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    MD What are my chances?

    Hi guys! I'm pretty new to SDN but I've been browsing through a lot of WAMC threads to sort of get a feel for how my stats compare with other medical school applicants here. After reading a couple of these threads on this forum, as well as receiving advice from professors and advisors from local...
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    Should I be worried about my Kaplan Full Length 3 score?

    Hey guys, Taking the exam on September 9th. The goal is a 506+. I took Kaplan full length 3, and scored a 505: 125/127/127/126. I usually do well on the B/B section and the P/S section (130 on AAMC scored)...but Kaplan's P/S section was so weird! I usually get a 126 on C/P (got a 126 on the...
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    New Plan of Attack for CARS? CARS course isn't working

    Hi, Does anyone have any strategies for CARS that have worked for them? (like how to easily find the main idea, timing, etc). I recently took a CARS course, and this really helped for doing the questions from the AAMC question packs. However, I took the scored practice exam from the AAMC and...
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    Terrible Practice Exam CARS score?

    Hi, My MCAT is scheduled for the 22nd. Last week I took the official practice exam #1 by the AAMC, and received a 126/122/128/130. I was truly disappointed and frustrated with my CARS score. I was doing SO well on the questions packs from the AAMC, but the CARS section on this exam was SO HARD...
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    Postpone MCAT, or bad idea? Help!

    Hi. I'm supposed to take the exam July 22nd. I'm mostly applying to DO schools (maybe a couple of MD) because realistically that's where I think I have the best chance. I took the AAMC scored exam today and received a 126/123/128/130. I'm really worried about my CARS score. I was doing really...
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    How are my EC's thus far?

    Applying this upcoming cycle with a cGPA of 3.72. Will be taking the MCAT soon. -500 hours of clinical volunteering in a hospital for research -300 hours of non-clinical research, with an abstract. -Will have ~ 100 hours as a medical scribe by the time I submit my primary ~ 100 hours of...
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    What is the most efficient way or studying? (MCAT)

    Hi, I'm retaking the MCAT this July. Last time I studied, I just studied directly from the books I had and tried to do the associated practice problems. This wasn't helping me retain the information for long periods of time. I find that making outlines/taking notes of each chapter of my MCAT...
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    Planning to retake the MCAT, will schools just see my old score?

    I'm planning to retake the MCAT this upcoming July. However, if I submit my primary in June/July, and my scores don't come in until August, will schools automatically just use my old score? Or will they wait for my new score? Thanks
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    Need advice on when to take the MCAT?

    Hi, I'm in my last semester of undergraduate. I planned to take the MCAT on July 9th. However, because I just started my scribe job, and of my regular classes, I haven't been studying as much as I've wanted to. I've only taken two practice exams thus far. My sample exam score was 65%, 75%, 80%...
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    Worried about Next Step Full Length score?

    Hi guys, I just took the second next step full length exam, and I received a 504 (126/125/125/128). I'm a little worried here. Do you guys find their exams representative of the actual exam? Thanks
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    The best full length exams for the MCAT 2015/2016?

    Hi guys, I'm taking my exam in July. I took the AAMC Sample exam about a month ago and scored 66%/75%/80%/86% I started doing pretty well on the section bank questions after that. I just took Next Step's second full length exam and...oh my goodness, it was so incredibly difficult for me. The...
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    Can't find the scribe america introductory packet?

    Hello all, For those of you who work as a scribe through Scribeamerica - what exactly is this introductory training packet we are going to be tested on? All I received was a link to the quizlet flashcards for the packet.
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    Confused with Khan Academy MCAT Chemistry?

    Hi guys, I'm a little confused here. I went to review titrations under the "Chemical and Physical Processes" section for the MCAT, and came across a sub-section that's called "acid-base titration curves." I scrolled down to where they showed the graphs for the titration of a SA w/ a SB and a...
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    To scribe part-time or full-time during a gap year?

    Hi guys, I have been hired as an ER scribe. I initially told them I could work part-time while I'm finishing up school, and in July I would be willing to work full-time, but now I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I haven't started training yet, I just got the job. Scribing full-time would mean...
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    Discouraging boyfriend?

    Hi, I'm in need of some serious advice. I am a pre-med major planning to take my MCAT during the summer and apply this cycle. I have been dating my boyfriend for two years. He's not a pre-med major. Everything was fine when I only had school to concentrate on. As soon as I started getting...
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    How are these AAMC full length percentages?

    Hi guys, Taking the MCAT in July. Just took the AAMC sample full-length test. My percentages: C/P: 60%, CARS: 75%, B/B: 80%, Psych: 86%. This is after a month of studying while I'm in school. Are these okay scores so far? I know C/P is low. I'm shooting for a 508 on the real exam. Thanks.
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    How are my EC's?

    Just wondering. - Soon to be 500 hours of clinical research - 300 hours of non clinical research -Will have at least 100 of scribing by early summer - 100 hours of community volunteering (nursing homes, helping out at homeless shelters) -1000 from tennis club - 50 hours from culinary club -...
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    Possible to study for MCAT retake during the school year?

    Hi all, I was hoping to take the MCAT in early July. I'm taking 7 credits - microbiology (lectures are recorded), microbiology laboratory (meets every other week), and an intro class that meets once a week. I was hoping to volunteer once a week. Does this sound realistic? I'm a senior and plan...
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    Taking only 4 credits my last semester?

    Hello, I'm a senior and I plan on applying for this upcoming cycle. This is my last semester. I have completed all my graduation requirements. I plan on studying for a retake for the MCAT, and working a day or two a week as a medical scribe. Does it look bad to take 4 credits (which is...
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    Taking part time course load last semester?

    Hi guys, I'm a senior in my last semester of undergrad. I've completed all of my requirements (and more) except microbiology. I was thinking of just taking that one class and its lab, and then studying for an MCAT retake, as well as working as an ER scribe. Does this look all right on medical...
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    MCAT books with the most practice questions?

    Hello all, I'm going to be retaking the new MCAT and I just wanted to know what books you suggest. I'm looking for books that have a ton of practice questions. I feel last time I spent way too much time on content review and not enough practice. I've heard the Princeton books were good. Thanks!
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    How much time to spend studying for a MCAT retake?

    Hello, I'm planning to retake the new MCAT. My first score was horrible - a 499. I just don't know how long to study for it. The first time I studied for probably 5 months using Exam Krackers. I got really burned out in the end and I have horrible test anxiety. I'm getting pushed by my parents...
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    Is Alpha Epsilon Delta worth the time?

    Hello, At my university AED requires a specific GPA, an application discussing your community service experiences, clinical experiences, extracurricular activities, honors/awards, a personal statement, and a letter of recommendation. Is it worth joining? Thanks
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    For those that did well on the MCAT 2015?

    Hello, I recently got back my MCAT score and I've been really upset for the past few days. I plan to retake, as my score was incredibly low (499). For those of who you did well (508-509+) what resources did you use? More specifically, what books had the best practice questions? Thanks
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    Devastated by MCAT 2015 score, advice?

    Hello all, I really need some advice. I just got back my score today, scored a 499. I'm truly, completely devastated. I cried for an hour straight. I studied so hard and looks like I got absolutely nothing out of it. My gpa as is stands is a 3.67, and my science gpa is around a 3.6 (don't...
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    Would human genetics count toward my science gpa?

    The class is called "human genetics" but it is offered by the anthropology department at my school (I don't know why). I got an A, so I really want it to count. Could it be considered Biology?
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    Does human nutrition count as a science letter?

    Hi guys, I have a bit of a dilemma. I have tried repeatedly to get letters from biology/chemistry/biochemistry professors, but I was either ignored, or told nastily they weren't going to write me one. It was pretty upsetting. I have a letter from a human nutrition professor (with a PhD) who I...