1. jdubs1984

    Advice on possible medical or age discrimination in university acceptance.

    Hello Everyone, I've been rejected from the 4 year university I applied to transfer to from my community college. I'm unsure how I would not be in the top pool of applicants unless they are holding my medical withdrawals against me from years ago. I have a 3.2~ over the years, I'm currently...
  2. B

    Accept now, decline later? (Post-bac programs)

    I tried to find a thread similar to this, but I couldn't, so I will ask here: So, most post-bac programs I have applied to (total: 6) wont sent out interview invites until next year. However, I just completed an interview (let's call it school A) and will hear back in the next few weeks and...
  3. Biggytooth

    Do Schools Usually Formally Reject You or Leave You 'Under Review"

    Hey people, Do most dental programs formally reject people they aren't interested in? Or do the vast majority just leave you 'under review' until the cycle is over? Thanks
  4. futureortho14


    Hello SDN! If anyone out there is like me, you are having another sleepless night due to thinking about how you aren't accepted to any dental schools and the lovely anxiety paired with it! Has anyone else NOT heard from any schools? I have applied to 13 and been rejected from 2 (Temple [dec...
  5. E

    Following up after pre-II rejection

    This could be inappropriate/futile, but I've heard stories of people appealing rejections and wanted to hear some thoughts. I was recently rejected (pre-interview) from my dream school, which does not come as a surprise since the school is very competitive. I live very close to their campus, and...
  6. csequine

    What's Your Plan B?

    Hi everyone! So with the 2019 application cycle behind us... Those of us with iffy stats probably are formulating a "plan b" if we get that rejection letter in February. What is everyone's plan if they don't get in this cycle? This was my first time applying and I am preparing myself (I know...
  7. Punished Angeleno

    Hearing Back From Schools

    My application has been under review since early to mid-July. Now, I know I'm not the most competitive applicant this cycle, but is there really a chance I won't hear back from some programs until possibly March?
  8. enidandds

    ***The Official University of Oklahoma COD Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Link to interview prep: University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry Interview Feedback ----> Be sure to give feedback on your interview to help future applicants! :) *edited by staff to include link to interview feedback
  9. H

    Question about applying for licensure if I was placed on probation while i was in residency

    Hi, I am a US MD graduate but was placed on probation and "did not full my probation requirements" and was recommended for dismissal because they felt i could not supervise an intern. My question is which states or US Territory would be my best chances of getting my medical licensure? Also my...
  10. D

    *~*~*~* Official 2018-2019 Secondaries/Interview/Acceptance/Rejection Thread *~*~*~*

    Starting a bit early, but since UTDell starts offering secondaries in June, I figured why not. School: Secondary/Interview/Accep/Rejec: Notification date: Method of notification: Residency: TMDSAS/AMCAS mail-out date: Application complete date: GPA (science, overall) MCAT (Bio/Phys/CARS/Psysoc):
  11. Elfanara

    What to do during the year before trying again?

    So I am still on the wait list for UF, but I like to know and hash out all possibilities. For people who have been though this before and didn't get in their first time, what did you do during the year off? I was thinking about working as a Vet Tech, but I don't know if I can because I didn't...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical Why Were You Rejected from Medical School?

    You worked your tail off as an undergrad to have an amazing GPA, took MCAT review courses to get a high score, participated in hours of clinical experience, and still were rejected from medical school! Where did you go wrong? How can you get it right the next time? Here’s some advice for you...
  13. H

    MHA - Accepted into program, not the university?

    Greetings, So I recently found out I was accepted into an MHA program. In the acceptance letter they stated that once I officially accepted I would have to send my official transcripts and wait to be accepted into the university...Is it possible for me to be accepted into the program but then...
  14. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Went Wrong with Your Med School App This Year?

    They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. If you were rejected from med school this year and are planning to reapply, you can’t realistically expect a good result if you simply do the same thing over again. Instead, you need to...
  15. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Dreaded Med School Rejection: What Now?

    “Dear Incredibly Hard Working Premed and Hopeful Doctor, Our admissions committee has met, and we regret to inform you that you were not selected as a student for our entering class. There were many qualified blah blah blah…” Ouch. I worked hard. I shadowed. I volunteered. My GPA was great...
  16. LindaAccepted

    Medical Help, I Was Rejected by All the Med Schools I Applied To!

    Here’s my 2-minute answer to the question I hear every application season: “I was rejected by every single medical school I applied to. What can I change?” There’s a simple 2-step process that rejected med school applicants need to follow: 1. Assess what went wrong, 2. Fix it! What exactly...
  17. LindaAccepted

    Medical Moving Forward After Medical School Rejection

    It is devastating to receive a rejection. We actually experience physical pain; the same parts of the brain that are activated when we are kicked or punched, light up when we experience rejection. Given the very real physical and emotional pain of rejection, as anyone who has been through it...
  18. I

    Nontraditional planning for rejection

    Hey all. I'm a nontraditional applying this cycle via TMDSAS (Texas application service) to only Texas schools as a Texas resident. My TMDSAS GPA cumulative is 3.87, and science is 3.77. My real GPA (AMCAS) is ~ 3.80. My MCAT is a 520 which makes my LizzyM ~ 75.7. I have research experience...
  19. D

    General Admissions & OTCAS Chances of Getting into any OT School?

    Hello everyone, So I am very conflicted in the application process right now. I went through two rejections already (one school does not accept classes passed graduation, so my undergraduate GPA is low, and another school rejected me after an interview), and I feel a bit overwhelmed with the...
  20. P

    Schools that update portals before email

    Title explains it. I'll start: Wayne State I also believe UCLA does pre-interview holds on the portal without emailing you, but I only know this from someone else's application from 2 cycles ago.
  21. P


    I was looking in the online system and it looks like I was rejected outright for the LMFT Master's program at TWU. I'm rather baffled as my stats were, I thought, good enough to place me high up on the acceptance list. I'm trying to sort out what happened so I can shore up application...
  22. T

    2017-2018 Interview Thread -- Radiology

    I just submitted my ERAS and finally became a member of SDN (after lurking for many years). I found a thread from previous years that was really beneficial for radiology applicants (2016-2017 Interview Thread). I think an interview date thread would be useful for all applicants this year too...
  23. Isoval

    Which TMDSAS Schools Send Post-Interview, Pre-Match Rejections?

    Hiya guys: The title says most of it: which TMDSAS schools are known to send post-interview rejections prior to November 15 or February 1st? I'm just curious.
  24. A

    Incoming P1 facing rejection for intern jobs

    Hey, I am an incoming P1 at a top10 pharmacy school. There are tons of hospitals in the area and I've applied to many intern positions, interviewed for 2, and I've been rejected for all of them. I was even rejected for a position where the recruiter contacted my school to specifically recruit...
  25. D

    **Official Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    Greetings and Salutations all! The new application cycle has started, so I have started this thread for those who will be applying to VCU. I applied last year, so if you are new to the whole application process and have any questions, feel free to ask. Best of luck, everyone!
  26. D

    ***Official Marquette University School of Dentistry Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Since the new application cycle has opened, I wanted to go ahead and start this thread for those applying to be a part of the class of 2022 at Marquette University's dental school. I applied last year, so if you have any questions about interview preparation or how Marquette goes about interview...
  27. inGenius Prep

    Medical Top reasons why students don't get in

    Every year, top medical schools get more than enough top applicants to fill their classes with students with outstanding test scores and grades. And yet many of these applicants are rejected. Medical school rejection happens to even the best students applying. The largest take away from this...
  28. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Advice to those rejected OT 2017-- gap year

    Hey everyone! As disappointing/embarrassing as it is to say, it's looking like I may be a gap year re-applicant. (rejected to UIC, St. Scholastica, Puget Sound, Wisconsin Madison; waitlisted at Rush; waiting to hear from Wisconsin Milwaukee, Davenport, Eastern Washington University (had an...
  29. B_52

    Post Interview Anxiety Syndrome

    Can we just take a moment to engage in some group therapy over the absolute mindf$%# that is the weeks/months long period between interviewing for a medical school spot and getting an actual answer. Maybe take some donations to set up a hotline, get it included in the next copy of the DSM. I'm...
  30. LindaAccepted

    Medical You Can Do It: Reject Rejection!

    For some, the new year is a time for hearing good admissions news; but for others, 2017 may be off to a grim start. If you’ve received a rejection letter from your target school (or – sigh – from all your target schools), then you may be feeling more doom and less hopeful for the coming year...
  31. I

    Horrible interview skills

    hi im a premed. so heres the thing, everyone since the beginning of my life hates me and i was always bullied. I have a terrible relationship with my parents. my dad doesnt like me and my mom annoyed the crap out of me during my entire childhood. every interview (med school or job) has resulted...
  32. harleyquinn33

    2nd Reject from post baccalaureate :(

    I received my second rejection today via email from UVM post baccalaureate program. My first was from USC, earlier this fall. The mail stated the same reason as the USC one did, low science gpa. I only took a few science classes and that was over 10 years ago. I'm apprehensive to apply anywhere...
  33. cdo96

    Official Rejection List c/o 2021

    Let's do this haha! Got my first rejection, so I'm qualified to start this haha! Include your username, mode of rejection (e.g. email, snail mail, portal), and the date you received your rejection! UNITED STATES: Auburn University: University of California: Colorado State University...
  34. L

    When will I hear back?

    I have finished my secondary applications to about 10 medical schools during the summer. I got one rejection and one interview. I went to the interview and got rejected. It is December. When will I hear back from the other schools?
  35. C

    December 1st Limbo

    For those in a similar situation, or reapplicants who have experienced this before, what does it mean to not hear back from schools today? In cases like mine where GPA isn't all that impressive, is "no news good news?" Or is it essentially a rejection? I woke up at 6:30am like most of you...
  36. B

    Opinions Please. Did i Shoot Myself in the Foot With GPA Drop?

    Hi there I'm a Texas resident who applied to the three Texas schools and interviewed in August. At the time of applying and Interviewing my GPA was a 3.81 Overall, and a 3.76 BCPM, paired with a 21AA and a high PAT. After slacking off a bit in my summer coursework, as well as this semester...
  37. A

    What to fix for next cycle?

    Hey everyone, you have probably seen me around here lately. Unfortunately I have only got 1 interview invite (at UNLV) so far and that is set for January.. so it's not looking too great for me. I'm trying to stay positive and am hoping that I will do well on that interview and maybe even get...
  38. LittleEngineCould

    How much of a factor is attractiveness in admission? [Conspiracy]

    I've been looking at class photos from some schools and I have this growing paranoia that, when all else is near-equal, there's a "beauty pageant" component in the AdCom's decisions; either subconscious bias, or voluntary to maintain the school's appearance. "I have a 3.98 GPA, 524 MCAT with...
  39. B

    Asking schools why you got accepted/rejected

    So I know most schools say that you can't ask them why they rejected you until the end of the app cycle...but does anyone know of any earlier exceptions/instances where people found out early? Related to that, is it okay to ask a school why they accepted you? Just curious!
  40. K

    Potential third time applicant... Drop in grades during my senior year

    Hello Everyone, I've been applying to medical school for the past two years now, and, unfortunately, I have yet to be accepted anywhere. This is a very long post, so thank you to anyone that reads it. If I can get any help or advice from anyone out there, it would be much appreciated. First...