1. D

    University of Maryland SOP timeline

    Hey all, Has anyone applied to UMB SOP and heard back yet? It seems like they’re taking much longer than the other schools I’ve applied to and I’m getting nervous. thanks
  2. A

    Acceptances for Couples

    Hi everybody! My wife and I have been lucky enough to receive acceptances from two comparable medical schools. However, neither of us interviewed at the other's institution and we are sincerely hoping not to do long distance. Is it possible to reach out to the admissions office of each school...
  3. A


    Does anyone know when ETSU DPT program will get back to applicants about whether they were admitted or not/if they got an interview? I’ve seen mixed reviews about them getting back to students in the month of July or month of October from years ago. I’m not sure how long their process typically...
  4. P

    Temple (IS) vs. Maryland (OOS) vs. Touro

    Maryland gave me a little scholarship to start with. not enough to overcome the amount it is for out of state tuition. temple is my in state school. - but seems like i would have to apply for scholarships and i would not find out until much later. I would like to be a general dentist, not...
  5. E

    School Selection Spreadsheet

    Hi All- I'm in a fortunate position to be selecting between a few acceptances, and I am definitely not complaining. However, my acceptances are all to schools that seemed similar up front (with similar "gut feelings"). So I did what I do best when making tough choices-- analyzed the crap out of...
  6. S

    Pacific University (Oregon) Waitlist

    Wanting to start a thread on Pacific University's (Oregon) waitlist status. Post where you are on the waitlist, if you are declining an acceptance, etc. I am currently in Tier 2.
  7. P

    GW PT Acceptances?

    Hey guys, I was at the 12/1 interview at GW and I was wondering if you guys got your decisions yet, or if you guys know how long it'll take to hear back?
  8. TelemarketingEnigma

    Etiquette For Joining Class Facebook Group?

    For people in the lucky position of having multiple acceptances (or one acceptance but future interviews), do you join the accepted students facebook group for schools where you're not 100% sure you'll attend? Or wait until you've committed somewhere and join only that one? I'm not...
  9. mariobrosdoctor

    The 2017 "When EXACTLY will I find out about this school on Dec 1st" Thread

    Hello everyone, so today we are 04 days away from December 1st. Given the obsessive nature of most of us, I thought it would be nice to have a centralized thread where we list the exact time that acceptances from various schools went out last year so that everyone will have an idea of when...
  10. T

    low stats success stories??

    I am sure there are a bunch of us here with pretty low stats (either MCAT or GPA or both) who are now sitting twiddling our thumbs waiting for interview invites wondering if they will ever come. We are also probably in it for the long haul. Sooo, if there are any accepted/matriculated low...
  11. MDPHDhopeful07

    Notifying first choice school of other acceptances, post II

    Hello, Best of luck to everyone still waiting to hear back from schools! A quick question: I've so far received acceptances from multiple MSTP programs, and am still waiting to hear back from many more. While I'm thrilled about these offers, there is at least one school that I haven't heard...
  12. Future OT2Be

    General Admissions & OTCAS Touro University Nevada 2016-2017 cycle

    Hello I wanted to start a thread for Touro University Nevada to see where everyone is at. I just received an email from Charles stating that I have been put on the wait-list and wanted to see if there were others who have been told the same thing. My interview was January 5th.
  13. dudeethatsrad

    Withdrawing applications after being accepted to first choice?

    Hi! I'm very lucky to have been accepted to my first choice on December 1st. I've placed my deposit (and my family even bought me a hoodie from the school for the holidays), but is it normal to withdraw all of my pending applications now? I haven't heard from 4 schools, and am currently on two...
  14. schrutefarm


  15. hannieOT

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Southeast OT Schools

    Hey guys I am new to this website so bear with me! I applied at Shenandoah U, Jefferson Health Sciences, Tennessee State and St. Augustine in FL and I am just looking for other people who have applied to these schools. I applied early September and have yet to hear from Tennessee. I am wondering...
  16. Glommy

    *** 2016-2017 MD/PhD Acceptances ***

    Edited to reflect lack of official decision. Post your acceptances here! DO NOT ERASE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! 1) click reply on the most recent list 2) delete the QUOTE tags on the top and bottom 3) add your user name, (Interview date, Acceptance date, any other pertinent info, and if needed, add...
  17. R

    2016-2017 University of Miami Acceptances

    Wondering if anyone has heard back from UM about interviews? UM received my PTCAS application last Thursday and now I'm in waiting mode. Has anyone heard anything back from UM besides that they received your application?
  18. RogueBanana

    Everybody Needs to Calm Down (2017 App Cycle)

    I've posted this before, and I'm sure i'll post it again at some point during this cycle, but chill out. Seriously, its the beginning of September, and there's already threads of people asking how many IIs they should have. By any standard, it is still very early in the cycle. Some schools...
  19. Tabiyou

    Answering "yes" if accepted to other medical schools during interviews

    Hello all! I hope this finds you well on a Friday afternoon. In Spanish, there is saying that goes, "la curiosidad mató al gato, pero la satisfacción lo revivó." Translated, this means, "Curiosity killed the cat. But the satisfaction brought him back to life." During interviews this year, I...
  20. D


    HEY GUYS/APPLICANTS/FELLOW D2020 STUDENTS I HAVE A MAJOR ISSUE AND I FEAR THAT MY ACCEPTANCE WILL NOW BE TAKEN AWAY FROM ME: -So I got accepted into a dental school a month ago-i had graduated with my B.S. in biology in 2014, with every pre-requisite needed for dental school [and this specific...
  21. H

    appropriate to attempt to get scholarship $$

    so I have been accepted at a few schools. One of my IS schools offered me a considerable scholarship, bringing the price even lower than the OS school that I would most prefer to attend. My question is whether there is a way to appropriately tell the OS school that I have a scholarship offer at...