1. D

    Where to apply in-state

    I'm a non-trad student living in Wisconsin, which is my current state of residence. I'm from California originally and would like to move back. From looking at the regulations, I believe as long as I've moved back more than 1 year before classes start I should be fine for in-state tuition...
  2. F

    Residency Program Closing

    Hi all, I cannot give too many specifics, but theoretically, I have a great chance to match to a residency program that will be closing after I have finished my training, in a fairly competitive field. What are the pros and cons of accepting such a match, versus going into the general pool for...
  3. T

    Georgia Residency Determination Question

    Hi all, Just a quick question about how you think my state residency would be classified by the likes of Mercer and MCG. I grew up in a small town in GA and left upon high school graduation to attend college in CT. Immediately after college graduation in 2019, I spent probably 6-7 months...
  4. H

    MD Applying to Cali Residency Program from OOS

    Hi there! First poster here but long time lurker. Do any of you have advice on applying for a California residency program as an out of state MD student? I understand that it may be challenging as I’m not a California resident (I’m located on the east coast with my long time girlfriend who...
  5. N

    Moving Mid Cycle

    Hey all, I currently live in Wisconsin and submitted both my AACOMAS and AMCAS app. I recently discovered I need to move to Connecticut and plan to find a job there which means a few of my activities on my AACOMAS and AMCAS become irrelevant since I did write I will be working until next year in...
  6. D

    IS/OOS Questions

    Hi! Could anyone tell me which of these schools has an in-state bias? If possible, to what degree do they prefer IS residents? I was able to find information on some of these schools but not all of them. I'm considering applying to more schools without a residency bias if my shot at these...
  7. I

    Residency: MA vs. SC

    I'm trying to decide which state to establish my residency for a more favorable application cycle, and would appreciate some feedback. Here's a brief timeline: *Up to 2016: MA resident *2016-2018: Moved to SC for grad school (science unrelated to medicine), including getting a new driver's...
  8. D

    Should I change State Residency before applying????!

    Help!!! I am a legal resident of Georgia but I have been living in Pennsylvania for a year while obtaining my Master's degree. I would like to stay in the area and work as an EMT for my gap year, but that would require me to change my legal residency to Pennsylvania. I've been told to look at...
  9. J

    Gaining Residence

    I am looking to gain residence in a neighboring state during my gap year. I have family there that is willing to let me use their address as a permanent address, however I am on a lease for an apartment in my current state. Will the school look for that, or would they accept my permenant address?
  10. K


    I am just about to graduate high school and want to go for a medical degree. Im a south korean national but am currently studying A-Levels in Pakistan, i have 4As in my AS LEVEL. I really want to go abroad for my medical studies, UK doesnt seem to be a good option because i lack in finance and i...
  11. K

    Green book vs. blue book rotations

    Does anyone know if there are any inherent disadvantages (perception as less than green) for doing blue book electives. I will do enough green book to be licensed in all 50 states, but the rest blue. I want to match IM, not interested in prestigious programs (literally just want to match), am an...

    US citizen from NY living in Canada for past 7 years as Canadian citizen, am I a legal US resident?

    Hi! I'm filling out my AMCAS app and I am unsure what to enter for my state of legal residence. I am a US citizen who lived in NY for 23 years, then moved to Canada 7 years ago and became a Canadian citizen. I do not think I should write that I am not a legal resident, that would make no sense...
  13. L

    Request of Data for Medical Residency Specialization Graduation Times in Norway/Sweden/Finland?

    I am doing univariate statistical analysis of the different variables affecting the first medical residency specialization graduation times in Nordic Countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland). I have already received some data from Finland authorities from the last 15 years at each universities and in...
  14. M

    D.Os, residence and work outside UK.

  15. E

    Perio Residency 2018 entry

    This thread is for application cycle of summer of 2017, for programs starting 2018. I am getting ready to apply and any advice is appreciated. I'll share the info I gathered so far: (info based on estimates and generalizations for summarization) Applicants apply for 5-10 programs out of a...
  16. M

    Step 1 and clerkship (as IMG/FMG)

    Hi, I'm a latam medical student on 4th year, I want to know what's better for me, because on 6th I will start my internship, If stop before my internship and prepare & do Step 1 to apply a clerkship or Look for a clerkship without Step 1 requirement or Just finish my internship and then do an...
  17. LindaAccepted

    Medical Superficiality: Residency Personal Statement Fatal Flaw #4

    When you write superficially you blend into the great mass of applicants who on superficial level are very much like you. Each one of your med school competitors is a hard worker. Every one of them has read more than was assigned. Everyone has a deep passion to become a surgeon (or neurologist...
  18. CompHealth

    Career Paths after Residency

    As you prepare for your career as a full time physician, it can be daunting to determine what your next steps should be. With a large variety of options today, it really just depends on your interests. Here are just a few options for new physicians to consider: Work in a hospital Join a...
  19. M

    Position Wanted Residency for a foreign surgeon/doctor

    Hi, My father was trained in a foreign country and performed many types of surgeries for 17 years in this country. He even taught as a professor in the surgery department. Not only was he a surgeon he also worked as a physician. We came to the US about 10 years ago, and he has yet to find a...
  20. T

    Looking for Internal Medicine residency vacancy for 2016

    Hello, I am looking for an internal medicine residency vacancy for 2016. I am IMG student and February 2016 ECFMG certified. I have three months of U.S. hands-on clinical experience and already completed three years of IM residency in Germany. I was wondering if any program director is looking...
  21. chompsss

    Years in Residency Count Towards PSLF?

    So, I think I've been able to determine that the years spent in dental school don't count for PSLF while on HPSP and even not while on HSCP, despite being "Active Duty." On the attached sheet, which is the Public Service Employment Certification form, under the Military section, it says...
  22. R

    Nephrology residence

    Hello, I am a medical student from Peru. I am coursing the 5th year of Medicine. Here, most medical schools consider 3 years of Basic Sciences, 3 years of Clinics and 1 year of Internship. After you graduate, you recibe the title of "Médico Cirujano", which could be considered as General...