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  2. N

    Matching into competitive specialty in desirable location from low tier MD

    Hi all, I just started med school at a low-tier US MD near a large city with prestigious med schools. I'm interested in competitive specialities (ophtho, ENT, derm, rad). My school has home programs in all of these but they take like 1-2 students MAX every year. I looked at the match list for...
  3. D

    ENT/plastics as an alternative to OMFS? Advice needed to decide between dental and med school

  4. R

    Rads applicant - Worried I will miss the OR / surgery

    TLDR: I'm applying to radiology this upcoming cycle but I'm worried that I will miss the OR and patients. This past week I had a ton of fun with robotic/laparoscopic surgeries, and an attending who knows me well told me my personality and surgery preferences point towards ENT or Urology. He...
  5. S

    MS3 ENT chances: research year and step 2

  6. Medicalmelon

    otoneurology vs. Neurotology

    Hi everyone, Im a medical student who really is committed to neuro but wants to do Neurotology/otoneurology afterwards. I wanted to get some insight about how difficult it is to get into a otoneurology fellowship coming from a neurology residency. Looking online, it seems that only 4 or so...
  7. bangity

    Virtual Reality in Medicine and Surgery (Free Educational VR360 Resources)

    Hi all, My name is Bang Quach. I am a 4th year Oral & Maxillofacial resident at University of Florida-Jacksonville. The VRiMS is a new training program for residents/trainees that utilize VR Headsets (360 videos) recorded using the Insta360 camera, using YouTube as a host, and viewed using the...
  8. C

    Facial Plastic Surgeon (ENT) vs. Craniofacial Surgeon (Plastics)

    What is the difference in their practices (surgeries they perform, population they service, private vs. academic split)? Can Plastic surgeons become Facial Plastic certified, and can ENT surgeons become Craniofacial certified? If you are one, or are trying to become one, why did you pick one or...
  9. L

    Couples Matching Surgical Subspecialties

    Hi everyone, Me and my SO are very interested in ortho and ENT respectively. Is it possible to couple match into two competitive specialties like this? Thanks for your time
  10. lagbydesign

    OMFS vs PRS/ENT (Duty Hours)

    These specialties are often compared for their similar scope of practice. One thing that I really haven't seen is a discussion on the effects that duty hours has on training to be a surgeon of the head and neck. Does the presence (or lack thereof) of duty hours make a difference in competency at...
  11. B

    Applying for away rotations- the nitty gritty

    So I'm in the process of choosing which programs I want to do my away rotations at (still deciding between ortho and ENT). Some programs I would like to go to have already began accepting applications through VSAS, while others won't begin accepting apps until March. My fear is that if I wait...
  12. W

    "Reputation" as a means to get into a "top" residency

    Provided you do well and get the requisite Step 1 score, does it make a big difference what medical school you go to, top 20 vs mid tier in regards to getting into competitives surgical residencies?
  13. L

    MS3 --recently interested in ENT

    Looking for some input from people who are going for ENT. I'm an MS3 who recently discovered I like the OR way more than I thought I would. I had a chance to work with some ENTs and really enjoyed my time studying those cases though I have NOT had a formal ENT rotation. I am a bit concerned as...
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  15. D

    ENT DOs on west coast???

    Are there DO ENTs that are working on the west coast in states like CA, WA, CO, NV? After residency, can a DO ENT move wherever he/she wants to and practice or are DO ENTs restricted to the midwest/east coast where the AOA ENT programs are located at?
  16. S

    Questioning Audiology

    I'm not even half way through my Au.D program at this point and I have so many doubts and frustrations about this field I don't even know where to begin. I am so disheartened for my future in this profession. I don't even know if this post will do all my thoughts/feelings about audiology justice...
  17. O

    Rhinology first-year attending salary, NYC?

    Hi I know this is super specific, but does anyone have any benchmarks (or even a guess/estimate) for the first-year salary one could expect in NYC/Westchester coming out of a competitive rhinology fellowship? Just curious!
  18. A

    Non-traditional Medical school route help!

    Hello, I am a 2016 graduate with a degree in Communication Disorders. I have applied to Audiology programs twice now,and both times I have been waitlisted to the schools I applied to,and later rejected. One school told me,to my face,to considered a career path change..and so I did..in terms of a...
  19. Birdnals

    ENT if only interested in head and neck surgery?

    MS3 here who has whittled down my choices for specialties to just a few. Oto has been the front runner for a while now with my main interest being in the areas of head and neck surgery and reconstructive facial plastics. I haven't gotten to see much else in the field, but other areas like...
  20. Bobsaget121

    Medical Scribe Help

    I just got a Full Time payed position as a Medical Scribe at a Dermatology Clinic. The cool thing about the clinic is there are two MD's and 5 PA's who work onsite. I was told that the pay increase over time and if I wanted to I could work there as a Medical Assistant after 9 months. The office...
  21. R

    What are my chances for ENT residency?

    Hi guys, since residency applications are coming up i'm thinking of ENT but I have very little confidence that I will get it. Any advice on improving my applications would be appreciated! Here are my stats: Step 1: 239 Clerkship Grades: 2 honors, 2 near honors Research: 7 publications (2 ENT...
  22. G

    ENT vs OB-GYN

    I need help deciding on a specialty. Currently I am between ENT and OBGYN. I have worked very closely with the ENT department since M1 and can get great letters, scored 240 step 1, and have published 3 papers with the department (+countless conference poster presentations). But, during M3 I...
  23. O

    Salary considerations for Otolaryngology

    Hi all, I'll start by saying that yes, I fully realize and agree that choosing a path in medicine should not be a purely or primarily income-driven decision. Please no replies saying that if this is what's important to me I shouldn't be a physician at all, etc. etc. Thanks :) That said, as I'm...
  24. T

    Day in the life of an Otolaryngologist

    Hi all, I have been a long time lurker and taken so much advice from this forum and want to thank all that have contributed. From the years of reading your posts, I can see that many of the attending and resident contributors have different backgrounds..whether it is their subspecialty...
  25. knock0ut

    Surgical instruments and suture guide

    Hey y'all, I'm applying into ENT and am wondering if anyone knows of a document that would be helpful to learn when to use the various surgical instruments and when to use which sutures...I know this is very broad and maybe just needs to be learned by experience, but I feel like it would be...
  26. H

    ENT - OMFs - Plastics?

    Hi Everyone, I'm not new to SDN, but this is my first time posting. My question is on the differences in surgical capabilities that the various residencies for the following specialities provie : (a) Oral & Maxillofacial, (b) Otolaryngology-Head and Neck, and (c) Plastics. And this is just in...
  27. H

    OMFs - ENT - Plastics?

    Hi Everyone, I'm not new to SDN, but this is my first time posting. My question is on the differences in surgical capabilities that the various residencies for the following specialities provie : (a) Oral & Maxillofacial, (b) Otolaryngology-Head and Neck, and (c) Plastics. And this is just in...
  28. Preston Garvey

    2017-2018 AOA DO Osteopathic ENT Otolaryngology Interview Thread

    Noticed there wasn't a thread for this year so I figured I would start one. If others could chime in and add dates that would be great! I've received 2 interviews so far. CORE/Doctors Hospital Program CORE/Grandview Hosp & Med Ctr Program CORE/Summa Western Reserve Hospital Program...
  29. H

    Army GMO and out to ENT chances

    Alright, here are the facts, I'm a current Army HPSPer (MS3) interested in ENT. I will be getting married next year to a current intern in a 4 year residency program (civilian). I want to start a family at some point, but also don't want to destroy her chances of establishing a practice after...
  30. thenor

    A Pediatric Otolaryngologist/ ENT physician is letting me shadow him. What surgery should I observe?

    Hi Everyone, A pediatric Otolaryngologist/ ENT physician is letting me shadow him. He is giving me the option of observing one surgery and was wondering what surgery I'm interested in observing. I'm not sure what surgery to observe. Helpppp Thanks
  31. F

    DMD but no BSc degree - ENT/Plastic residency

    I'm currently a junior medical student with DMD but no BSc degree. My primary goal is to get in OMFS residency and become a dual-degree maxillofacial surgeon, however there is a chance that I might consider ENT or Plastic as well. I would appreciate a lot if some ENT/Plastic residents or...
  32. knock0ut

    Resources to learn suturing

    I have an ENT rotation coming up, and it has been a while since I've sutured. Have a practice kit. What online resources have y'all found are good for briefly teaching high yield suture techniques?
  33. D

    Congenital Cardiac vs ENT vs Neuro

    Hi All, Ive read SDN for ages now, the forums have really helped inspire me to be a surgeon. Im currently pre-med and so know Ive got a bit of time to decide, but as the title suggest I can't decide/would like some advice on the following surgical specialities: Congenital Cardiac, Neurosurgery...
  34. S

    Confused About Specialty: ENT vs Ophtho

    I could really use some help from residents or other medical students who have faced this problem. I started med school in 2013 and overall did very well - Junior AOA, honors in most clerkships, high Step 1 and Step 2 scores. Throughout my 3rd year I flip-flopped between almost every specialty...
  35. T

    Choosing School Help

    I am extremely interested in going into ENT. I will be looking at other specialities of course and keep my mind open; but nonetheless could you help rank the following schools in how advantageous they would be for me to get into a ENT residency (hopefully in the Northeast). Wash U Vanderbilt...
  36. O

    Position Swap PGY-2/PGY-3 Otolaryngology seeking PGY-2 Dermatology

    Current Otolaryngology residency position (program director willing to take a PGY-2 or PGY-3 for start July 2017) in high desirable major city Seeking a PGY-2 Dermatology position anywhere Curent program has high volume ENT cases, head and neck, and facial plastic surgery
  37. L

    Best Textbooks for otolaryngology residency programs

    Hi, I'm from Brazil, and I have started my ENT residency program this year, and I wonder what would be the best introductory books to study... If you also have any tips on more advanced books, it would be very helpful.
  38. E

    2nd residency in plastics after ENT residency?

    Hi all, I'm currently a 2nd year resident in Otolaryngology, and have been hearing about alumni of my program being very successful after doing a 2nd residency in plastics and then a fellowship in facial plastics. I'm wondering, if I did a 2nd residency in plastics after completing my residency...
  39. A

    Dual Applying & LOR question

    Hey all, rising MS3 here who plans on applying to ENT this upcoming cycle. While I have good grades so far (step 1 >260, H in med, surg, peds, and HP in family so far), and tend to get along with people and work hard which I hope will translate into good letters, I was told by my advisor that...
  40. B

    Face Transplant Surgery

    All, but one, of the lead surgeons in facial transplant cases, Siemionow etc, are plastic surgeons. Residency trained in 5 year general surgeons + 2/3 year plastic surgery residency. (Devauchelle from France is an OMF surgeon, but he's the only non plastic program lead.) Wouldn't an ENT...