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couples match

  1. C

    Matching a year apart question

    I recently matched to a residency program at a larger city in the Midwest. My SO was originally supposed to match this year, but his application lacked research. He is doing a research year instead and will apply this cycle 2020-2021 in internal medicine. He is convinced that he will not be able...
  2. About the Ads
  3. NVO

    Couples Matched into Anesthesiology - AMA

    I remember lurking on the forums back when I was in undergrad applying to med schools. Then in my OMS3 year, SDN and Reddit became my pseudo-advisors when my school assigned me an FM attending as my residency advisor. I figure now that I'm quarantined with all travel plans canceled, all online...
  4. D

    Letting programs know about plan to uncouple from couples match

    Any thoughts on whether or not I should let programs know that I’m deciding to uncouple? Had a long discussion with my SO and I know this may not have been the popular opinion for most people, but based on our circumstances, we think it would be best if we did not do the couples match. I’m just...
  5. P

    Couples match

    Hey all, Looking for some advice in regards to the couples match. My partner and I met in med school and would like to hopefully match in the same geographical location. She wants to go into either PMR or child neurology. I’d like to go into radiology or pathology. We’re both about to start 3rd...
  6. X

    couples matching

    How many programs do we need to apply to? Assuming we interview well, will couples matching put us at an extreme disadvantage in terms of matching? We are hoping to apply in the northeast. Person #1: Applying Internal Medicine -Step 1: 247 -Clinical Grades: Mostly Honors -School: MD, low-tier...
  7. L

    Couples Matching Surgical Subspecialties

    Hi everyone, Me and my SO are very interested in ortho and ENT respectively. Is it possible to couple match into two competitive specialties like this? Thanks for your time
  8. T

    Couples Match MD and PharmD?

    Hi everyone, I am an entering MD student and my SO is an entering PharmD student. I know this is a while away, but out of curiosity and for future refernce, is it possible to couples match for residencies together, with one of us a physician and the other a pharmacist? Apologies if this is in...
  9. W

    Couples Match Question

    appreciate any help I can get here. I’m applying psychiatry, partner in Pediatrics. Both US MDs with no red flags. I found a previous thread on the psychiatry forum about PDs at the same program possibly talking to each other before ranking—what about before giving out interviews? My SO is a...
  10. T

    Couples match list

    Hey there, I know people always say not to over apply to places and that applications have become oversaturated. I was just curious what a "safe" amount of programs is to apply to if I am applying as part of the couples match, I'm applying IM and my husband is applying EM. We are both from...
  11. F

    FMG Couple's Match Chances

    Howdy, strangers! My SO and I will be applying for this year's match for IM. We've got 2 mo USCE with 3 letters each. Both step 2 CS first attempt pass. Steps 1 and 2 around 250. We need visas. Also, honors in all clerkships. YOG late 2017. We will be applying for ~150 programs, having had...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical All You Need to Know About Residency Applications and Matching

    You’re busy juggling med school and life, and if you don’t stay organized, one of those balls is going to come crashing down. Let’s take a look at what you need to do so you can stay focused, motivated, and completely on top of your juggling act. What are the Components of a Residency...
  13. A

    DO/MD Residency Merge With Couples Match

    Does anyone know if with the 2020 DO/MD residency merge will the couples match work for a DO & MD couples? Please let me know!
  14. P

    couples matching question

    hi, would a PD, aPD, someone w more experience than me be able to comment on this? for applicants who are couples matching, do their respective departments talk to each other before ranking candidates? or is it pretty independent and they make their decisions as though the applicant is applying...
  15. SJ1990


    hi, I am an Indian medical graduate preparing for step 1. My fiance is a 2014 graduate from India. Have been working under an Internist at a tertiary care hospital and has few international publications as 2nd and 3rd author. He has been preparing for step 1 too.plan to give it around feb.-Mar...
  16. P

    Informal Couples Match Ophtho/EM Advice?

    My fiancé and I are currently going through the 'informal' couples match process with ophtho and EM. We only applied in major cities with multiple programs for EM. I've received some great ophtho invites, in most of the big cities that we'd hoped for. Unfortunately, he has 6 invites and we only...
  17. R

    Couples Matching question

    If SO is applying for two different specialties is it a bad idea to fill in both specialties in the box "Specialties partner is applying to"? This is visible in the final ERAS application right? Just not too sure if this would look as bad as applying to two different specialties at the same...
  18. B

    Long Distance Relationship in Med School/Couples Match

    My boyfriend and I will be attending separate med schools in the fall 2 hours away from each other (not super far but still). We've been dating for 2 years and are planning on doing the couples match together. I was wondering if anyone had experience with a long distance, long term relationship...
  19. C

    Couples matched into backup specialty - HELP!

    Hello SDN, Been a long time lurker but created a new account for this post. I'd appreciate any and all advice. Situation: My fiancee and I entered the couples match this year (both of us competitive but US-IMGs). She wanted OBGYN but she matched into her backup IM. I wanted IM and matched into...
  20. A

    Matching DO and MD couples Match family medicine

    I am a second year osteopathic student and my counterpart is a second year allopathic student. We are hoping to participate in the couple's match in FM through the allopathic match, and right now are considering which exams we should take. I am not a strong standardized test taker, and am...
  21. S

    I made a web tool for people trying to Couples Match

    Hey guys! My buddy asked for some help creating all the possible combinations for his Couples Match rank list, and I had some free time to I made a web tool here: MactionTools Some features: * Generate all possible program-pair combinations from individual rank lists * Sort based on average...
  22. G

    Does couples matching work?

    My partner is a year below me in the program and the two of us are trying to decide whether or not couples matching is a good idea. Does anyone have experience with or advice for couples matching that they'd be willing to share? Is it going to cut our chances significantly of being matched?
  23. D

    prelim or TY to delay match so I can couples match the next year

    I am a third year and my SO is a second year. We want to end up in the same city and would ideally couples match if we were in the same year. Apart from taking a year to get another degree (MPH/MBA/whatever) 0r research, is it possible for me to do a prelim/ty year (given im considering programs...
  24. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Match Successfully as a Couple [Episode 165]

    How to match successfully as a couple: catch some great tips on today’s episode! Today’s guest, Evan Kuhl, has written guest posts for the Accepted blog. He’s currently a 2nd year resident in Emergency Medicine at The George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC. He also got married...
  25. S

    * The Official 2017 Couples Match Thread *

    Please feel free to post questions, advice, etc in regards to couples match :)
  26. N

    HPSP question: spouse also in medical school.... please help, would truly appreciate some advice.

    Hi Guys, So my situation is this: My fiancee and I have been accepted to the same medical school here in CA. I've been considering the HPSP scholarship for two reasons; I want to be in the military, always have wanted to, and secondly, the financial aspect will alleviate half of our debt. My...
  27. P

    "Same rank level" on NRMP couples match algorithm - SOS

    Hello everybody! I tried looking for the answer to this everywhere could someone with information on this please help us out. The NRMP couples match video just barely touches a fact where it says couples have to be " ranked at the same rank level" to successfully match together. Me and my...
  28. I

    Allopathic couples match EM/IM

    My s/o and I are MSIIIs in DO programs planning to couples match via ACGME. I'm planning on shooting for EM, and my s/o is planning on IM. We're thinking ACGME for a couple of reasons: 1) Locations available 2) Potentially 3 vs 4 year program for EM 3) Better ability to get IM fellowships...