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  1. P

    AMCAS primary - submitting today

    Submitting primary today. Casper Aug 11. Already working on secondaries. What else can I do and when to make sure I don't totally mess up this cycle. And yes its late - I know!! Things happened but I am a non trad and cannot bear the thought of waiting one more year to submit an application...
  2. HappyPerson

    How will MCAT retake work with primaries

    Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your help. I am currently in a predicament, I am planning on retaking the MCAT May 14, 2022, and I get my score back June 14, 2022. I already have a score on file with AAMC but I'm not happy with it, so how will me applying this cycle work. If I get my...
  3. F

    Most Meaningful Activity Question (Not sure if the start date is suspicious)

    Hello everyone! I am applying this upcoming cycle and wanted advice about one of my choices for the most meaningful experiences. I will be volunteering full time as a Medical Spanish interpreter starting the beginning of May through a program at my university. This is the final part of a program...
  4. Leftpaw

    Is submitting OptomCAS sans OAT (taking it in November) near / at the end of September too late for admissions?

    Hello! To preface, I have a 3.2 cGPA and roughly a 3.0 sGPA. I haven't taken the OAT yet and I have years of experience at an eye clinic, which forms the backbone of my ophthalmic experience. I am still polishing up my OptomCAS and having my personal statement tweaked to perfection. However...
  5. P

    Pre Secondary Screen for Shadowing

    Hi I have a unique situation. I had issues with my work/activities section failing to save and had to re-do the entire section. The majority of my shadowing experiences have been as components of other experiences (for example, I worked in an dr's office and also shadowed that doctor as part of...
  6. sherer1

    AMCAS Activities Section Template (Google Sheets)

    I made this to prewrite my activities section, I hope it helps you too. Color-coded yellow for most meaningful experiences. Google Sheets - AMCAS EXPERIENCES TEMPLATE
  7. colemanma3

    Is anyone willing to read my personal statement?

    I just wanted some feedback on my personal statement for the primary application. Please hit the link below and feel free to reply your comments. Thank you! =)
  8. Z

    Application timeline questions- Am I on track?

    Application timeline questions- Am I on track?
  9. U

    Test center incident-->voiding latest-possible MCAT date for early app. Reschedule ASAP or punt on this cycle?

    Thanks in advance for reading. I'll try to keep this short - essentially I am an otherwise well-qualified applicant with no MCAT score. (feel free to skip specifics in bullet points, only showing this to demonstrate MCAT truly is the rate-limiting step for me) . TLDR at bottom - 3.88/3.94...
  10. U

    Move up from MCAT from May 23 date? (conflicting information)

    I am scheduled to take the MCAT May 23, score release on June 25. I wanted to maximize the time available to me to prepare for the MCAT, given the damage a poor score would might do to do my standing as an applicant (3.88 sGPA, EC boxes checked). I chose this MCAT date because it is the latest...
  11. M

    2018-2019 Official Medical School Application Costs

    Hi! I’m planning on applying to med school this cycle and wanted to gauge how much people ended up spending in total. I’ve seen there are some threads for previous years as well as a cost estimator made by SDN (Medical School Application Cost Calculator by SDN), but I was hoping to get some...
  12. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical How to Ask For a Strong Medical School Letter of Recommendation

    Letter of recommendations matter. Don't settle for GOOD letters of rec. But strive to get strong letters of recommendation for your medical school applications! Read our tips on how to ask for a medical school letter of recommendation: How to Ask For a Medical School Letter of Recommendation...
  13. T

    Partook in overseas volunteering as a naive sophomore, do I include?

    I volunteered overseas as sophomore, and I actually think the experience was very beneficial. We did not partake in any medical procedures, instead we helped set up medical clinics and did other tasks such as helping the on-site pharmacist organize drugs and run a tooth-brushing station for...
  14. LindaAccepted

    Medical Reapplying to Med School: Your Primary Application

    The next part of your assessment will examine how you presented yourself to the admissions committees. (You can review part 1 of your assessment in our earlier post, Reapplying to Med School: Evaluating Your Medical School Profile.) Keep in mind that this part of your application is necessarily...
  15. stardocscream

    Turning primary app in June - How bad is it?

    Hello. Since this is an anonymous forum, I'll reveal some things about my application in regards to what's going on. My science grade is quite borderline (this is my second time applying for med school), but I found a way to make it at least 3.0 before the summer time - something that allows...
  16. M

    Original Research vs. NonOriginal Research

    Hi all, I am new to SDN, so I am sorry if I do not get this right or this question has been asked recently. I was wondering if adcoms viewed an undergraduate doing original research (creating a hypothesis, carrying out the experiments, getting results, publishing, etc.) more highly than...
  17. LindaAccepted

    Medical Personal Statement Tip: Less is More

    Most of us have heard the saying “less is more,” but how many of us put it into practice when it counts? Your application essays are the perfect forum for reaping the benefits of this deceptively simple principle. What does “less is more” really mean? It’s the idea that we must resist our...
  18. C

    Is it too late for me?

    I am applying to six MD schools, (5 public and one private). I have a 3.8 GPA (3.73 BCPM, 3.9 AO) with a 508 MCAT (128,123,129,128). I have shadowed numerous physicians and currently work a full-time job as a microbiologist while also volunteering as an EMT. I had originally intended to submit...
  19. N

    Post-Amcas Submission Letters to AdComs

  20. subdermallight

    How to list medical W on primary?

    My university makes a distinction between a W (just dropping one class), and a Medical Withdrawal (WM) that needed to be approved with lengthy paperwork to justify extreme conditions that made you unable to complete your semester, which gives you a WM for each and every class you were taking. It...
  21. N

    Listing EC's on primary

    Is it acceptable to group EC's into one category on your primary? For example, can I list all undergraduate research under one slot, all graduate research under another slot, and all publications yet another slot? I also hope to do something similar for community service. If I were to do this...
  22. U

    Year-old unsealed letter...ask author for sealed resubmit?

    I have a strong, signed letter from a reputable person at a large healthcare related institution. Stupidly, when I asked for a letter of recommendation for my time interning under them in summer of 2016, I requested it as a signed letterhead pdf, and not as a sealed submission to a third party...
  23. inGenius Prep

    Medical How to Focus Your Interests for Medical School

    As you all know, applying to med school requires years of dedication. In the midst of fulfilling pre-med requirements and studying for the MCAT, it can be easy to slip into a “check the box” mentality with your extracurriculars for med school. What does checking the boxes look like? Take the...
  24. DontSugarCoatIt

    Latest MCAT retest date?

    I am in somewhat of an unique situation. My previous MCAT is enough to get me to all my secondaries. However, it is not enough to get me into all my interviews. I guess you could call me a "near miss" this year. With a 510 MCAT and 3.87 cGPA, I received two interviews last cycle. Alas, I...
  25. B

    Is it too late to submit a DO Primary?

    Hi, I've called a couple of schools and asked about my stats specifically and they said I would be within range. But realistically, is it too late to submit a primary right now? Schools: LECOM, NYITCOM, PCOM, UNECOM
  26. broken down muffler

    August/September AMCAS Verification

    Hey All, what are my chances?
  27. D

    Whether to send my primary app before taking DAT or send it as a whole...?

    Hi I know I am late in the process for sending my primary application but had a question whether to send my primary application first without the DAT score or send the whole package with my DAT test which I will take in next 2 weeks or so... I have almost finished my primary application (just...
  28. flotsam

    Apply now vs. wait for one last post-bac grade

    Hi all, Should I apply now without this last grade (with an sGPA of 3.36) to make sure I'm on the early side, but exclude this final grade from my sGPA? Or, should I wait it out and hope I get my new transcript processed by the end of June and submit by 6/30? Any advice is sincerely appreciated!
  29. Crocognar

    should i wait a little?

    Hello So my primary is all ready to go for submission tomorrow morning. I got a call recently for a job interview later this month. Should I just throw in my app June 1st, or wait until maybe mid-June to submit? Again, this is just an interview. Not even sure if I'll get the job. Part of me...
  30. sky19

    Peculiar Situation. University on strike.

    Currently, my university is on a student strike. This basically means we have not taken classes for an extended period of time. Once we resume classes, our semester will be extended over the summer to make up for lost time. My transcripts (depending on when we start) that include this semester's...
  31. C

    Any URM success with late AAMC primary app submission? (july,august, september)

    I plan on submitting my primary app around mid July. I heard in other threads that July submissions are considered late. I'm kindly asking any URM if they had any success with acceptances when applying later in the application cycle.
  32. LindaAccepted

    Medical Presenting Yourself to Medical Schools: Your Primary Application

    The second part of your assessment will examine how you presented yourself to the admissions committees. Keep in mind that these aspects of your application are necessarily subjective – there are often no right or wrong answers – but they should be subjected to the same rigorous critique as the...
  33. LittleEngineCould

    When "Better late than never" is not better

    Call me a trooper (I'm sure some of you have a more interesting choice for the word), but I've just submitted my primary application earlier today. Hold the tears for me though-- I have factual information that this is absolutely no issue in regards to my local [off-shore] selections. I'm an...
  34. B

    Why AMCAS labels some words as misspelled?

    For my personal statement, AMCAS underlined a few words and i'm really not sure why, they weren't even marked incorrect by Word. Should I just submit it anyways or change them up? Words such as: symptomatology bioelectricity criticality etc...
  35. C

    Is July 18th too late to submit AMCAS Primaries??

    I took the June 18th MCAT and am waiting for my score ( July 17th). Non-trad applicant and don't really have the money to shell out if my score isn't here I need it to be..... Will submitting my AMCAS on the 18th of July really hinder my chances? ( all other factors aside...gpa, mcat score...
  36. H

    Should I push back my MCAT date to August? Help!!

    Hey everyone, So I'm currently registered to take my MCAT on July 22nd, but I can barely score anything above a 500 on my practice tests. My advisor told me I should push back my test to August 20th so I have time to improve my score, and still apply this year,but I also don't want to apply so...
  37. M

    Submit primary before or after MCAT re-take score release?

    Hi all, I recently re-took the MCAT and my score release date is July 6th. I'm wondering whether or not to submit my primary application before getting my new score. It'd be nice to submit prior to July 6th so that I'll have the option for schools not to see my new score, just in case I didn't...
  38. W

    Including "future" shadowing in AMCAS primary app?