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  1. S

    Vet Experience

    Hello everyone, my name is Sarah! I am a junior in college about to apply to veterinary school and I am so excited, but I have a question regarding experience for vet school. I have volunteered at this animal shelter since 2018 and decided I wanted a job in the vet department. Once I talked to...
  2. Doolitto

    Vet Tech or Veterinarian

    First I want to begin by saying I'm fully aware that this is a personal decision requiring hands on experience and shadowing to determine. I'm reaching out to the community for Your opinions on whether someone who has no interest in surgery should trouble themselves with the debt, time, and...
  3. S

    Would switching jobs affect my vet school application?

    Hi, new member to the forum. A little background about me: I have been working as a vet tech for about 2 years in a small private clinic with long term goals of being a vet (I applied last year and didn't get in, so pre reqs are all done, just have to retake the gre in the future). Wanted to...
  4. S

    Working at a clinic I've been a long time client at

    I finally got hired at the vet clinic of my dreams as a technician assistant. In fact, I've been a client there for 12 years. I've looked up to these people since I was a kid and give them much credit for my decision to become a veterinarian one day. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I...
  5. P

    Anyone else switch from pre-vet to pre-med?

    Hi all, I am in somewhat of an uncommon situation, but I'm wondering if anyone here (be it a fellow pre-med, med student, doctor, etc) has switched from pre-vet to pre-med. I am planning on staying in my animal sciences degree since I graduate in three semesters and all of my pre-reqs for med...
  6. N

    New Mexico vet tech requirements

    Hello, I’m a tech in Arizona (does not require certification or license) and I’ve been having a hard time figuring out of New Mexico is the same. I don’t have money for school to get my certification and don’t want to change professions so I want to stay in a state that allows me to be a tech or...
  7. D


  8. clinicalscience808

    Should I feel like I suck at my job?

    I've been working at a clinic now for 3-4 months and just had my probationary review over the phone with the clinic owner who is never really at the clinic. I work at a vet assistant/tech/receptionist and there are 2 doctors, 1 tech, and 1 receptionist on staff besides me. Because of my...
  9. F

    Vet students and veterinarians, what are the grossest things you’ve seen in the field?

    Mine without a doubt is parasite removal. It makes my skin crawl. I am starting to watch videos to numb myself to it, but it’s still hard. It’s weird because I can handle pretty much anything else. I’m especially fascinated by surgery. I thought it’d be interesting to see what gross things...
  10. F

    Vet Tech or Veterinarian?

    I keep going back and forth on whether I want to become a veterinarian or veterinary technician. I love/hate both for different reasons. I love veterinarian because I love that I get to have a sick or injured animal, make a plan and be able to fix them. Plus I can live comfortably. I hate how...
  11. Manders221

    Should I get an associates degree?

    Hello, This is my first time posting here, for the past month or so I've absorbed as much information from this forum as I can get my hands on. My mind is still jumbled and I could use the advice of people who have gone through the application process... so here goes my long post Last year I...
  12. J

    Best Route for Canine Physical Therapy

    If my ultimate goal is to work as a canine physical rehabilitation therapist, what career route should I take? Veterinarian, physical therapist, or vet tech? What are some of the pros and cons to each? I would appreciate any insight from someone in the field. Thank you!
  13. Zayx

    Vet or Vet Tech?

    I don't expect this to be answered quickly but I wanted to give it a chance, everyone on here seems very helpful and to know what they're talking about so hopefully I can get some help. I also apologize if this is lengthy I'm not sure where to start without living out detail I've been out of...
  14. coffeeandcats

    Preparing for Vet School in Highschool

    I am currently a sophomore in high school and want to become a vet tech. I have thought about many careers I want to persue but I think I have my heart set on becoming a vet tech. This summer I helped to rescue 6 stray kittens in my neighborhood that were going to be sent to a shelter and found...
  15. 3ll3n

    Advice on path I should take..(Masters, Vet tech, Veterinarian)

    Currently I am completing my final semester of my BSc Biology. My average is not great (around 80%) and I have no experience in a vet clinic yet since I only recently decided on the veterinary route. After I graduate this spring I have two options: a) Complete my masters with my previous...
  16. B

    San Juan College Course Class

    Well I have of course gotten all stressed out and probably for no reason at all. However this is me worrying greatly and since school is out for winter break I cannot contact anyone till January 2nd to put my mind at ease. And I would rather not worry the whole time till than, I would much...
  17. DoctorMeowMD

    Non-Traditional Experience - Can I Make It?

    There are so many nontrads out there with incredibly unique experiences. I've been reading many posts on this forum and finally decided it was time to share my experience and ask for a little advice. I have been in the Veterinary field for 8 years now, but have wanted to be a physician since I...
  18. tuesday2019

    HELP: Vet Tech & Pre-Vet

    I'm currently a Sophomore Pre-Vet student that attends a private, four-year college with an extremely high tuition. I have been looking for ways to for school, make headway on some of my student loans, and support myself in the future. There is an online program through Penn Foster for Vet Tech...
  19. blueparadise

    If you had $10k how would you support your indecisive young wife love for animals?

    Dear all, I sought this forum to ask for help from those of you who have been in this fierce pursuit for your animal passion. I've browsed around, and while I found stick threads to "what are my chances", the potential of masters, gap years, vet techs and whatnot I couldn't find one that comes...
  20. FLVettrain

    Recommend volunteering at Vet Clinic?

    I applied for a Vet Tech full-time positions which says they'll train. The Vet asked me if I'd be willing to volunteer for a while before being hired. I don't have Vet experience. It seems certification isn't required in Florida. I'm guessing it's unpaid. Not sure how different it is from a...
  21. SelleSnowy

    Paid Internship vs Unpaid Internship - Advice Needed

    I know that this forum is geared toward pre-veterinary students, but I'm sure many of you have worked as an assistant or technician and have some great insight to help me make a really difficult decision. My end goal: Work as a veterinary technician in a zoological facility. I have a B.S. in...