1. D

    PLFSOM (scholarship) vs Long SOM

    I had been sitting on my acceptance PLFSOM for a few months, but I got accepted to Long SOM off the WL just a few days ago and now I'm quite torn. I'm from the DFW metroplex, and my number 1 was UTSW; I don't bring that up to look down on these 2 schools, I was impressed by both, but just to...
  2. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS MOT OTD Texas Applicants 2019-2020 Cycle

    Because the deadline will pass soon for some schools and has passed recently for a few, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about Texas OTD and MOT programs for the 2019-2020 cycle. Here are my stats: Major: Kinesiology Minor: Psychology Pre-req GPA: 4.00 Overall GPA: 3.82...
  3. try1ng

    UTSA Dental School Course Retakes

    Hi, I am thinking about retaking Biochemistry 1 as a postbacc at a different school from the school I got my bachelor's at. I heard that UTSA takes the highest and most current grade if you retake a course, but I'm not sure if it applies if you retake the course at a different school. At the...
  4. J

    What are my chances of getting an interview?

    Hi! I am a senior applying to only Texas schools this cycle. I recently took my DAT on August 6th. It was on the lower end. (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): 18/18/21/19/13 in QR. These are also my GPA's as stated on my application: Overall GPA: 3.47 Overall BCPM GPA: 3.37 Undergrad...
  5. D

    *~*~*TMDSAS 2019*~*~*

    TMDSAS opened on May 1, 2018 Interview/Acceptance/Rejection School: Notification date: Interview/Acceptance/Rejection date: Method of notification: TMDSAS mail-out date: Application received date: GPA (BCPM, Overall): DAT (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): Try to use this format when...
  6. K

    Other OT-Related Information UTMB, UTHSCSA Acceptances

    Hey Everyone! I will be applying to OT school this summer and my top two choices are UTMB and UTHSCSA. I was wondering if those of you that have been accepted can share their stats. I just want to see how competitive I am and what else I can do to be a better candidate. Thank you!!
  7. P

    New UTHSCSA Curriculum

    Hello Everyone ! I was fortunate to be accepted to both UTHSCSA & TAMU on Dec 1st and I have to make a decision within 1 week. I'm leaning more towards attending UTHSCSA and I wanted to know if there is any current UTHSCSA D1 students that could share their experience/opinion on SA's new...
  8. Bluboy

    UTHSCSA 2017 DPT Interview

    Hey everyone! I wanted to start a thread for those who are attending the UTHSCSA Interview next week so we can connect! Feel free to share any information you have on the process or program!
  9. Advance

    *~*~*TMDSAS 2018*~*~*

    Well, TMDSAS is opening next week so it's about time for a new thread. You know the drill Interview/Acceptance/Rejection School: Notification date: Interview/Acceptance/Rejection date: Method of notification: TMDSAS mail-out date: Application received date: GPA (BCPM, Overall): DAT...
  10. F

    Why I didn't get in

    Hey everyone! This is my first time posting and I was hoping you all can help me understand what went wrong. I'm really feeling down about the way my admission cycle went. I though I had a strong application however many schools didn't think so. How can I improve? Major: Exercise Science...
  11. C

    General Admissions & OTCAS Uthscsa

    Has anyone heard from UT health science center San Antonio for interviews? Thanks!
  12. C

    General Admissions & OTCAS UTHSCSA Upload supplemental

    Hello, I cannot seem to locate where to upload my supplemental application. The instructions say cover letter under documents tab for OTCAS but I have personal statement and Observation hours.....any help is appreciated!
  13. R

    UTHSCSA (San Antonio) vs. PLFSOM (El Paso)

    Sorry to be posting another one of these but I would appreciate any advice people have to share. I’ve been accepted to PLFSOM (El Paso) and UTHSCSA (San Antonio) and I’m having a tough time deciding between the two. UTHSCSA Pros: -San Antonio is a larger city with more things going on. Also...
  14. S

    Program-Specific Info / Q's TWU (houston) or UTHSCSA? - please help!

    Hi Everyone, So I've been preparing to attend UTHSCSA (San Antonio) for the past month now. I was waitlisted at TWU (Houston) and UTMB. But then recently I received an email telling me there's a spot open at TWU (Houston) and for me to reply by Monday if I want to accept. I did some research...
  15. D

    UTHSCSA vs. Texas Tech Lubbock vs. A&M

    Hi Guys! I've prematched at Lubbock and A&M and have interviewed at SA, and I am stuck on how to rank these schools. I loved the atmosphere at all 3 and love different things about each one. UTHSCSA: Love the circle curriculum, the location, and having 4 months to study for Step-1. Dislike...
  16. R

    Texas Tech El Paso (PLFSOM) vs. UTRGV

    Hi all, long-time lurker on SDN. I've pre-matched to UTRGV and Texas Tech El Paso and am torn. I would love to hear people's thoughts? UTRGV -Somewhat closer to home (from Austin area) -Cheaper tuition (~$3000 per year) -Smaller class -Brand new school -Near the beach El Paso -More...
  17. T


    I am lucky enough to have received prematch acceptance offers from both of these schools. However, I am having a hard time justifying one over the other. I was wondering if current students or applicants can provide me some insight to help me out with this decision. Both schools have shortened...
  18. Soon2BMD2020

    MATCH Ranking Texas Schools

    Hello :) I have interviewed at a few different schools and need some suggestions/help on making my rank list. These are the schools I need to rank: UTMB A&M UNT-TCOM UTHSCSA Texas Tech El Paso I would love some advice. Thank you!