year is over I have an internship at a local small animal hospital where I intern for 18 hours a week...
  5. A

    Grade forgiveness effects?

    Hi I didn't take highschool chem and wound up with a D in Chem 1. I'm doing grade forgiveness, which will save my gpa from being affected. However, Im pretty sure the D will stay on my transcripts. How do vet schools factor this in? Do they calculate what my gpa would be with the D in there?
  6. Fz94

    Question regarding postbacc/prevet masters program/poor chances of getting into vetschool

    I am a graduate from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and I am currently applying for Vet Schools for the 2019 application cycle. I am planning to apply to 13 vet schools in total. My question is regarding how Vet Schools actually look at the GPA you would earn form a...
  7. Pistachio556

    Cornell c/o 2023 applicants

    Hello all! Struggling on some of the supplemental essays... Having a hard time with the significant impact and odds against me situation ones. It’s suprisingly hard to think of responses Wondering if anyone else could shed some light on what they wrote about
  8. jtom

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to improve my application for this cycle. I am a non traditional student and had to take a few pre-reqs to be considered last year. I applied last year and got interviewed and waitlisted at tennessee and also waitlisted at UF...
  9. M

    Deciding on a school

    Hello all, I am fortunate enough to have a few schools as options for the next four years. I am a Massachusetts resident with a strong interest in small animal medicine and research. The four schools in which I am considering are Tufts, Upenn, THE Ohio State, and UFlorida. Each school has its...
  10. R

    cornell vs tufts vet school

    So i have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to Cornell (IS) and Penn and 5 other veterinary schools that i would not consider over Cornell or penn. I have an interview at Tufts next week and would have to take off two days of work to go to the interview. Is it worth it to go to the...
  11. R

    LSU SVM Quality of Program

    Hi, I am strongly considering LSU SVM for veterinary school if I am lucky enough to get in! I was just curious how they're program is as far as getting hands on experience, doing surgeries, etc. I have heard mixed reviews about the clinical years and how students don't even tough an animal...
  12. Clover the Golden Doodle

    UC Davis SVM Class of 2022 Applicants

    Hello UC Davis SVM Class of 2022 applicants! I hope we all get in!
  13. H

    What should I do? (WCVM/ UCVM)

    Hello - I have gotten myself into a predicament. I am currently a 4th year science student in Alberta and I have struggled with my study habits all of university. I started off first year with a low 2.5 GPA, but I have managed to pull my GPA up to a 3.0 as of this current moment. I do want to...