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  1. L

    UT Austin College of Pharmacy: Why is there an extra LITERATURE pre req?

    So apparently if you want to go to UT Austin COP you have to take an extra literature class outside of the core requirement even if you have a bachelors degree? Michigan State, UNC Chapel Hill, UM twin cities, UCSF (All of which are ranked HIGHER than UTA) dont require this as a pre req. TAMU...
  2. EmDeeAZ

    CU Boulder vs. UT Austin (premed)

    Let me know your thoughts/opinions. Looking to study biomedical engineering premed. Is UT significantly better? Thanks
  3. EmDeeAZ

    Opinions Wanted!! 6 Undergrad Options for Premed

    I'm a HS senior looking to study biomedical engineering on a premed track. My narrowed down options are Arizona State (in state), MIT, Boston University, CU Boulder, UTexas-Austin, UCSD Does going to ASU basically kill my med school app? Is premed at MIT worthwhile and doable? I think UCSD is...
  4. ebiroll

    UNC vs. UT Austin

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to the pharmacy programs at UNC Chapel Hill and UT Austin & I'm struggling to make my final decision. I know they are both top-rated programs, but I was wondering if anyone could provide other info as to why (or why not!) you picked either of these schools...
  5. nembry

    can this non-science majors class count as a bio pre req? (TMDSAS)

    A couple years ago I took Biology for non-science majors. 4 hour course with a lab. (TCCCN=Biol 1408) Does anyone know if this can count as a biology pre-req for med school in texas? I know this is probably a dumb question, but worth an ask. Otherwise, assuming Biochem can't count, I will have...
  6. D


    I've been trying to compare these two great schools but would really like the community's input for the pros and cons/ experiences from each college. I am an out of state applicant to both schools. It would be my first time at both locations. My goal is to get into an inpatient residency and...
  7. J


    Hello all, I just recently Q-dropped genetics. I was taking 12 hours and dropped down to 9. This is my first drop and I did it because as of now, I have a 3.2 GPA. I transferred to UT Austin with my associates degree and a 3.7 GPA from a CC. I was probably going to get a C+ in genetics and is...
  8. B

    HELP: What are my chances?

    Age: 20 Gender: Female Race: Asian cGPA: 3.85 sGPA: 3.79 I'm currently a junior public health major at ut austin. i plan on applying summer of 2018. haven't taken the mcat yet (plan on taking it next march, right before applying). i "became" pre-med this summer, so i guess you can say i'm kind...
  9. nembry

    taking two 1 hour PE classes in same semester?

    i go to UT austin, need 2 more hours for the semester and cant take any more hard sciences. would taking 2 PE courses in the same semester look bad on a transcript, in terms of med school admissions?
  10. B

    PHYSICS 2 (Electrical/Light/Nuc) non-Calculus based course at UT Austin...Help Needed!

    Hello, So I am currently taking PHY 302L (non-Calculus based) course at UT Austin. The course is currently covering circuits and magnetism. My professor uses Quest generated exams for our midterms, but I am in need of advice on how I should study effectively for the course. For the first exam...
  11. nembry


    I Go to UT Austin. So at this point, i can either graduate in 3 more semesters or 4. my first 2 are really flexible, but it comes down to my last 1-2. IF i wish to graduate in 3 semesters, my final semester will be as follows: physical chem (3 hours) physical chem lab (1 hour) analytical chem...
  12. nembry

    should i transfer....AGAIN?

    for Spring 2017, I transferred from my junior college where i played 2 years of college baseball to UT Austin. i am from Dallas and i am thinking about transferring to UT Arlington. my reasoning: at UT i am a Psych major and I cannot switch out i want to major in Chemistry. i have a serious...
  13. J

    Pre-Dental trasnfer student

    Hello! So i just now completed my junior year at UT Austin. Did not go as well as expected. I tranferred over from a community college with a 3.7 GPA and my associates degree in science. I am now a psych major. First semester pre reqs at UT: ochem1 B-, Bio 1 B-. Second semester pre reqs: Ochem 2...
  14. M

    UW Seattle vs UNC North Carolina vs UT Austin

  15. nembry

    transferring from UT to UTD...does it matter?

    I just transferred to UT Austin from a Junior College where i played 2 years of college baseball. This is my first semester at UT and I'm not very happy...I am from Dallas and that's basically where my life is. I would be a lot happier attending UT Dallas, and I would save money. Does graduating...
  16. nembry

    should I create my own major? Please help!

    I attend UT Austin and was invited into the Honors Humanities program. the program itself looks very appealing: you pick a topic of interest and create your own curriculum, you're guaranteed scholarship money--and study abroad scholarship money, and you graduate with honors. However, all...
  17. B

    UT Austin Congratulations and Inquiries

    Hello everyone, I'd like to congratulate those who got an offer for UT Austin this cycle. They must have done amazing on their interviews! Unfortunately, I failed mine. I got my result recently and I'm still a bit baffled since. So I have always heard this advice that the interview is nothing...
  18. nembry

    how does one succeed in undergrad?!?

    I just transferred to The University of Texas at Austin this spring semester. Previously, I attended a junior college in Dallas. In my 2.5 years there, I was a full time student along with playing varsity college baseball and I made all A's--except for 2 classes, B's. I like to consider myself a...
  19. nembry

    UT Austin Honors Humanities

    Has anyone heard of the interdisciplinary UT Austin Humanities Honors program? https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/humanities/ I was invited to do it after admittance into COLA for BS Psyc. I'm interested in the program as you create your own major and course curriculum and they claim it offers...
  20. E

    Nutritional Science major at UT Austin?

    my dream school is UT Austin. I wanted to pick something that isn't too competitive/basic and something that interest me. So, I thought nutritional science would be a good major. Do you guys think nutritional science at UT is a non-competitive major so I can also spend a good amount of time on...
  21. A

    What should I do- Texas State Fall'16 or UT Austin Spring'17?

    Hi, I am a student at ACC and have a 3.7 GPA till date at ACC and only had about a 2.9 GPA at Sacramento City College, my last college in CA. I am hell-bent on getting into a Medical School after my graduation but I need some sort of advice/guidance on what to do for my last two years at a...
  22. R

    UT Austin VS UT Dallas

    Hey everyone. I'm in kind of a dilemma. I've been accepted into UT Dallas with full tuition scholarship and a $3000/semester stipend. My question is, how is the Pre-Med advising and program at UTD? What is the difference in opportunities (research, volunteering, shadowing, etc.) between both...
  23. R

    UTD or UT Austin

    Hey everyone. I'm in kind of a dilemma. I've been accepted into UT Dallas with a full ride and a $1000/semester stipend. My question is, how is the Pre-Med advising and program at UTD? Do they have a decent acceptance rate into medical school? I always thought that I was going to be attending...