amcas 2017

  1. B

    Do I add classes that I have withdrawn from into my BPCM?

    Do I add the science and math classes that I have withdrawn from into my BPCM? How do medical school committees look at withdrawn math and science courses? I have withdrawn from a Gen Bio 1 with Lab and a Gen Chem 1 with Lab in my freshman year. I am retaking them now and I've got a solic A in both.
  2. S

    AMCAS App - Quick!!!

    Hey all!! Need a quick response as deadline for primaries are tomorrow. 1). Is there a way to copy and paste previous application to current 2018 application? 2). Can I send applications without having transcripts from schools sent to AMCAS? Or does my application need to be verified...
  3. D

    Total time question

    So if my MCAT scores are released from aamc on 9/10/17. And I go ahead and send them over to accomas that day/next day. How long should I expect for them to be sent AND processed by my schools? I can't find a straight answer on the site. THANKS!
  4. kaymellow

    Pending publication(s)..how to tell PI to hurry???

    Soooo I'll be an author of two publications, both of which my PI says are "in the works" but have yet to be submitted.... I am applying this cycle with SUPER BORDERLINE stats and pretty good ECs and would LOVEEE to be able to add at least one publication as an update during this cycle.. How do I...
  5. broken down muffler

    August/September AMCAS Verification

    Hey All, what are my chances?
  6. LindaAccepted

    Medical Can’t Miss AMCAS Tips!

    There’s still time to register for our webinar Create a Winning AMCAS Application! In just one hour, you’ll get a detailed orientation to the AMCAS application, and learn how to apply strategically, and effectively. How many schools should you apply to? How should you approach the personal...
  7. lickerwhicker

    *Can someone review my Work and Activities?*

  8. lickerwhicker

    *Does this count as disadvantaged status?*

    deleted for anonymity
  9. G

    Transcript question

    Hey, guys, I've been fortunate enough to have received a few acceptances this cycle. However, I just realized that I made a mistake in my AMCAS and I'm not sure what to do about it. I am currently in my 3rd gap and toward the beginning of the first gap year, I completed a phlebotomy program...
  10. L

    AMCAS work/activities contact information

    I'm stressing out about my work activities section. There is a club I was involved in for a year a few years ago. The club ended because our sponsor left. I want to put this club in my work activities section, but the only contact information I can find is a hyperlink to the sponsors LinkedIn...
  11. Babbitt4MVP

    Interfolio AAMC ID and AMCAS ID

    I know this has been answered before, but those threads are old and I want to find out if anything has changed. With regards to LoR, in the 2017 AMCAS Instruction Manual it says: "In all cases, you must provide your letter author(s) with your AAMC ID and AMCAS Letter ID numbers to ensure that...
  12. T

    Scared re-applicant- question about Institutional Action

    Hi all! I applied this past year, and so far have been unsuccessful. I believe I will have to reapply. However, in my 2016 application, I, unfortunately and stupidly, reported an IA that I now know is not on my record, and I don't think it actually counts as an institutional action. I really...
  13. G

    Great GPA, low CARS, WAMC? or advice for next steps/gap year.

    Hello Everyone! I thought I'd ask you guys for some advice as I've been struggling to decide what to do for the remainder of this application cycle. To start off, I am a NY resident however, I completed my undergrad at Queen's University in Ontario and I'm majoring in Life Sciences. My cGPA...
  14. Azide047

    MD What are my chances at MD?

    OK guys. I just applied to dental schools. BUT I am just curious and want to know what kind of chances I would have at medical school if I did just as well on the MCAT, got new (possibly better) LORs, and rewrote my personal statement. Take where I am at now and push it to the 2018 AMCAS...
  15. D

    Reapplying as a minority

    Hola, This is my third time to apply to medical school. I am debating about whether or not I should submit my AMCAS application to my desired schools before receiving my MCAT results. I am holding back because I don't want schools to see my old scores, but I also don't know how much of the...
  16. Z

    AMCAS Help - Choice of Work/Activities

    Hi, I'm filling the work/activities section of the AMCAS and I need to make a decision about my third "most meaningful" experience. I was hoping to get your opinion on that, since it seems like it is not always a good idea to make these choices solely based on what one feels. I'm going to...
  17. B

    How to classify unpaid work in an echolab in the work/activities section?

    I worked in multiple echolabs over the past few years where I started out shadowing the techs, and they'd be teaching me how to perform an echo. After some time, I started doing them on patients as well. Whenever I would do it, I was always supervised but much of my time in the lab consisted of...
  18. B

    How to label volunteering & leadership role in work/activities section

    For the work activities section, I'm struggling sorting out a bit of overlap in my activities. For example, in a lot of clubs and organizations I have leadership in, I've also been the one to coordinate and attend a ton of volunteering and service activities. SO how do i separate the two- or...
  19. B

    Why AMCAS labels some words as misspelled?

    For my personal statement, AMCAS underlined a few words and i'm really not sure why, they weren't even marked incorrect by Word. Should I just submit it anyways or change them up? Words such as: symptomatology bioelectricity criticality etc...
  20. holdthemayo

    Mistake on AMCAS - Volunteer Hours/Paid

    While reviewing my AMCAS for one of my secondaries I noticed I accidentally labeled a previous job as "Community Service/Volunteer - Not Medical/Clinical." It was a paid job. Somehow I missed this mistake when proofreading my app. I'm worried that this will be a red flag b/c it could look as...
  21. S

    Not Verified Yet

    Submitted 6/23 but have not been verified yet. Should I be worried? Am I basically screwed since everyone is already getting secondaries HELP
  22. I

    made a mistake on personal statement that i saw after submitting - please help!

    I submitted my personal statement after having written the document in microsoft word. I copied then pasted the document to the AMCAS application, and after re-reading it. I submitted. When I go to look at everything after submission, it deleted my last 4 letters of my personal statement.... and...
  23. I


    Hi everyone, I would appreciate some help and brutally honest advice. I am an FL resident, and applied to the following schools: FIU FAU USF FSU UF UM UCF University of South Carolina Greenville Medical University of South Carolina South Carolina School of Medicine Morehouse School of...
  24. DJBroca

    Changing Letter Packet Author in AMCAS after Submitting Primary

    Hello pre-medonnas, I recently submitted my primary application through AMCAS and discovered that the reason it did not get verified was due a LOC error. I need to change the author of my letter packet but I cannot find an option to do so after I have already submitted my primary. Any tips so I...
  25. P

    What can med schools see from my AMCAS before it is verified?

    If I am understanding correctly, med schools can see certain aspects of my AMCAS primary application as soon as I click "submit", even before the verification process has finished. I may be wrong. What do med schools see and when do they see it? I know they see everything once my transcript is...
  26. Starsshine

    MD AMCAS GPA Discrepancy

    Hi! New to the forum. But I had submitted my AMCAS application some time ago and received my verified report on Friday. I noticed my cGPA was a lot lower (by .12) than my school GPA (which uses the same scoring as AMCAS, with all of the +/- increments, etc.). Of interest, I noticed that the...
  27. K

    What happens if AMCAS reclassifies classes during verification?

    I have courses that are in the psychology department, but are purely neuroscience in content so I am classifying as BIO. What happens in the event that AMCAS reclassifies? Will they return my application and require me to resubmit? Or will they change it themselves, thereby completing the...
  28. efgih

    Can you perform eye exams as a volunteer?

    Hi all, I was able to do administer some eye exams under the supervision of a physician and nurse while volunteering (just the basic looking at a chart with random letters on it from a distance). I wrote this as part of the description for an activity simply as administering eye exams. Question...
  29. N

    When is too late for applying for fall 2017

    When I planned my application process and mcat scores, I did not realize there was a thing as too late. After all with most school deadlines in October, I assumed I would have as equal chances as any other applicant no matter when I applied. I am in my application process right now, but I'm...
  30. C

    Confused about AMCA verification

    If it takes 4-6 weeks to be verified.... why does it say schools will start receiving applications June 24th this year? If the first day to submit was June 7th... that is way longer so I am confused.
  31. efgih

    Wording of IA...don't want to make excuses!

    Hi all, This is my first post ever on this site. Just wanna say SDN has been an invaluable source of information, so thanks in advance! So my description for my IA is as follows: Violation of Residential Guest Behavior 10/2012 - During the first semester of freshman year, my friend came to...
  32. M


    Guys, I have literally just submitted my application through AMCAS and realized I didnt fill out my meaningful experiences descriptions. All I had in there was like one word to just save the entry with the general description. When I hit submit I realized I had left it blank. It was too late. I...
  33. A

    Help with School List, highly appreciated {511 MCAT 3.66 cGPA}

    Hey, I was hoping someone with a bit of experience could help me out with this. I'm trying to generate a list of 15 MD schools and 7 DO schools. Demographic: Questionably low income (family on border of being government assistance eligable), but not EDA. White, NY resident. I'm gathering a...
  34. A

    please advise. MCAT 506, GPA 3.588

    University of Maryland School of Medicine Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine Howard University Meharry Medical College Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine Morehouse School of Medicine Central Michigan University College of Medicine Eastern...
  35. U

    MD 518, 3.91 GPA, 3.87 science GPA

  36. R

    Letter of rec from a PA?

    Hi everyone! I'm a reapplicant for the 2016-2017 cycle and wanted to know what you good people thought about getting a letter of rec from a PA. I've worked with two PAs for the last year and a half who know me well and have volunteered to write the letters if I asked. I know the letters would...
  37. P

    No leadership?

    I'm currently working on my TMDSAS and AMCAS activities, and realized I don't really have anything that clearly goes into the Leadership category. Will I be at a huge disadvantage if I don't put anything in this category? I'm really worried about this, to the point where I'm considering applying...
  38. premedsju2017

    Creative Titiles on AMCAS Work/Experience Section

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering what you all thought about titling the experiences/work (in Section 5 of the AMCAS application) with non-traditional titles. For example, rather than "Clinical Observation of Dr. So and So" , titling the same experience as "A first-look at open heart surgery" or...
  39. J

    To include or not not to include

    A while back I took orgo I through a random summer school program. I had previously withdrawn from orgo I lecture, but got an A- in the lab section (at my college). Orgo I at this random summer school program entailed both lab and lecture. For the lecture class I did well, but since the lab was...
  40. R

    MD & DO White male 3.67 cGPA 3.58 sGPA multiple MCAT reapplicant

    Hi all, I've read over some of the threads on this site for a couple of years now, but never thought to actually ask for help with my application process. Here's some of my information: - 2014 undergrad degree, 3.67 cGPA 3.58 sGPA - 2013 MCAT 24, 2014 MCAT 29 - several hundred hours...