study buddy

  1. Min3n3

    Family Medicine Board (ABFM) Study Partner

    Good day, I recently graduated from family medicine residency. Currently preparing for the ABFM Board Exam. Looking for a motivated and committed study partner to do questions with. Availability: M-F from 5am to 7am (PST) and all weekend If interested, message me. Thanks
  2. Lince Faruk

    Study partner

    Hello, I'm searching for a study partner on Skype to review all the specialty subject quickly starting with cardio pulmonary. My Skype ID is shahedfaruk. Please inform me if you're free to join.
  3. PapaGuava

    *~ MCAT Study Buddy Mega-thread ~*

    The volunteers at SDN have decided that it was time to create ‘Study Buddy’ mega-threads for those interested in linking up with other people in preparation of exams, such as the DAT, MCAT, and PCAT. In the past, most of these threads were moved to the Classified section or were left behind...
  4. N

    Looking for a study buddy in Toronto/Richmond Hill/Northyork?

    Helloo, I’m just starting to prepare for the AFK exam February 2020. I live in Richmond Hill, ON. Txt or email me if you also need a study partner/group! [email protected] 6472835090
  5. artist2022

    DAT Study Buddy Megathread!

    Hey guys! In the interest of making SDN a more helpful place, we have decided to create a megathread to make it easier for users to find people to study with. In the past, these types of threads were moved to the Classifieds Forum, but we felt they were quickly drowned out by the ads there. As...
  6. H


    Looking for a study partner for upcoming 2019 ABEM - American Board of Emergency Medicine board exam. Please message me if interested. Thanks!
  7. N

    Hem/Onc fellow looking for a study partner.

    Hello, Im currently in the first year of Heme Onc fellowship and as expected feel overwhelmed with the amount of information. Over the years Ive realized that i do better when reading or discussing material with a study partner or group. An hour a day over Skype doing questions or discussing...
  8. ThisIzBajwa

    BCSE Study Group.

  9. H

    Study partner- Sydney

    I am a female medical student based in Sydney in my 5th year of study, looking to do the USMLE step 1 in February 2019. I am in the intermediate stages of my preparation, and am planning to really ramp it up in the next few months. I have been going through FA and some UWorld questions this...
  10. L

    Study partner needed step2 ck Dallas

    Hello! Anyone need a study buddy?
  11. B


    Looking for someone based in the Bay Area to be my USMLE Step 1 study partner so studying doesn't feel like isolation/ being trapped on a desert island. Being able to study in person is definitely preferred and being in or near Fremont would be ideal. I'm a US IMG that is in the early stages of...
  12. P

    OAT Study Together in Chicago

    Hi, is anyone studying for the OAT in Chicago? I'm having trouble keeping myself on track and would love to have a study buddy. Anyone interested in group study?
  13. Dxbarbiew/brains

    USMLE Step One Study

    hi im an IMG recently diploma Md looking to find someone to study Step One with in the NJ area.
  14. F

    June MCAT study buddy

    Anyone looking for a study buddy for the June exam dates? I live in the midwest and would be happy to meet on skype twice or more per week to review. Thanks!
  15. Ama4

    Online or In Person study buddy or group Needed - Rochester NY

    Looking for an online study buddy or group, I don't think I'll find one close to me here in Rochester NY, and online works great for me too. Just having someone who's going through this would be great. I am not yet done with my content review, but I'm doing both content and practice...
  16. H

    DAT Study buddy in Houston, TX

    Hello, If anyone is interested in studying for the DAT together, I have most of the popular DAT study tools & Subscriptions and don't mind sharing. Direct Message me :) Let's conquer this test together!
  17. Future Molinator

    DAT Study Group!!

    Hey Guys!! I will be taking the DAT in May. I am just about to start with DAT Bootcamp, and I was wondering if anybody is eager to form a study group through Whatsapp? Or use another outlet in order to prepare for the exam. I am pretty comfortable with the biology section however I need to...
  18. H

    DAT Study buddy in Houston, Missouri City, or Sugarland Texas area.

    Hello guys! Having a study buddy/group can be very helpful getting ready for the DAT. So if you’re interested in studying with me, inbox me :) Houston, Missouri City, Sugarland Texas
  19. Kobethegoat24

    Any suggestions for physics studying?

    So physics has always been my worst subject. I just started studying for the MCAT and thought why not start with my weakest subject? (dont know if this is a good idea or not). But i am using the kaplan physics review book and I am having a difficult time studying using it and I kind of despise...
  20. M

    PHILADELPHIA: Spring MCAT Study Group

    Hi everyone! I'm currently studying for the MCAT to take at the end of April 2018 and am looking for a core group of people to study with 2-3x a week. I live in the University City Area in a building that has awesome study spaces but am willing to travel within Philly. Hoping to do mostly...
  21. S

    MCAT Online Study Buddy

    I'm taking the MCAT in two weeks (end of Jan 2018), and I'm looking for an online study buddy. I'll be available by email and phone. PM me if you are interested. Let's ask/answer questions, share ideas and support each other!
  22. N

    Los Angeles - MCAT Accountability /Study Partner

    Hey, I'm from NY, but here in LA. Message me if this is something you're seriously interested in. We can Facetime and determine if our goals are aligned and go from there. Thanks! Location (City, State, Country): Los Angeles, CA, USA Test Date (Anticipated) (Month AND YEAR): April/May 2018 MCAT...
  23. C

    Study partner for step 1

    Hey everyone, I am an IMG from Fresno, CA, and I am looking for a study partner to start the Step 1 journey with. We can either meet in person or do skype. I'm starting Kaplan and Sketchy now for micro and I plan on taking the exams around August 2018. Let me know if you are interested!
  24. Z

    Looking for a Study Buddy for the January 2018 NPTE

    I just recently took the Oct 2017 NPTE and unfortunately failed it, but i am planning to take the Jan 2018 NPTE and would like to know if anyone has a study group or is looking for a study partner. I am foreign educated, btw. Anyone interested please hit me up :)
  25. L

    CCRN study partner in tampa area

    Looking for someone to study the ccrn exam. Plan on taking it in 2 months! Lets share resources and motivate each other to pass this exam! I personally have questions banks and LAURA G. Lectures to share
  26. chancemd

    Study Buddy in ATL Metro Area!

    Hello! As the title stated, I am on the hunt for a study buddy that resides in the Atlanta Metropolitan area! What I'm looking for: "Motivational" Study Buddy/Accountability Partner What I mean by "motivational" is this...we don't necessarily have to be studying the same concepts at the same...
  27. W

    Chapel Hill/ Raleigh MCAT study

    Hey guys, I'm taking MCAT in June. I'd like to have someone to study with. I'm currently working in a research lab full time in Durham, so probably few hours a week studying together would be good. If you're interested in, please send me a private message. Thanks, Wendy
  28. @Hazel-rah

    ISO April 28 MCAT online study partner?

    Hi I am a non traditional applicant, feeling very solo in my current quest to take the MCAT April 28. I live in USA but if there is someone else out there who would like to email back and forth like once a week just telling each other what we did and what we hope to do the coming week, etc and...
  29. D

    MCAT Study buddy online or in California, Ventura County

    I'm taking my MCAT Exam May 18th, and I am looking for someone to keep me accountable! Please message me if you are interested. Let's Goooooooooo!!!
  30. P

    MCAT 2017 Study Partner in MD or online

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a MCAT study buddy preferably in Maryland (but online might work too). I am enrolled in the Kaplan online mcat-prep course, so I'm familiar with most of the content & test format. I will be taking the test on March 31st this year. I basically need help staying motivated...
  31. D

    USMLE Looking for USMLE CS Study Partner (Skype etc.)

    Hi Folks, I am a German med student. I am taking CS in January. Currently I am looking for a study partner to go through cases on Skype,Facetime etc. I have the FA and Kaplan CS book. My Step 1 is in the 240s and my English is very good. Feel free to contact me. Thanks!
  32. Z

    Nbde 1 study partners

    Hello everyone , I'm planning on taking the nbde part 1 by the end of march, I live in California (Orange County) and would appreciate any interested study partners ( female) . Thanks :)
  33. Sfig91

    MCAT Study partner (April 2017 test date, Online or Philadelphia area)

    Hello All! I signed up for the April 28th, 2017 MCAT test date, and would love to find a study partner or partners either online or in the Philadelphia area. If it matters, I'm using The princeton review book set and EK 1001 questions as a supplement. Please let me know so that we can get a...
  34. ivey0126

    Study Buddy for May 13th Test date

    Hi Everyone, I am in San Diego looking for anyone who is interested in joining a study group. Either online or in the San Diego area. It would be great to have someone to go through this hellish experience with.
  35. B

    study partner for CS in Orange County, California

    Hi guys. My exam is in less than 2 weeks. If you are in the same boat as me, please let me know, so that we can start practicing the cases as soon as possible.
  36. B

    Female Study Partner

    I've just started preparing for Step 1, i'm looking for a serious female study partner to review/discuss Kaplan notes and First Aid. My Skype ID is: Carib.doc I plan on taking the exam in 2017.
  37. SerenityFm

    Step 1 Female study partner to revise First Aid est

    Hi I am looking for a very dedicated, reliable consistent female study partner to study and read First aid together . We can study via Skype I am in usa EST time Prefer to study 3-4 hours reading n discussing first aid 16 ... Someone driven motivated and active to study everyday Please...
  38. E

    Wanted: OAT Study Accountability Partner :)

    Hello future optometrists, Is there anyone out there who would like a study partner/study accountability partner? I need someone to help keep me accountable and on track with my OAT studies, and I will do the same for you! I will encourage you, help you study, and trust me when I say I will...
  39. B

    Study Buddy (Cambridge MA or online) for last week of prep!

    Hey guys! Looking for someone to study with till june 17th to just quiz each other (preferably from the Kaplan quicksheets). I really like getting quizzed and quizzing others - I feel like its a good way to talk things out and review before the big day! PM if interested! I could do online or...
  40. M

    MCAT Study Partner in PHX

    Going to start studying the week of May 16 in PHX. Hmu or dm me if you're in the area and pysched to tackle this exam. More details upon request.