1. A

    RVU MCOM vs RVU Utah vs WCUCOM

    Hi, I have received acceptances from RVU UTAH, RVU MCOM, and WCUCOM. Please help me with the inputs and suggestions as I move with my family. I understand the alternate list is not guaranteed, but I hope to get accepted. RVUCOM Utah PROS: I did have a campus tour. It looks decent. The...
  2. A

    Position Swap Seeking FM PGY-2 in July 2022 in Utah, can swap

    Hello, I am interested in a vacancy for a Family Medicine PGY-2 position in the state of Utah for family reasons (wife and kids are in the state and cannot move). Can offer a potential swap for an Idaho PGY-2, Family Medicine position at an ACGME accredited institution. Please reply if interested.
  3. NorthPaw

    Utah Anesthesiology job market

    Current CA1 looking for advice on the job market in Utah, specifically in or around SLC. Any general thoughts/advice are appreciated. Academics? Locums? Private practice? Salary range? Overall physician satisfaction, etc. Anything will help. Thanks in advance for the advice. 😊
  4. MedicalStudent2021

    Utah (full-tuition) vs Dartmouth (full-tuition) vs UVA (half-tuition scholarship)

  5. B

    Help me choose! U of Utah vs. Regis University

    Hi! I am weighing out the pros and cons between these two schools. I am a California resident so I would apply for residency in Utah. Regis is private so it doesn't matter. I am into rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, really anything outdoors so I know both of these schools have plenty of that...
  6. nitiwire

    Utah vs. UCSF/UCLA

    Yesterday was the deadline to put a deposit at Utah and so I put down 1000 there. But after doing more thinking, now I think I might want to go to one of my state schools. Deadline for a deposit is tomorrow. Here we go. Utah (IS tuition, I go to a Utah school and qualify for IS tuition): PRO...
  7. P

    KCU-Joplin vs RVU-Utah

    I have been accepted to both medical schools and have until mid-January to put down a deposit KCU-Joplin Pros Less expensive tuition ($47,000) Less expensive cost of living. Husband and I could potentially live in a house rather than an apartment. Established school with a great reputation...
  8. D

    RMUoHP (Rocky Mountain U) Interview

    Hey ya'll! I have an interview coming up later this week at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions and I would be very grateful if anyone could share their experience here or any input on the process! Any information about the interview, the program, the faculty, or the school in...
  9. T

    EM Utah Job Market

    I am a medical student strongly considering EM and am REALLY hoping to eventually practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm worried about the job market, however. It seems that many other states have numerous job listings, but Utah has very few. I realize that most jobs are likely not found via...
  10. F

    Where can I Apply Although Late with 2nd MCAT?

    Hey I am trying to decide where to apply for MD medical schools now that I am about to take the MCAT for the 2nd time. The first time I took it a weird situation occurred that got me totally out of sync. I felt like it wasn't the best thing to apply until after I found out my score and upon...
  11. F

    Where can I Apply Although Late?

    Hey I am trying to decide where to apply for MD medical schools after having taking the MCAT for the 2nd time. I know I am going to be a late applicant so I was wondering where I should apply with these credentials and still have a good chance of being accepted? GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 510...
  12. D

    What Internship Should I Pick: Children vs Adult's Hospital

    I've been fortunate enough to be offered two pharmacy intern positions as a P0 starting this summer. Here are the essential differences between each position: > Primary Children's Hospital (SLC, Utah): Starting pay is $17.72/hr and I would obtain experience in Central Pharmacy Infusion...
  13. D

    Pharmacy Intern Position at St. Mark's Hospital (Salt Lake City, UT)

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience as a pharmacy technician or intern for this location. What was your experience? Did they provide flexible hours? Would you recommend it to a friend?
  14. J

    Roseman University Pharmacy Class of 2021 South Jordan, UTAH

    Hello Everyone! Who got accepted to Roseman University at South Jordan, Utah? Can anyone provide me some details on the pros and cons of this program?
  15. J

    Roseman University Pharmacy Class of 2021 South Jordan, UTAH

    Hello Everyone! Who got accepted to Roseman University Pharmacy at South Jordan, Utah? Also Can anyone give me more information about this program? Good or bad? Pros and cons?
  16. D

    University of Utah Class of 2022 (Entering 2018)

    Hi, is anyone attending the interview on Friday, 1/26/18? If you're a current student or have already attended the interviews, can you please give insight into what we can expect?? For instance, possible interview questions, things we should bring etc.
  17. utahpt1

    University of Utah 2017/18 Cycle

    Who else is applying to the UofU this cycle?? I just got their email said that interview invites will be sent out no later than the 2nd week of December. Anyone have any insight on last years interviews or what they have thought of the school?
  18. J


    Hello everyone: let us all start this thread. share your interview dates, experiences, acceptance, and tips. Good Luck to all of us :)
  19. SuxDrugs&Rocuronium

    Help Choosing Dental School To Apply!

    I've begun researching schools that I would like to attend, but I feel like I can only tell so much from the schools' websites. I won't be applying until next cycle, but I would just like some feedback about which schools would be best to apply to. A little about me: Age: 24 Utah Resident oGPA...
  20. G

    Utah general CV fellowship

    Does anyone have any insight into the general cardiology fellowship program in Utah?
  21. utahpt1

    Extracurricular Question

    Hi everyone I'm going to be applying this next year and had a question about the ptcas extracurricular section. The job I am working at right now allows me to be involved with some great non profit agency's. One of the places I take our participants is to a non profit agency here in Utah which...
  22. M

    Rocky Vista College of Osteopathic Medicine Utah (RVUCOM-SU) 2016-2017

    I thought it might be nice to have a thread specifically for the Utah Campus. Please post your opinions, concerns, or excitement about interviewing or matriculating to RVUCOM-SU. Hopefully some discussion between us all about the campus will help us think clearly about the pro's and con's of...
  23. Michael Furlong

    Specialty Dental Practice For Sale - Utah

    Sleep Apnea Dental Practice For Sale (2 locations) This offering is an exceptional opportunity for a General Dentist looking to own a practice, but not interested in the back-breaking work of traditional General Dentistry. This practice basically runs itself. The current owner only works 10 -...
  24. Ahrtbeatbehind

    University of Utah

    I tried a search and poked around for several minutes looking for anyone who applied for the University of Utah this year (class of 2020). I finished my applications but it was way confusing on the process this year. I was hoping that it wasn't just me. I know they are only accepting 60...