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  1. P

    Working in UK after IM and Heme/Onc in USA

    I am completing my residency in Internal Medicine and will be starting my fellowship in Heme/Onc at an NCI designated academic cancer institute. Due to personal reasons, I have to consider moving to UK after fellowship. The difficult thing is, since there is not much precedent of this, the...
  2. Rljoel

    US student rotating in Scotland or Ireland

    Has anyone rotated through Scotland or Ireland for a 4 week rotation? If so, what was the process of setting it up and were you able to do anything or was it more just shadowing? Any specialty! Thanks in advance!
  3. Alt-Dimension

    UK Medicine, Oops! I didn't do Biology A-Level.

    As a Year 12 student in the UK, I've been researching all the medical schools and their requirements for a few months already. But when I decided to do further research around January, I found out that some schools required Biology as a compulsory A-Level, as mine were Physics, Maths and...
  4. maria1313

    UK c/o 2023 hopefuls

    I wanted to start a thread for 2023 applicants applying to any of the UK vet schools in order to ask questions and get specific information. I'm applying to UCD, RVC, Glasgow and Edinburgh and would love to see where everyone else is applying along with getting more information about the schools!
  5. D

    Anyone going to PT school at Glasgow Caledonian University or in the UK?

    I'm looking for any students who go or is going to a Physiotherapy school in either GCU (in Scotland) or anywhere in the UK! I'm going to school in the UK for PT in January of 2019 and I wanted to build connections and just talk about future plans after. :)
  6. D

    GP in uk after FM residency in us for us img

    I am planning to settle in uk after doing residency in family medicine. So is residency from here recognised in uk because they have a longer course i suppose. If anyone knows what is the method of applying there and is it possible?
  7. DrSheev

    MD & DO USA-UK Research Internship – Advice

    Hey everyone! Just needed some advice. I am interested in research opportunities in the summer, however, the UK is rather limited in this respect. Medical students in the early years of their degrees often don't get the opportunity for research, unless nepotism is at play. I was quite...
  8. T

    Neuro Medical Elective in the UK

    Hi! I'm an international medical student and I'm planning to take a medical elective in the UK. I have already applied to the Walton Centre in Liverpool - has anybody done a neurology elective here? If yes, how was the experience? Also what are the other recommended places to do a neuro...
  9. M

    Speciality in the UK

    Hello! I'm a spanish med student graduating next year from Slovakia, and once I graduate I want to go to the UK to continue the studies. I've read it's really unlikely for a foreing student to get into the program, anyone knows anything about this? I've also read some information about the...
  10. T

    Need UK Residency Info - US/UK dual citizen

    Hi All, I'm a dual US/UK citizen who completed medical school in Caribbean (one of the better schools there) - I graduated 7-8 years ago and passed my step 1 and step 2 boards during medical school. Due to personal/family (medical) reasons - I did not pursue residency in the USA and now I feel...
  11. ericK14

    MPH LSHTM or University of Nottingham?

    Hello everyone, I'm a little bit confused on making my final decision. And I would appreciate any feedback. I first got accepted to the University of Nottingham in May, then I finally got my acceptance to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). I got into both of their...
  12. ericK14

    University of Nottingham or LSHTM for a MPH?

    Hello everyone, I'm a little bit confused on making my final decision. And I would appreciate any feedback. I first got accepted to the University of Nottingham in May, then I finally got my acceptance to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). I got into both of their...
  13. A

    American high school to UK Med School?

    I am currently a junior in high school in California. My GPA is sadly very average, probably around 3.3 on a 4.0 scale. However, I have always had a very loaded schedule with lots of honors and AP courses, I am an active member of the Medical Science Academy at my school, have over 100 hours of...
  14. K

    Medical Indemnity/Malpractice for UK Elective? MPS and MDU withdraw coverage

    Hi, I posted this in another forum, but am hoping someone here may have advice! I'm an Irish citizen and I study medicine outside the UK and Ireland, but within the EU. I'm married to a British citizen and my permanent home address is in th UK. I have a few electives lined up for my final...
  15. K

    Medical Indemnity/Malpractice Insurance for Elective in U.K./Ireland???

    Hi, I'm a medical student who studies in the EU with Irish citizenship and I'm married to a U.K. Citizen. I have always been able to get medical indemnity coverage through MPS for clinical electives in the U.K. and Ireland. However, as of October 2016, they have stopped covering citizens who...
  16. 7

    MPH Imperial College vs. King's College

    Hi everyone! I've recently received an offer from both Imperial and King's College in London for a MPH. I think both schools are really good, but I'm having a hard time choosing which would be the best. Any suggestions? I'm interested in Medical school in the U.S. afterwards.
  17. 2

    What Are The Requirements For A License To Practice In UK/Thailand?

    I'm still in high school (first year of IBDP) and I'm interested in becoming a doctor. For university, I'd like to go to the UK (if I can make it), and I'm wondering what comes after MBBS/BSc? At what point do you get a license to practice (UK)? What about Thailand? If I don't take up...
  18. N

    Neurology Residency

    Hi guys, I'm an Irish undergrad med considering neurology in the future, just have a few questions that some of you may be able to answer? 1.If I go to the states and to do residency in a top tier program and come back? If i did the standard 4 years ( 1 year IM, 3 years neurology) would I...
  19. Push101

    Studying Optometry in UK

    Hello, I'm currently in the process for applying for Optometry school. I am a Canadian student and have already completed a 3-year BSc. Biochemistry I'm writing my OAT in about 2 months, but in the mean time I also applied for Optometry school in the UK. So far I have received offers from...
  20. B

    Going to Sapienza de Roma medical school!

    Hi, I'm currently in college in US, I'm planning to go to Sapienza di Roma medical school(English program). 1) can I start working in hospitals after receiving "doctor and surgery degree" or like US I need to do something like residency in order to be able to properly start working? 2) If I...
  21. K

    Being A Psychiatrist

    I'm currently in high school, but I was thinking if it was possible to take a Psychology bachelors degree in the UK and then going to Med School at US? After all the research I found that the steps taken to be a psychiatrist is longer in the UK than in the US. Although since bachelors degrees in...
  22. D

    Is first choice international med school a bad idea?

    Hi everyone, I'm an American in my second year as an undergrad at a US institution. I'm not super worried about my chances at getting into a US med school as my gpa is so far solid and I (hopefully) expect to do well on the mcat next year. However, I've been looking at the possibility of doing...
  23. H

    Canadian thinking about Poland/Eastern Europe (non EU). Advice?

    Hi Canadian, graduating this year with mediocre 3.5 GPA (3.9 in each of two last years). Last MCAT rewrite scored me a 127/128/129/128. ECs are average - founded group, group member, two conference presentations (one unknown, one very major upcoming), worked as (clinical) research assistant...
  24. S

    PhD/PsyD Looking to get PhD in the UK & be licensed in US and UK

    Hey guys, I have been searching this forum for answers to my dilemma and while I have found many threads extremely informative, I find myself a little confused as to what I should do. I am an American, completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology in South Carolina and am preparing for grad...