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    2021 MHA: Applied, Interviewed, Rejected, Attending

    I didn't see one for 2021! So I thought I would make one, Good luck! School: Loyola University Chicago, Major: B.S Healthcare Administration GPA: Cumulative and Major 3.45/3.65 and SOPHAS is 3.10 GRE: N/A Experience (professional or otherwise) Internship at a healthcare tech company and...
  2. J

    To Med School or Not To Med School - A Crossroad in My Career Choice

    My name is Jorge and I am a rising sophomore at Rutgers University - New Brunswick pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Public Health, potentially a double major, while on the Pre-Med track. I am very passionate about the access and quality of healthcare/medicine in the United States...
  3. D

    Confused Over Future Career- Please help!

    Hi everyone, Thank you for stopping by, and I'd really appreciate your opinion and insight on my issue. I feel like I have to explain a lot about my background in order to help you guys see my dilemma. My whole life, I knew I wanted to work in healthcare--I enjoyed every subject about health...
  4. H

    MHA - Accepted into program, not the university?

    Greetings, So I recently found out I was accepted into an MHA program. In the acceptance letter they stated that once I officially accepted I would have to send my official transcripts and wait to be accepted into the university...Is it possible for me to be accepted into the program but then...
  5. N

    Major Choice? Biology or Healthcare Administration?

    Hey everyone so I need some constructive advice. I am a sophomore and my goal is to become an oncologist. Currently I am a biology major but my heart isn't really in biology. I enjoy taking the pre-requisites for med school but all the extra things on the list of courses for the major don't...
  6. S

    Smart to do MHA in Canada after completing MBBS from Bangladesh?

    As the title would suggest, I have completed my MBBS degree from Bangladesh and will be starting my one year obligatory internship soon. I was using my free time to look up what I could possibly study in the future and happened to come across MHA. I have heard about MPH a lot, and it's...
  7. M

    MHA Programs for Fall '17

    Hey everyone! I've been admitted to Trinity University Health Administration (MHA) program, Georgetown Health Systems Administration program, George Washington MHA, and NYU Wagner Health Policy & Management program. Since I am from San Antonio, I am currently deciding if I want to stay here and...
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    Johns Hopkins MHA vs. Georgetown MHSA vs. UNC MHA

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to make a post about anyone's experiences at any of these 3 programs. I've gotten into Johns Hopkins and Georgetown and I'm still waiting on UNC. A lot of the MHA posts on this site are a bit older and dated, so I was just hoping for anyone's more recent experiences...
  9. shadowcat

    Masters or Pg diploma in canada?

    Hey, I am a international dentist, from India and would like to move to Canada for further studies. But i am in a dilemma whther to opt for "PG diploma health course or MHA/MPH/Health informatics" Could someone please help me which is best among it in terms of job scope? thanks!
  10. E

    What are my chances of getting into grad school?

    This spring I will be graduating with two bachelors degrees one in exercise science the other in health care administration. I currently have a 3.08 gpa and expect it to be at about a 3.1 by the end of the semester. I was considering graduate programs in either DPT, OT or masters in public...
  11. L


    Hi All, I am in the beginning stages of applying to MHA programs and have some basic questions regarding the SOPHAS and HAMPCAS tools. I have seen students using one or the other or a combination of both. Is one preferred over the other? Do some schools use only one while other schools only...
  12. H

    MHA I want to work in hospital administration. So you'd say an MHA is absolutely necessary, right?

    I graduated pre-med and communications and wanted to go to med school - but found myself in healthcare PR and love it. Med school is not feasible at this point. I've worked in hospital administration and am now at a top agency doing PR for hospitals/pharma. I want to work directly in a hospital...
  13. G

    Career Dillemma?! Job or internship?!

    So I am a senior in college, hoping to go to grad school for my MHA degree once i graduate. I recently got a job offer from a hospice, for a volunteer coordinator position. However, I could also intern/volunteer (unpaid) at a large hospital system, instead of taking up the hospice job. I don't...
  14. M

    Other OT-Related Information Rethinking OT?

    So I was researching information about career paths for OTs and talking to healthcare professionals in the field and most of the information that I've gathered was that OT isn't really worth going into right now. I was speaking with a current OT and she told me I was crazy to consider paying...
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    MHA Need advice on Masters in healthcare administration (MHA) Programs in Texas?

    So i am an undergrad studying in the University of Texas at Dallas. I am a senior and I am about to finish college and graduate december 2016. I've looked at at all the possible universities to apply to, in Texas for doing my MHA. I am going to write my GMAT this summer. Problem is, I do not...
  16. K

    Reset Button: Pursuing MHA or MPH. Advice & How?

    Hello, This is a long post, but it would mean a lot if I can get some guidance and advice. I'm hitting a life predicament. I hit the reset button on life last week. After slaving away meaningless codes and maps for an IT software company, I realized that I wanted to enjoy my job (duh). I am...