1. D

    SPEP Collegiate II Texas A&M / TAMU Dentistry 2022-2023

    Hey everyone! I see there's no thread for this year's SPEP Program so I made one!
  2. LoveOTYKMe

    General Admissions & OTCAS University of St. Augustine

    Has anyone applied to the USA OTD program in Dallas? What were your stats?
  3. B

    What don't I know? IM physician, first job in a Skilled Nursing facility in Dallas area

    Hello folks, I'm hoping to get your perspective and feedback about working in a skilled nursing facility on 1099 basis. I'm new IM residency grad and this would be my first job post-residency. What's the salary range for this kind of job in Dallas (read Plano, North Dallas suburbs)? Does...
  4. K

    Where to shadow in Dallas area?

    Hi all. I live in the Plano area and am having trouble finding physicians to shadow. Any physicians out there that would be open to having a shadow for a while? Or pre-med/med students that have shadowed a doctor in the Dallas area that can give me a recommendation? Thanks!
  5. J

    Position Swap FM PGY2 (Dallas, TX) with PM&R PGY2 anywhere

    I'm in Family Medicine right now in Dallas, TX. There is nothing wrong with my program, it is absolutely great and the city is awesome! But after working with a PM&R attendee, I realized PM&R is likely the best fit for me and the patient population I should be caring for.
  6. 9

    DO Shadowing in Dallas

    I am having a hard time finding a DO to shadow in the Dallas area. I have cold called, sent emails, visited clinics, etc. but I have been constantly turned down. I used the doctorsthatdo.org website and have not had any luck with that either. If anyone in that Dallas area knows of a DO that...
  7. B

    Position Swap Psych PGY2 (preferred) DFW Area Swap to Houston area PGY2 or PGY3 (2019)

    Looking to transfer to Houston Psych. If interested please reply. Looking to swap due to family illness.
  8. L

    Study partner needed step2 ck Dallas

    Hello! Anyone need a study buddy?
  9. D

    *~*~*TMDSAS 2019*~*~*

    TMDSAS opened on May 1, 2018 Interview/Acceptance/Rejection School: Notification date: Interview/Acceptance/Rejection date: Method of notification: TMDSAS mail-out date: Application received date: GPA (BCPM, Overall): DAT (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): Try to use this format when...
  10. R

    Looking to Shadow a PA in the DFW/Waco/Corsicana/Austin area?

    Hello! I am a junior biology student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. I have had a bit of a hard time finding PAs who would allow me to shadow them. I am willing to travel if need be. If anyone is open to this or has the information for someone else who may be, please let me know...
  11. nembry

    should i transfer....AGAIN?

    for Spring 2017, I transferred from my junior college where i played 2 years of college baseball to UT Austin. i am from Dallas and i am thinking about transferring to UT Arlington. my reasoning: at UT i am a Psych major and I cannot switch out i want to major in Chemistry. i have a serious...
  12. Advance

    *~*~*TMDSAS 2018*~*~*

    Well, TMDSAS is opening next week so it's about time for a new thread. You know the drill Interview/Acceptance/Rejection School: Notification date: Interview/Acceptance/Rejection date: Method of notification: TMDSAS mail-out date: Application received date: GPA (BCPM, Overall): DAT...
  13. nembry

    Summer-- O Chem 1 w/ lab or Phys 1 w/ lab?

    Which would you guys advise that i take this summer? Organic Chem 1 with Lab or Physics 1 w/ lab? I will be taking them UTD and I attend UT Austin (which is very notorious for having difficult labs) during the regular semesters. Keep in mind I will also be working as a medical assistant 15-20...
  14. nembry

    transferring from UT to UTD...does it matter?

    I just transferred to UT Austin from a Junior College where i played 2 years of college baseball. This is my first semester at UT and I'm not very happy...I am from Dallas and that's basically where my life is. I would be a lot happier attending UT Dallas, and I would save money. Does graduating...
  15. itsJazz

    Anyone from the Dallas area heading to Explore UTSD Predental Day this weekend?

    Hey yall, Is anyone in the Dallas area going to Houston's Pre-Dental Day? I haven't had any luck with getting a ride from any of the other pre-dents at my university and I doubt anyone will step up. :( I'm willing to pay for part of gas and parking aside from being a travel companion.
  16. nembry

    please help me choose a school!!!!-- UT or UTD?

    I am a transfer student from a 2-year junior college. My goal is to attend Med School and become a doctor. So I was accepted into The University of Texas at Austin to study BS in Psychology. Later on, I received a letter inviting me into the Honors Humanities program that UT offers. It sounds...
  17. C

    Any Dallas area Non Trads here?

    Are there any other Dallas area non trads here starting pre req classes this fall? (Either through official or unofficial DIY post bacc - perhaps we can get in touch to possibly form study groups or support groups if there's interest. ) Feel free to post with where you're enrolling / what...
  18. D

    DAT Private tutor Dallas

    Can anyone recommend a private, in person, DAT tutor in the Dallas, Texas area? I am looking for help in the Natural Science section. I would like to start tutoring as soon as possible. Thanks
  19. I

    Taking Orgo Lecture at one University and the labs at another?

    Hey everyone. Non-traditional in Dallas here. I'm wrapping up my premed requirements (had everything but orgo as an undergrad) and I need to take orgo 1 w/ lab, and orgo 2 w/ lab. UTA in the DFW area has Orgo 1 at 6 PM during the summer, and it has Orgo 2 at 7 PM during the Spring, which is...