1. B

    Dartmouth (Geisel)

    To Delete
  2. A

    Tufts MBS vs. Rush Biotechnology MS (can anyone give pros and cons on either)?

    Tufts MBS or Rush MS in Biotechnology? Why?
  3. C

    Chicago Programs questions

    I didn't want to create a whole new thread, but I had some questions. I'm not originally from Chicago but will be ranking it highly 2/2 wife's family and job. I liked Rush, and I understand the previous issues have largely been resolved. That being said, I'm having trouble comparing it to other...
  4. D

    MD Applying to 6 or 7 schools only...bad idea?

    3.7 cGPA; ~3.5 sGPA -Graduated with Honors -Spanish speaking and immigration but not URM -Strong extracurriculars (3 years of paid clinical experience, lots of research but no publications, non-clinical volunteering, minimal shadowing, significant scholarships) -No MCAT yet - will be taking in...
  5. W

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Chicago OT schools - UIC or Rush?

    Hi everyone. I am wondering if any of you went to/are attending UIC or Rush for OT and could tell me about your experience. I got into both programs and have been debating between the two for nearly a month, and it is getting very hard to choose!!! I liked Rush because it has a smaller cohort...
  6. darkpauladin

    Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) VS Rush Medical College (RMC)

    I am currently trying to decide between VCU and Rush and find myself flip-flopping every couple of days. What do you guys think? Long-term Career Goals: Competitive Specialty (preferably Ophtho/Otolyn/Rads/EM) West Coast Residency (prefer CA) Leave the door open for academic medicine/research...
  7. P

    UIC vs Rush

    Any help/insight is greatly appreciated! Rush Pros Loved the students on interview day Felt like a great "fit" Ample volunteer opportunities Nicer facilities Able to be at Cook County (underserved hospital) more during rotations Cons More expensive (~$50k over 4 years) UIC Pros Better...
  8. D

    Rush vs OUWB

    Hello everyone! I have been fortunate enough to get into a couple schools this cycle and have narrowed my choices down to these two. I am born and raised in Michigan and currently go to OU for undergrad. I am pretty unsure about my long term career plans and would like to keep my options open...
  9. F

    UVM v.s. Rush

    I'm incredibly torn between both schools and was wondering if people can provide some insight into these institutions. I'm going to compile a list of pros and cons for both programs taking into consideration the information that I can find online and from you guys. Any input is very much...
  10. Y

    Rush vs. MCW-Milwaukee

    Hi All! I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to both Rush and Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and would love some help making my decision! I do not have a specific specialty in mind yet, but would love to go into academic medicine. Rush: + Located in Chicago (it has always been...
  11. darkpauladin

    Rush's New Flipped Classroom Curriculum

    What I understand the curriculum to be: Flipped Classroom in small group sessions led by faculty for a mandatory 15 hrs/week (missing more than 1 session results in disciplinary actions); 2 cases/week with Wednesday off, ~50-90 pages of reading per case No traditional lectures (learn on your own...
  12. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Rush OTD interviews

    Hey folks! I wanted to start a thread to connect with those who have already or are going to interview at Rush. I’m looking forward to meeting you all! I’ll be at the Jan. 8th Interview.
  13. U

    Renting AMSA Conference/UIC Chicago- 2bed/2bath condo available for nightly/weekly rentals

    I'm an attending physician in the Chicago area and I have a property available for nightly or weekly rentals in the Little Italy area within walking distance to UIC/Rush/Cook County/Jesse Brown VA. There is free street parking available which is rare for downtown Chicago. My unit is available...
  14. M

    Rush Medical College Prestige/Tier

    Hey SDN, I've been lurking this site for a long time but didn't want to post until I was certain that I had been admitted somewhere. During the application process, I really just wanted to make sure I was admitted somewhere, without much mind to tier, prestige of a school, etc. And I have– I...
  15. IMG2009

    Room in Chicago near UIC, Rush, Medical District

    HD Pictures: 1 bedroom for rent in a modern/spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom condo, Flexible dates available. Free street parking, 5 minute walk to western blue line station. All utilities and cleaning service included in the rent. Walk in closets! Fully furnished with a new bed, dresser/desk, and...
  16. mr.mkitty

    Financial aid known for one school but not the other?

    Here's my situation: I've been accepted to two schools. SLU gave my my financial aid package already. Rush hasn't given me a financial aid package because apparently I didn't include something in the FAFSA that I needed to (parents w2 apparently). So I probably won't know what the package is for...
  17. Fancy312


    Anyone apply already or planning to apply?
  18. H

    Chicago Roomate Needed

    Starting my pharmacy residency in Chicago in June/July and looking for female roommate(s)!
  19. Fancy312


    Hello All, I was wondering if there was anyone out there that applied to these 1 year masters programs and still pursued dentistry. I recently took my dat (literally yesterday) and did pretty bad, don't ask, I did horrible :oops: My initial step is to apply to these, programs, but I have a...
  20. C

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Anyone currently in the Rush program who is willing to post or PM me about their experience?

    I was just accepted to Rush this morning and I realized I wanted to hear some personal experience from somebody within the program before I make any decisions. 1) What is the relationship between faculty and students like? 2) What is your experience with other medical profession students at...