Aug 1, 2014
Hi guys,
I have several questions I have regarding taking classes after undergraduate.

So, I recently graduated from my university, and at this point, since my GPA isn't very pretty, I decided to take classes via University Extension at UC Davis (my alma mater). I majored in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (or NPB; it's one major combined) with a minor in Art Studio. The thing is, my poor GPA results from highs and lows. Meaning, I aced some classes, but also did badly in some classes.

Example (grades are in parenthesis):
General Biology: 2A (A-), 2B (B+), 2C (C)
Organic Chemistry: 118A (B+), 118B (C), 118C (C-)
Human Physiology: (A-)
Human Anatomy: (A)
Biochemistry: 102 (A), 103 (C-)
Neurobiology: (C)
Cognitive Neurobiology (D+)
Clinical Neurobiology (D+)

Other classes include Art classes I took for my minor (roughly about 10. I got all As in those classes except for one advanced sculpture class; the professor was just so picky, and she gave me a B-.)
But as you can see, I did really well in some classes, but also did horribly in some classes.

So, here's my question:
1. Do you think I should focus on retaking the classes I got poor grades in?
2. Or do you think I should focus on taking more upper division classes I never took?
3. Should I retake the classes like Neurobiology, Cognitive Neurobiology, and Clinical Neurobiology? I honestly took them forcefully because it was required for my major. I'm really confused on what to do with them.

Anyways, thanks again for your help guys!