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  1. M

    Washington University St. Louis pre-med post-bacc REVIEWS

    Hello! Any info on WASHU’s pre-med post-bacc would be greatly appreciated, including: -Difficulty of classes -Acceptance rates to med school -Possibility of earnings A’s Anything negative about it also—people dropping out?, not being accepted to med school?, etc. Thanks!
  2. S

    Advice! part-time EMT or CNA jobs (postbacc student)

    Hey all! First post here! I'm a career-changing/non-trad applicant. I graduated 2 years ago with a business degree and have since realized - through volunteering and shadowing - that medicine is the field I want to be in. I was working at a marketing firm and taking night classes until a...
  3. A

    Help with SMP/MD acceptances

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to gain some feedback regarding SMP programs. I browse enough threads on here and figured it was just time I posted my own. I currently have a undergrad + post bacc cGPA of 3.1 as per the aamc scale. I am hoping to have a 3.14 by the end of the fall sem and a 3.18 at...
  4. S

    Need advice please!! BA in political science and little premed prereqs

    Hello, I need some advice please! So I had to switch majors from biological sciences to political science. I am a fourth year at my university. I am a first generation student. I switched out because I could not get one class (it got full really fast) and so they kicked me out of the major. I...
  5. D

    Agnes Scott 2019 - 2020

    Hey wanted to start this thread for anyone applying for the Agnes Scott post-bacc program or who was accepted! (I was accepted but looking for some more details before deciding) Also any students who finished the program within the past five years, what were your impressions of the program?
  6. J

    How did you get a letter of recommendation from a professor for a post-bacc?

    Hi SDN folks, I'd love to hear from people who applied to career changer post-baccs a few years after graduation. Who did you ask for your academic letters of recommendation? How did you go about doing it? I studied film and economics in undergrad. The 3 professors I was close with during my...
  7. queenki

    [info] expiration date for old pre requisite classes for non traditional

    Hi all, I just wanted to contribute my 2 cents here. I am a non traditional. When I first started looking up infos here, there were not much information about how old the pre requisites can be. Some, or most people, say no more than 3-5 years old, which means, you either have to apply right out...
  8. DoBurrosLayEggs

    School help, please! Old/spread-out ECs, etc.

    I would really appreciate some opinions on a school list! I'll preface this by noting that I included years because my experiences are quite spread out. (I'm in my mid-30s.) cGPA: 3.90; sGPA: 3.81 MCAT (last month): 510 (127/127/128/128) State of residence: California; also qualify as...
  9. brightlight3

    Wash U Post Bacc Pre-Program or Harvard Extension

    Hi folks, I am currently deciding between attending the post bacc pre-med program at Wash U in St. Louis or at Harvard Extension. My start date would be August 2018 and I have been accepted to both programs. I am from California and I completed by undergrad at UC Davis. I double-majored in...
  10. student-of-life

    Attended Stanford for undergrad - should I use not well known state school postbac committee letter?

    I attended Stanford for undergrad, taught through TFA, and then worked in edtech for a few years before deciding to become a doctor. As a career changer, I've done most of my pre-req requirements over the past 1.5 years at a local state school, which is now offering to write me a committee...
  11. S

    CSULA Post Bacc (Option 1 and 2) 2018 Application Cycle

    Hey everyone, I realized that there is no current thread going for people who are applying to this program. Who else is applying/has anyone been accepted yet??
  12. R

    24 year old career changer

    Hi all, I'm looking for some candid advice. Here's a bit of background on me: Ever since I can remember I've wanted to help others by pursuing a career in medicine. I was an honors student in high school and breezed through without trying. Fast forward to my freshman year of college. I had no...
  13. B

    JD to MD? Post bacc/career changer advice please!!!

    Hi guys! There are a couple threads on here from fellow lawyers considering the switch to medicine, but they are pretty old, so I thought I'd create a new post. Straight up, I know this sounds kind of insane, but any advice/tips people have about postbacs, particularly for career changers...
  14. P

    Exploring Medicine Without Giving Up Your Day Job

    A major piece of medicine is being able to connect with patients, and to address their concerns and needs accurately. While the “book” knowledge required to gain admission to medical school (biology, organic chemistry, physics, etc.) and MCAT scores are certainly important, the skills that...
  15. O

    Career changer chances for Bryn Mawr and Goucher PostBac?

    Hello, This is my first time making a post, and I was wondering what is the possibility of me getting into one of these two post bac programs? I am considering these programs because I didn't know that these kinds of structured programs existed to fast-track people into medical school. I...
  16. executivewaffle

    WAMC: Goucher, Bryn Mawr

    Edit: Hi, everyone. I'm always left a bit frustrated when OP doesn't deliver so I'm back to close the loop. It is now March 2018. I made the post below on March 2017. I was invited to interview at both Goucher and Bryn Mawr and at some other postbac programs. I will be starting at Bryn Mawr in...
  17. O

    Career Changer needs your advice

    Hi everyone, I am 25 years old and working as a construction engineer for a general contractor in Califonia. After working for more than two years in the industry, I have realised I don't want to do it for the rest of my life. I want to switch career and pursue my dentist dream so I want to...
  18. libra100

    Post Bacc Chances (Career Changer) 3.1 GPA

    Hi, I'm a senior graduating Summer 2017 and my major is Sociology. My current gpa is a 3.1 because I took some science courses and a math course and didn't do well (2 C's and failed Trig) I always knew I wanted to be a doctor but I really wanted to major in sociology. I thought I could do my...
  19. I

    No Science Background - Career Changer

    First post here. I am in the process of changing my career. I have absolutely no science/health background. I've been out of school for about 5 years. My undergrad GPA was 3.3 with a few/no science related courses. A few volunteer experiences in college, but thats about it. Here are my...
  20. B

    Going to a Post-Bac w/ Some of the Pre-Med Requirements Completed?

    Hi Everyone, I am currently a college senior hoping to apply to some post-baccalaureate pre-medical programs in the upcoming application cycle. I had some concerns though, and I was wondering if anyone could relate and give me some advice, as it is much needed! 1. As a college senior, would I...
  21. L

    I NEED ADVICE. PLS SOMEONE HELP. I want to be a registered dietician.

    So I went to school for Business and got a BS in it. I have a really good GPA and I want to know if there are any post bacc or masters programs that are career changers and would allow me to achieve my goal of becoming a registered dietician. I have a 3.6 + GPA as a BS in business student...
  22. C

    31 yr old Non Trad 3.0-3.2 GPA from Top 3 Ivy - Fresh Start in TX 2nd Bachelor's vs Formal Postbacc?

    Hi fellow forumers! I'm a 31 (almost 32) yr old Non Traditional aspiring pre-med who has been lurking for awhile, getting educated on the many helpful threads, and am looking for some advice on what to do next. After a lucrative but unfulfilling decade-long corporate career, I'm interested in...
  23. postdocconfusion22

    3.25 cgpa career changer- not worth it?

    Hi everyone, I'm starting to feel really discouraged. I graduated English degree after going through a difficult time and grade deflation (though I'm learning that this isn't factored in to admissions). I haven't taken any sciences and I'd like to maybe do a career changer post bac. It seems...
  24. M

    Half premed courses done, half to go- options?

    Hi all, I graduated in May of 2014 with a BS in Health Science from a large university in the Boston area. During an undergrad I switched my major from Biology to Health Science, where I intensively studied public health and took a lot of public health coursework at my university's SPH. I've...