1. J

    ACT vs SAT scores

    Hi hSDN! I took the ACT in March this year and just got my scores back. I haven't done any ACT-specific prep, but I have done a lot of SAT prep. I've taken multiple SAT practice tests and have gotten a high of 1480 on two of them. On my March ACT I received a composite score of 33. I was...
  2. throne

    The Best SAT Math Book

    For any students looking to gain valuable skills or raise their score on the Math section of the SAT, I highly recommend buying Dr. Steve Warner's "28 SAT Math Lessons to Improve Your Score". The book is pure magic. Why? I improved my SAT Math score 100+ points in 1 month with this book. It's...
  3. M

    SAT review

    Hi all I'm no good at reviewing practice exams so I'm turning to you guys for help. I've been taking a lot of practice SATs and my score has been pretty stagnant. Any advice on how to improve your score? Much appreciated!
  4. E

    SAT Subject Test for PreDental Program

    I got for Math 2 590 and Chemistry 570 on the subject tests. Some schools strongly recommend these scores for their predental accelerated program like UOP (University of Pacific), but obviously my scores are pretty low. Should I submit them still?
  5. whosnisarg

    Help! In Search of Hope!

    Hello everyone! As my first post, I would like to briefly mention how appreciative I am to have a place where I can ask questions concerning what I am uncertain of and trust you all for professional help. :) As for my questions, I am a bit freaking out right now... It just now hit me that my...
  6. FireInTheSky

    ACT and SAT

    What are some key differences and similarities between the SAT and the ACT? Are they worded/structured much differently, and is either easier than the other? Also, what are good score ranges needed to get into a top 100, top 50, and top 20 national university? I haven't taken either yet, though...
  7. WhyNeedAName

    OAT and SAT/ACT correlation?

    Hi, I'm a rising Junior and I am starting the preparation for OAT. Some have told me that there's a slight correction between people who performed well in the SAT/ACT and people who performed well with the OAT. I want to see if anyone who did well on the OAT also did well when they took the...
  8. J

    Research vs. Extracurriculars for University Applications

    URGENT! I NEED TO CHOOSE CLASSES VERY SOON- please help:) I'm going into my junior year of high school. There is a class called Advanced Problems in Science where you spend the whole year working on and publishing an in-depth science project. Doing really well on your project can get you...
  9. 1

    Too early to start?

    Hello! Let me introduce myself: I'm a Romanian starting 10th grade(out of 12) in a few months. I've been thinking about going to a medical university in the US. I've been looking at the MCAT study plan (the one to study in 3 months). I've been thinking to buy all the required materials to start...
  10. R

    Grades aren't great.. do I still have a chance?

    So, I am a current High School Senior. At the end of my junior year I decided that my senior year I was going to Dual enroll at a college and my college credits I was taking there will also count as the remaining high school credits I needed to graduate. Well now I'm in the spring semester and...
  11. M

    Buy Guaranteed Real time database registered Passport, Citizenship, ID Cards,

    We are specialized in the production of TOEFL, IELTS, ESOL, CELTA/DELTA, GMAT, PTE, and other English Language Certificates. Our Certificates are legit, Original and registered in the data base and Can be verified online. After placing order is placed it takes just 48 hours for us to get your...
  12. greysxo

    PSAT and SAT

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I would like a newer opinion on this. I'm a sophomore in high school and I did not take the PSAT this year. I plan to take the PSAT my junior year and the SAT my senior year. I'm worried that I will not do well on the PSAT and will then not...
  13. J

    highschool vs. college

    I keep reading everywhere that what you do in high school doesnt really matter.... in a sense yes it doesnt because you can start fresh in college... however I cant wrap my head around the fact tht if someone struggled in high school... where easier things are taught how will they succeed in...
  14. O

    Past post bac acceptance profiles

    Hi everyone! I plan to apply to BM, JH, Goucher, and Scripps for the 2017-2018 post bac term and wanted to get a sense of whether I would make a decent candidate. I am also curious to know what your stats were and where you were and weren't accepted if you guys don't mind sharing (GPA, ACT/SAT...
  15. F

    Dual Admission 7/8 Year Dental Program

    Hello all, I am an incoming senior right now, hoping to get into a 7 or 8 year dental program and I had a few questions about the likelihood of my acceptance. I have an SAT superscore of 2240 (CR: 670, Math 800, writing 770) and my GPA unweighted is a 3.4 and weighted is a 4.0. I know a lot...
  16. TAMUstu


    Hello! The NEW SAT is just two and a half months away! (FIRST TEST DATE 03/05/2016) Some of the new additions to the test include: - NO PENALTY for guessing! - There are less questions! WOW - Essay is optional, but if you decide to submit a essay, you will have 25 extra minutes to complete...
  17. neur0goddess

    HOW TO RAISE SAT MATH from mid 600s to mid 700s

    Hey guys, So I'm a senior taking the December SAT for the final time. My CR and W scores fluctuate around 730-800 so I'm not worried about those, but my M score is really holding me back from my reaches (Ivys, Stanford, Duke, etc). Any tips, online resources that you can recommend, a change in...
  18. Unlucky Asian

    Chance of getting into a UC and its difficulty based on my stats?

    I know you guys probably get this a lot, but I didn't think that asking this in someone else's thread would be cool. I'd like a general idea of the difference between typical high school and college workloads. I'm pretty sure I can get into a UC with a 1900 SAT and ACT score that is coming in...