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Sep 14, 2017
Hello everyone! I am new to this website so let me give a quick summary of my current situation.

I am finishing up my undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering this semester from a top 10 engineering school. I was exposed to the healthcare field at an early age from my family, but never imagined a career in it at that time. I came into college with the idea of going to medical school in the back of my mind, but decided to pursue an engineering degree as it intrigued me more at the time.

Over the past two summers, I have had engineering internships with a manufacturing company and a financial firm. I am thankful for these opportunities and learned a lot, but I have discovered that medicine is my true passion and something I am serious about pursuing.

After I graduate this fall, I plan to take my pre-reqs next year, prepare for the MCAT, volunteer, etc.
This will have me on-track to apply to schools in 2019.

Getting back to the topic of "what are my chances", I currently have a 3.58 overall GPA (may drop a couple hundredths by the end of the semester), have two internships experiences as stated above, and have solid,unique extra-curricular activities at my school that involve leadership. I understand there is a massive amount of items I still need for my application, but is this a solid starting point?

One concern of mine is the risk-reward aspect of spending the next two years preparing for the admission process. I know this is what I want to pursue, but am worried that my GPA could be a hindrance in my applications, especially since it has declined each semester (3.83,3.71,3.43,3.43). I know my GPA is not the most competitive, but I am confident I can excel in the remaining pre-reqs I'll take after I graduate.

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my situation and/or advice if you have been in a similar position as me, and tell me "what my chances are" lol.

Additionally, I will be 24 years old when I apply to medical school in 2019


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Sep 4, 2012
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I'm an engineer but I've wanted to do medical school since high school. Your GPA isn't that bad especially if you apply to DO schools. Try to raise your GPA a bit and also do well on the MCAT. There is nothing wrong with starting med school at 27 if that's what you really want to do. The average age now is like 24 or 25, they actually look for mature applicants.
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