1. C

    Writing about being poor in secondaries but not checking "disadvantaged"?

    Hello, I have a question about writing my secondaries. I grew up in a low income family and community, from which I saw various perspectives that I wanted to talk about in my secondary essays. However, I didn't check the "disadvantaged" box on my primary application, mainly because I felt that...
  2. B

    MCAT score?

  3. KL13

    Thought on Disadvantaged/ Adversity Essay

  4. M

    Not disadvantaged, but kinda?

    Hey everyone, I’m applying for the 2021 cycle and when I did my AMCAS app, I selected “no” when asked if i believed I was a disadvantaged student. To my surprise, AAMC designated me as disadvantaged when my app was verified. Although I am a first-generation American born to immigrant...
  5. H

    nonscience major count as disadvantaged?

    Hi everyone, I was recently advised to list myself as disadvantaged because I was a business major and went premed in my Junior year. This person told me to write about having to take more classes in less time, explain why I had less premed activities, and that I scored well on the MCAT while...
  6. E

    AMCAS Disadvantaged Disability

    Hi all! I am looking for some input on whether to write a disadvantaged statement for AMCAS. The guidelines they provide are fairly vague (which I assume is intentional) and I couldn't find any previous scenarios like mine. My Situation: I have a chronic illness which caused me to be disabled...
  7. Ramona Flowers

    Disadvantaged status?

    Hi there,
  8. SeifersLilSisL8

    SIU MEDPREP 2020

    Since no one has posted about this program yet this year; I guess I will. I wanted to create a safe space for people who are applying to this program to talk about where they are in the process. Personally, I applied cycle 1 and I received an interview. The interview was on Friday, Nov. 22nd...
  9. 9


  10. T

    Unsure if I should mark that I am Disadvantaged!

    My situation is somewhat unique in that I essentially went from rather disadvantaged to quite the opposite during the span of my childhood. From my birth to about age 13 I would definitely say I was disadvantaged. During that time my family lived very close to the poverty line. Getting food on...
  11. G

    AMCAS Disadvantaged Essay??

    I'm applying as disadvantaged, but I'm kind of unsure how to go about the essay? Am I supposed to just say how my circumstances effected me (in school/psychologically/socially/etc)? Is this supposed to be on the side of creative writing (like the PS) or just listing facts? If anyone can link...
  12. Ramona Flowers

    Medical schools that emphasize human rights, humanities, or service to disadvantaged populations?

    Hi! I'm new here, this is pretty self explanatory by the title, but here it goes. I'm looking to apply for the 2021 entering class, mostly likely to MD. I want to eventually be an OBGYN for disadvantaged populations. The dream is to be accepted into the National Health Service Corps Program. A...
  13. girlinthebar

    MD 3.6 gGPA 3.0 uGPA 513 MCAT

    MCAT (2017) 513 (90%) - 128/128/128/129 State: NJ Resident Race: Asian Gender: Female (27) Undergrad: Private Top 30 (Economics) Grad (MS): Private Top 20 Med School (Physiology) - Finished in 10 months + completed additional semester of courses to boost GPA Clinical experience: Mental...
  14. Z

    Deciding Disadvantaged

    Hi, I saw someone else just asked about deciding if you were disadvantaged or not. I have a question along with that. I know that you can disclose any learning blocks or disadvantages later on in the process. I have had mental illness since I was 7. It comes with its own issues, but I am...
  15. sillyxwabbit

    MD School List Help! Non-trad veteran. 3.96 cGPA. 4.0sGPA. URM. 509 on AAMC FL 2 and 3.

    Edit: I am not URM. I just submitted my primary to one school, but I took the MCAT 2 June, so I'm still waiting on that to submit the rest. ANY assistance is deeply appreciated! GPA: 3.96 cGPA 4.0sGPA MCAT: My AAMC FLs were 508/509/509 so it has been pretty consistent but low. 5 years in the US...
  16. D

    Claiming Disadvantage despite High SES?

    Hi all, I've read posts where @Med Ed and @Goro state that disadvantage can be claimed by those who attended bad schools in rural areas despite high household income, but also posts by @LizzyM stating that disadvantage is reserved for low SES applicants. Posting this to get some clarification...
  17. U

    SIU MEDPREP 2019

    Hey future MEDPREP class of 2021. Rising SIU SOM MS2 here that just finished up in Carbondale and currently struggling to pack for Springfield, IL. If it was not for this program I would not be 1) in medical school or 2) successful in medical school. This program is absolutely amazing and I am...
  18. M

    Another AMCAS Disadvantaged Question--Present or Past?

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked in various forms but I've searched all over this site with no clear answer to my particular question: Should I claim "disadvantaged status" if I presently consider myself disadvantaged, but may not have in the past? I qualified for FAP and definitely...
  19. MedicalDoge

    Awesome Gap Year Opportunity: National Health Corps Americorps Member Recruitment

    Hello all! I am serving in the National Health Corps Florida (Jacksonville) Americorps group for my gap year. It has been an amazing experience, and I thoroughly recommend it for all pre-meds looking for a meaningful and "hands-on" gap year. Please inbox me if you would like more information on...
  20. E

    What should I do?

    Hello all, I'm new to these forums and looking for a little guidance, maybe from another who has been in these circumstances. I really appreciate being heard out. I come from a very financially unstable background and spent the latter half of my childhood caring for my littler siblings at...
  21. C

    Would anyone be willing to read my disadvantaged essay?

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read it over PM, because honestly it kind of has a lot of stuff in it that I don't think i'd feel comfortable showing to people I know IRL. The thing I am struggling with is how much detail I should get into or whether I should apply as disadvantaged...
  22. lickerwhicker

    *Does this count as disadvantaged status?*

    deleted for anonymity
  23. C

    URM Applying disadvantaged

    Does applying disadvantaged on app increases your chances of acceptance or receiving a scholarship? Any URM who applied disadvantaged and got accepted to schools,do you think that claiming disadvantaged on app somewhat helped in getting you accepted?
  24. W

    Non-traditional Pre-med Options

    I come from a highly disadvantaged background, and I'm rebuilding my science GPA as I speak. Nevertheless, I assumed that I need to complete a SMP to show my competence for a medical education due to my lackluster GPA (reasons for bad GPA isn't school related). However, the only masters program...
  25. 2neurotic4me

    WAMC 3.8 cGPA, ~3.78 sGPA, 513 MCAT..should I wait?

  26. S

    Not sure if I should consider myself disadvantaged for the AMCAS app?

    I'm not sure if this counts as being disadvantaged, but I was raised by my grandparents who retired when I was around 15. I had health insurance up until 18 when we couldn't afford it anymore and I was no longer a dependent. After my grandfather retired (when I was 15), our household income was...
  27. His_Lys_Are_Basic

    (Not Another) Disadvantaged Question

    I know that this is a debatable topic, but I had not seen anyone with a similar situation (other than parents with addiction.) As such, I was wondering what other people think. Here is a rough description: My older sister started using drugs at a young age and it stemmed into full-blown...
  28. N

    Disadvantaged Status ?

    I'm not sure if I qualify as a disadvantaged student. I am an immigrant, from a small island in South Asia. I came to the US in 2009 as an 18 year old when my whole family received permanent residency status through diversity visa lottery program. I had to go back in a couple of months to finish...