1. A

    Am I underbilling ?

    Hello! I’m at a rural employed oncology position - 4 days a week about 18 patients a day. I generate about 7200 RVU roughly 2.15 wRVU a visit. Practice is 80% + oncology. I recently spoke to some colleagues who work in Northern California , seeing approximately the same number of patients , 4...
  2. G

    How are RVUs calculated for compensation purposes?

    I'm a 3rd-year fellow here, starting job next summer in a community hospital-employed position. Pay is base + bonus after RVU threshold. I've heard different answers to this question from the various attendings at my institute. For those of you who are RVU based, how are RVUs calculated, and are...
  3. PatNanym

    Is this a good job offer?

    I am looking at a prospective job in community HemOnc. Small town Midwest. Base of $495k guaranteed plus RVU-based incentive after 5050 RVUs at $99/RVU. Around 12-15 patients per day in clinic, 4.5 days a week. 1:3 call, call is one full week, am told call is light, mostly ~1-2 phone calls at...
  4. A

    HemOnc median RVU numbers?

    I am looking to join a hospital-based community HemOnc practice in the Midwest. The prospective employer is offering a guaranteed base for up to 5000 wRVUs and then $/wRVU system after 5000 wRVUs. I am not sure if 5000 RVUs annually is achievable. Anybody has an idea about the approximate median...
  5. N

    Georgetown Business of Medicine Course

    Hello SDN! I am a recent graduate of the hematology/oncology fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital and I wanted to spread the word about a course we have developed called the Georgetown Business of Medicine Course. It is a virtual course consisting of 12 modules on different topics like...
  6. T

    RVU vs. KCU

    Hi all I am having trouble choosing between the rocky vista an kansas city masters program. They are both extremely far from me, so location isn't a problem. I heard many positives and negatives from both programs making my decision even harder. At first I was leaning towards kansas city and...
  7. P

    KCU-Joplin vs RVU-Utah

    I have been accepted to both medical schools and have until mid-January to put down a deposit KCU-Joplin Pros Less expensive tuition ($47,000) Less expensive cost of living. Husband and I could potentially live in a house rather than an apartment. Established school with a great reputation...
  8. S

    Rocky Vista-UT vs ACOM

    Let me know what you guys think between ACOM and RVU-UT. RVU has better board scores but ACOM has better rotations and I'm having a hard time deciding between the two.
  9. Megustagatos


  10. moogly82

    Rocky Vista University (RVU) Acquisition by Saint George University (SGU)

    I'm a first year student at RVU having just started this week. The president of RVU gave an announcement that RVU is being acquired by Medforth, which is the parent company that also owns Saint George University in Grenada. As many of you may know, SGU is the stereotypical Caribbean model for...
  11. C

    9 interviews with a 500 MCAT

    Hi I just wanted to write a quick post to any premeds because when I was in your situation I read tons of different posts on this website that made me feel like garbage and that I would never get in because of my lower GPA and MCAT. I scored a 500 breakdown was 127/125/123/125. My gpa was a...
  12. Y

    wRVU for clinic

    Is there a PDF or other link that can simply explain RVU breakdown for each type of visit and procedure for FM and Primary Care Sports Medicine procedures? In your experience, what takes a level 3 to 4 or a level 4 to 5? What is the average going rate for a wRVU?
  13. T


    Edit: Do any current/former students, admins, or admitted applicants have any pros, cons, or experiences to add? Hi all, I have been lucky enough to be accepted to a few of my top choice DO schools and need help choosing between RVU-CO and OUHCOM-Athens. Both schools cost about the same over...
  14. mustlovemedicineandbeer

    2017 RVU vs NSU-KPCOM (NOVA)

    I got acceptances from both RVU and NSU (my top choices). I am having a really hard time weighing the options and I am curious if there are any current students there/recent interviewees who have pros/cons for these schools and why they chose them? Both have great boards/rotations/pre-clinical...
  15. K

    RVU-SU vs ACOM

    So I have interviewed and been accepted to both of these schools... and December 14th is coming and I still don’t have my decision. There are many pros and cons for both as I am sure many of you know. RVU-SU is new (but est. from RVU-CO which has great board scores), has great facilities...
  16. PreMedHeart


    I made a post like this pre-interview at UNECOM. Now that I've attended the interview, I am extremely torn between the two. I have been accepted at RVU-CO. I am writing this as an IF I get into UNECOM post-II as you have to let them know fairly quickly, so I want to be prepared with my...
  17. C

    Fair RVU target/benchmark for General Cardiology?

    Can anyone comment on what is a fair wRVU threshold for a new graduate in the general cardiology (non-invasive) job market? Or alternatively $/wRVU for Small town/rural location in the Southeast. Thanks!
  18. 0

    RVUCOM-UT vs KCU-Joplin

    Please I need help in deciding between these two acceptances! Both seem to be pretty comparable in nature, but i'll outline some pros and cons. Any help in swaying me one way or another is greatly appreciated. Also, because I loved both schools so much, do you think it worth my time to interview...
  19. PreMedHeart


    Hi all, I am hoping to get some feedback on UNECOM vs. RVUCOM. To be clear- I have not been accepted to either at this point. I am interviewing at RVU-CO soon, and was invited to interview at UNECOM around 3-4 weeks after my RVU-CO interview. RVU-CO has a fairly high interview acceptance rate...
  20. lodo.owl

    Why So Much "Hate" Against RVU on SDN?

    Pre-Med, GPA 3.9 (Freshman though, so, doesn't mean much), RVU CO & NYIT Westbury are my two top interests as of right now. Noticed that I've barely seen any threads about NYIT, and RVU threads are overwhelmingly almost always negative? (Not LECOM level, but nonetheless...) I'm assuming this is...
  21. lodo.owl

    RVU-CO VS NYiT-Old Westbury

    RVU Home state w/immediate family close by (I live in Denver, no moving required) $53,380.00 Founded 2006 For profit (this doesn't really make a difference to me, honestly) Avg GPA 3.5 (according to LizzyM) NYiT Extended family in Syracuse though no one in NYC $58,910.50 Founded 1977 Nonprofit...
  22. Green Man

    Starting salary and RVU expectation in the first job

    Hi everyone, I'm a US citizen, finishing PCCM fellowship next year. Recently, I started looking for mixed pul/CC private practice jobs in small cities in the West Coast. Could anyone share a general idea of compensation to RVU ratio and expected RVUs in clinic or ICU settings (as a new...
  23. chibadriver

    Another RVU question...

    Can someone explain the difference between "base units" in the ASA RVG and RVUs? I was looking at Dr. Faubel's wRVU/RVU guide and notice the RVUs are much lower than what I see in the RVG. I'm transitioning to PP, not good with this stuff. Dr. G
  24. R

    Comp - NW vs RVU - Utah

    Accepted to both Comp-NW and RVU- Utah. Loved both campuses and felt like a good fit for both schools. Would probably choose RVU-utah if all were even due to family close by, cheaper, and being in my home state but would I be shooting myself in the foot when the match comes? Aiming for...
  25. R

    RVU class of 2020

    Hey RVU class of 2020! This forum is to discuss anything and everything about our upcoming education. Initially some things to consider: -housing -orientation and starting dates -materials/computer/tablet to bring