UTHSCSA vs. Texas Tech Lubbock vs. A&M

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Pick a school!

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May 6, 2014
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Hi Guys!

I've prematched at Lubbock and A&M and have interviewed at SA, and I am stuck on how to rank these schools.

I loved the atmosphere at all 3 and love different things about each one.

UTHSCSA: Love the circle curriculum, the location, and having 4 months to study for Step-1. Dislike: the A/B/C/D grading system, although I've been told that grades are composed of many factors and that the exam is not the majority of our grade. Apparently, it isn't hard to make A's and B's, so I dont think this grading is too big of an issue. Main thing holding me back is that I'm from Dallas and was hoping to be closer to home.

A&M: love that I can choose to go to Dallas/Houston after pre-clinical years. Dislike: Houston/Dallas placement is not a guarantee. I've also heard that the curriculm is not very geared towards Step 1, and you only have 8 weeks to study for it.

Lubbock: Loved the facilities, but reaaaally dislike Odessa/Permian Basin placements and Lubbock is not ideal either. I also want to specialize so I'm not sure about its intense focus on primary medicine.

Can anyone give me some insights please??