1. medshousing

    Renting UNC and DUKE! fabulous residential community for familie! easy access to hospitals

    www.MedsHousing.com Stay in a safe gated community near all the amenities Ideal for families. Pool, playground tennis etc. Walk to SouthPoint Mall Durham, North Carolina-2Bed/2Bath Apartment – All Utilities – Fully Furnished $2,000/Month 1400 Laurel Springs Drive, Durham, NC, United States...
  2. M

    MD Scared Rural First Generation App--Will I get in?

    I'm terrified. I'm in this alone, and I feel like I don't have enough community service hours! Rural and Underserved birthplace and residence. West Virginia Degree: Chemistry, State University MCAT: 512 GPA: 3.68 BCPM, 4.0 AO, 3.77 Total Clinical Volunteer: 104 hours at hospital, but counting on...
  3. W

    Duke vs. Penn vs. Yale

    If you could do a ranked choice vote, where would you place each one, and why? I generally try to hold my cards close to the vest regarding what I’m thinking because I don’t want my own perceptions to influence people’s responses. (At least at first) All I will say is, you can take cost out of...
  4. H


  5. A

    2018-2019 Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Application

    I would suggest not to come to Duke-NUS Medical School if you want to practice in the United States or Canada. A few of the Duke-NUS seniors received offers to work in the United States. Despite the monetary bond with the Ministry of Health (MOH), the seniors accepted the job offers and did...
  6. whosehousedawgshouse

    Duke 2018 Summer Biomedical Sciences Institute

    Did anyone apply to this program for this summer?
  7. P

    Profile of those accepted into Duke

    Hi, I was wondering if some of those who were accepted into Duke in the last 2-3 cycles could share a little bit about what type of applicant they were. Any information will be appreciated, but I'm particularly interested in knowing what you think helped you get in and whether you think research...
  8. F

    USC vs Duke DPT

    Which school would you choose to attend? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  9. P

    UCSF or Duke DPT

    hey everyone! so i recently was accepted to UCSF's dpt program and am now deciding between UCSF or Duke, and would really appreciate any thoughts/feedback UCSF pros: - its in SF, close to LA (where I live now and have a lot of friends/support) - great healthcare school all around -...
  10. Alemo

    VA vs university hospital

    Hi guys, I’m wondering about the relative pros and cons between VA inpatient sites and university inpatient sites, specifically at places like U Michigan or Duke. I know the VA involves CPRS and a predominantly older male population that I would think shows less first break psychosis, mania...
  11. drs17

    Pre-PTs: Need help?

    Hey guys! I was accepted this cycle to Duke (eeeek!), and I have created an instagram page and a blog to help out pre-pt students, and document my journey through PT school (and life of course)! I recently started a PTCAS application series on the blog, and so far I have posted about getting...
  12. P

    duke or northwestern DPT?

    hi everyone! so i just got accepted to Duke's DPT program and was accepted to Northwestern's a while earlier. Duke needs me to let them know early december while NU has given me till february which is great..but now i need to decide between the two. Duke doesn't have an open house date until...
  13. M

    MD Chances at Duke/ feedback on schools list: 516 MCAT, 3.91 GPA, white

    This is my full schools list: 1. University of Maryland 2. Johns Hopkins University 3. University of North Carolina 4. Duke University 5. Wake Forest University 6. University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine 7. Case Western 8. Drexel University 9. Sidney Kimmel Medical College at...
  14. Mingos

    Does Yale and Duke still do SHPEP (new SMDEP)?

    It's weird because I've been reading through the forums and the Yale SMDEP website (it seems current) and I'm confused whether or not they still do it. If they don't, is there a similar new program at these institutions?
  15. FutureDoc9729

    Duke Summer Biomedical Sciences Institute 2017 (old smdep)

    Hello! I am a 2017 Cohort of the sbsi program at Duke and I made this thread with hopes of meeting everyone who is attending .
  16. FutureDoc9729

    Duke Summer Biomedical Sciences Institute (sbsi)

    Hello ! I did not see a thread for this program so I decided to make one.
  17. Glexz29

    Premed Undergrad? Brown vs. UChicago vs. Duke vs. others

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a senior in high school and was recently accepted to Brown University. I was also waitlisted at several other universities, including the University of Chicago, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Wash U, Cornell, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt. After speaking to my...
  18. Koala327

    DUKE or Denver?

    I've made a pro/con list of both and I know where I stand on this so I'm not looking for someone to tell me where to go, I'm looking for input from people who have either gotten into both or who have attended one or the other to offer any snidbits of advice or information that you think would be...
  19. S

    Campbell Acceptance

    Hey everyone! I was recently accepted for Campbell's DPT program! I interviewed on 9/30 and found out 3 days later, which was incredible. I'm just worried because the program starts in 3 months, and I still haven't heard back from anyone else yet. I applied to Elon, Duke, Shenandoah, Radford...
  20. D

    Duke DPT c/o 2020

    Has anyone heard anything from Duke DPT admissions yet for the 2017 first year class?
  21. E

    DukeMed vs University of Cambridge (England)

    I am an international student who has been in the US for the past 5 years. Due to a previous unsuccessful medical school application cycle, this time I decided to try an apply abroad just in case. I am European, so I thought that applying to school in the UK would be a good call. Fast forward...
  22. E

    DukeMed vs University of Cambridge (England)

    I am an international student who has been in the US for the past 5 years. Due to a previous unsuccessful medical school application cycle, this time I decided to try an apply abroad just in case. I am European, so I thought that applying to school in the UK would be a good call. Fast forward...
  23. D

    Mount Sinai vs. Duke

    I was wondering if people with direct experience with these schools could chime in on whether it would be worth it to attend Duke over Mount Sinai, despite Duke being ~130k dollars higher in cost for me. I have reasons as to why I am pretty set on Mount Sinai such as: -its significantly cheaper...
  24. 1

    Transferring from Top Ten Undergrad to Cheaper Option

    Hello, I am currently a freshman at Duke University in Durham, NC. I am enjoying my time here and have made great friends. However, the cost of attendance is getting ridiculous. I will have to pay over $70,000 next year to attend school here. Also, I am not a fan of the super competitive...
  25. phuynh94

    Pritzker vs. Columbia vs. Duke

    Allow me to first say that I feel incredibly fortunate to in my current position. Medical school admissions can be such a crapshoot process, and I had very little expectations regarding how my cycle would pan out. I delved in knowing that my greatest strengths were my numbers and my greatest...
  26. LetsGetPhysical

    North Carolina DPT interviews (UNC, Duke, Elon, ECU, WSSU)

    Hello All, I want to start a thread directed specifically towards communicating about interview offers and dates for the programs to which I have applied. UNC, Elon, Duke, ECU, and Winston-Salem State. Has anyone received interview invitations to any of these programs? Thank you!
  27. A

    Pediatric Residency Programs 2015

    Hi! I am currently in the midst of setting up interviews for pediatric residency programs. There are a few I am very interested in that haven't gotten back to me yet. I am planning on getting in touch with the program coordinators soon. I am wondering if anyone who has experience can provide...
  28. B

    Good school list?

  29. DonnyL

    Duke University DPT Class of 2019

    Hello all! I'm wanting to start threads for the schools I've applied to, to see what general trends are for people who have been accepted/waitlisted/denied/interviews etc. and any type of information people want to share! Reiteration--this is for the current application cycle (started...
  30. H

    what are my chances? Should I retake my GRE?

    Hey! I'm currently in the process of applying to a lot of schools: Baylor, Miami (my undergrad), Duke, Belmont, USF, UCF, UF. I took my GRE today and wasn't pleased with my scores. I got a 159V and 155Q. I know I could have done a lot better on the quantitative portion I just got really nervous...
  31. U

    Other Master's Degree MS in Global Health

    Hi there, I'm interested in pursuing a Masters in Global Health and am wondering if anyone has any insight/information on the following programs! Duke UCSF Georgetown Arizona State University of College London Kings College I've thumbed through some of the threads that have already been...