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  1. 8YearsLate

    Does anyone use "repeated" feature on AMCAS?

    I am just going over final touches before submitting and I don't feel like adding "repeated" for future volunteering/shadowing/work, etc. Of course I am going to continue to do at least half of these activities. However, I don't understand the point of putting future accomplishments. They...
  2. H

    Caregiver for client with CP: activity classification

    For the past 4 years I have been working as a caregiver for a client with cerebral palsy. My duties include feeding him his meals with his medications and supplements, cleaning him up if he soils himself, bathing, assisting with his physical therapy exercises, and socializing with him in and out...
  3. S

    Wrong hours on amcas advice

    So I did full time summer work and year research at the same lab. I put the whole research for this lab under one category and the summer under another I didn’t realize the hours weren’t supposed to overlap. What do I do, this makes the hours exaggerated for one of those activities? Should I...
  4. terebellumjokes

    Should I mention winemaking in my application?

    Hey guys! Wondering if I could get some opinions on what is “ok” for a secondary essay. I’m reapplying this cycle (waitlisted last cycle) and don’t want to elaborate on things I might’ve already written about. I’ve been making my own wine for over 10 years now, and my initial interest in...
  5. 9

    Research on Work/Activities Section

    After trying to find my answer in the Official 18-19 thread, I still have a question in regards to entering research. 2 questions: 1) Should the create a different "research" tab for each of these projects? I have 3 separate research projects, 1 clinical, 1 that I have/will have presented at...
  6. 9

    Urology Work/Activities Section

    I was curious how I should input a particular activity/set of activities: 1) I am a medical laboratory technician at a urology clinic 2) I am the only lab tech, so I also hold the title of Lab manager and duties (validating lots, Quality Control continuity, proficiency testing, "Small team...
  7. psyflgirl

    Listing Hobbies, and jobs - amcas

    Hello, I want to list a few of my hobbies and interests on my application, but I am not sure what to write under organization name since there weren't associated with any organization. I plan to list multiple hobbies in one entry (crossfit, chess, archery) which I started at different...
  8. L

    AMCAS work/activities contact information

    I'm stressing out about my work activities section. There is a club I was involved in for a year a few years ago. The club ended because our sponsor left. I want to put this club in my work activities section, but the only contact information I can find is a hyperlink to the sponsors LinkedIn...
  9. Z

    AMCAS Help - Choice of Work/Activities

    Hi, I'm filling the work/activities section of the AMCAS and I need to make a decision about my third "most meaningful" experience. I was hoping to get your opinion on that, since it seems like it is not always a good idea to make these choices solely based on what one feels. I'm going to...
  10. RogueBanana

    Is my volunteering experience acceptable?

    So I'm not sure if my volunteering experience is up to standard. I was an volunteer intern at a rehab clinic for 30-40hrs per week last spring. It ended up around 600+ hours of medically related experience. I volunteered at this clinic in the past as an undergrad, and when I was required to...
  11. B

    How to classify unpaid work in an echolab in the work/activities section?

    I worked in multiple echolabs over the past few years where I started out shadowing the techs, and they'd be teaching me how to perform an echo. After some time, I started doing them on patients as well. Whenever I would do it, I was always supervised but much of my time in the lab consisted of...
  12. B

    How to label volunteering & leadership role in work/activities section

    For the work activities section, I'm struggling sorting out a bit of overlap in my activities. For example, in a lot of clubs and organizations I have leadership in, I've also been the one to coordinate and attend a ton of volunteering and service activities. SO how do i separate the two- or...
  13. H

    For experiences, is it hours completed or hours expected to complete?

    Title says it all, I have 6 on going experiences, 3 of which started in March. Do I list the # of weeks as the number I expect to complete over the next year or so, or simply the 10-12 weeks I have already completed?
  14. I

    How does MSTP change Work/Activities recommendations?

    I am applying MSTP. Obviosuly, I want to construct a strong research narrative. But, given that I have 13000 characters in essays to elaborate on research, I feel inclined not to specify research activities for elaboration in the Work/Activities section. It seems that elaborating on research in...
  15. binko

    Work Activities section — enter each job, or a whole career?

    For years I've had a career in web development. I worked at some agencies, did some contract work, and currently freelance. I don't want to use up 5 or 6 slots on the work activities section on the details of this career that I'm hoping to leave to pursue medicine, but it also doesn't seem to...