1. B

    Fee Assistance Program Questions

    Under this section for applicant financial info "Enter total value of assistance received from federal, state, or local welfare programs (other than Social Security)" I. Do stimulus checks count in this category? II. How is Medicaid valued in this category (medicaid is technically a welfare...
  2. D

    I don’t qualify to be an officer?

    So I have yet to reach out to the Air Force (which I’m told is even more selective) or army officer recruiters. But I was speaking with a navy recruiter today about the FAP who told me I wouldn’t qualify to join the navy as an officer because of my poor undergraduate GPA (I graduated in 2013 and...
  3. D

    Application Fee Waiver Only Available for 14 Days?

    So I finally got accepted for the fee waiver for submitting dental school applications. I read the email and it says I have to use the application fee waiver withing 14 days of receiving it? "Submit your ADEA AADSAS application within 14 calendar days of being approved for fee assistance...
  4. X

    If you submitted FAP since April 20, when were you approved?

    Just trying to figure out a timeline, since this process has historically been very fast but is heavily delayed due to COVID-19. I submitted on May 1st, but still haven't heard back yet... When did you submit and when were you approved/are you still waiting?
  5. N

    Don't Qualify for FAP because of Parents but Need Financial Assistance

    I am taking the time during the quarantine to work on my applications and look more into the actual process of applying this cycle (I am taking two gap years and am finishing my first now). As I'm looking into applying, I was trying to apply for the AAMC's Fee Assitance Program (FAP). I am...
  6. ayjaystudent

    FAP recipients, if you submit an app to 5 schools in June for this cycle, would you still be able to use the remaining 15 in July?

    Am wondering if FAP is supposed to be submitted all at once in order to receive the waived fees for all 20 AMCAS schools, and that you forfeit the remainder.
  7. InsertMemberNameHere

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Financial Assistance Program + Fellowship

    I have a question about the Financial Assistance Program that I couldn't find with the SDN search function. I am planning to sign up for the Financial Assistance Program if I (hopefully) match into a civilian psychiatry residency this upcoming March. I am also interested in completing a child...
  8. 9


  9. C

    Secondary app fee waver for FAP URM applicants?

    Are all secondary applications waived for FAP students/applicants? I ask this because I plan on applying to 40+ schools w. the FAP.
  10. petomed

    USUHS and online coursework

    According to the MSAR, the answer is unambiguously No for all prerequisite coursework. However, I wrote this email to USUHS admissions just to be sure. Let me know your thoughts, I will post the reply from USUHS once received. Working full time while completing missing prerequisites did not...
  11. D

    Question about AADSAS FAP

    So I sent in the paper work for FAP around May 20th or so when they started accepting paper work for assistance. The Program Instruction I downloaded says it takes 4-5 business days to process the work for approval or denial. Did they start processing on May as they receive paperwork or on June...
  12. M

    Another AMCAS Disadvantaged Question--Present or Past?

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked in various forms but I've searched all over this site with no clear answer to my particular question: Should I claim "disadvantaged status" if I presently consider myself disadvantaged, but may not have in the past? I qualified for FAP and definitely...
  13. Docslizzy


    Has anyone received the AACOMAS Fee waiver for this cycle (2018-2019)? If yes, how long did it take to hear back from them?
  14. AbcJuly

    FAP going AD in 6 weeks

    I'm about to start AD in July as a 60W (psychiatrist). I'll be a O-3 with less than 2 years because I am assuming (from reading other threads) I will not be given any prior service for residency or fellowship (7 years in all). Can anyone break down what my pay will look like when I finally get...
  15. Asclepius293

    Joining as derm with FAP or post-residency?

    Hey all, Elected to go with a full ride to state school vs HPSP or USUHS out of state and have an interest in dermatology. While I recognize like everyone says derm then changes as med school progresses, I really have enjoyed it in shadowing, especially MOHS surgery, and was just curious about...
  16. D

    Questions for those approved for Fee Assistance Program

    For those of you who have ever gotten approved for the Fee Assistance Program, did you ask every school to waive their secondary fee regardless of if they mention offering assistance or not? How successful were you in getting them waived? Thanks!
  17. Asclepius293

    HSCP with Full Ride

    Hey all, I would really like to serve for a period with the Navy in military medicine at some point in my career. I was accepted for USUHS and HPSP but was then offered a full ride to Wayne State which seemed too good to pass up. I am now debating between taking HSCP during medical school to...
  18. invinciblewalnut

    Air Force Looking for advice concerning commitments

    I am currently a high school senior who is going to likely be offered an ROTC scholarship to help pay for my undergrad tuition. I also want to become a Radiologist, and I have been looking into one of the medical programs the air force has to offer, but what I've found is that any service...
  19. joe7456

    Should I allow AAMC to be notified that I receive assistance?

    Hello friends. During the course of college I have recieved the federal pel grant. Additionally, I have recieved the Fee Assistance program for applying to MD schools. I guess the trend has been that higher socioeconomic students get into school, whereas lower class do not make it as much. If I...
  20. Adrenaline_Junkie

    Fee Assistance Program 2017 Qs

    Hello All, I entered all the info for my previous years tax returns/w2's (2015) since I didn't have access to the 2016 info, and now need to submit all the documentation to support my information. A few quick Q's: 1. The application for 2017 opened on Jan 4th, but obviously my mother and I...
  21. Wingardium Leviosa

    Fee Assistance Program question

    Hi- I'm currently serving in a domestic volunteer program that covers my room and board and make way under the federal poverty line. However, while my parents are not well off, their income is probably slightly over the 300% level. Due to other expenses, they are really unable to support me...
  22. Asclepius293

    MDSSP then FAP?

    Hey all, First let me say thank you for any insight. This forum has been very valuable throughout my pre-med experience and I appreciate it. I was recently accepted to several medical schools, including USUHS, and am trying to decide on the best pathway for myself. I've talked to several...
  23. J

    Fee Waivers for Dental School Supplements

    Hey all! So, I got my AADSAS Fee Assistance Program approved and I used it to pay for my primary applications. Some schools sent me an email saying that if I was approved for a fee waiver, then I should email that to them to use FAP as a payment for my supplement. Does that only apply if I...
  24. Toothout

    FAP Letter of Explanation

    Somehow I cant find a thread answering my question. Does someone knows how to write a letter of explanation for the FAP. I am not able to provide my parent W2 because his employer never gave him one. The FAP guide only says "Copies of 2015 Federal tax returns (including the 1040 tax forms, W2s...
  25. J

    Downside of using FAP?

    Hey guys, are there any cons of using FAP besides waiting for the award to be awarded, if so how long does it usually take for them to give your award? Would faxing it make it faster for the documents to reach AADSAS?
  26. L

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Join the Navy now or then?

    Hi all, I'm 24 and currently a graduate student getting my Master's of Science in Athletic Training (graduation 05/2017), my grades are (uGPA 3.5, sGPA 3.65, gGPA 4.0). Unfortunately, I wasn't flirting with the thought of medical school until I started this program. After hundreds of hours...
  27. M

    FAP questions

    I am planning on applying for FAP here soon but it asks for my parents income. I do not have any contact with my mother and my father is about as reliable as a 3 year old. I have been in legal guardianship since I was 3 and my grandma was appointed as my guardian. But it says online...
  28. 7

    Help!! AAMC's Financial Assistance Program (FAP)

    Hi everyone, I'm a DACA student who wants to apply for the 2017 cycle of DO and possibly some MD medical schools. I'm trying to apply for the AAMC FAP program but had some questions about it... call me stupid but I'm so ignorant and have no knowledge when it comes to taxes.... Being DACA I...
  29. sat0ri

    FAP≡SES? Fee Assistance Program and evalation of disadvantaged SES

    Hopefully this is not a frivolous question though I seem to have a penchant for that, but is there any relation between getting FAP and being seen by adcom's as being SES disadvantaged? For example, if you do not get FAP are you precluded from being considered SES disadvantaged? Does FAP...
  30. mj1988

    MDSSP/STRAP/HPSP/FAP and Reserves/Guard

    Hi everyone. I am considering my options for both paying for medical school and possibly service to my country. As such, I have done some forum reading and other research on branch specific websites on HPSP and FAP in the navy or air force. I am a female late 20s person with recent acceptance to...