1. ThatGuy15

    Should I bother pursuing a master's degree?

    I am currently an undergraduate senior majoring in Applied Psychology at New York University. My plan after graduation was to pursue a mater's degree in psychology at Queens College and gain more research experience in clinical neuropsychology. However, I am now questioning my plan. As of right...
  2. utahpt1

    Best time to take the GRE?

    I am currently preparing to apply this upcoming cycle. I have everything else ready for application except the GRE. My question is when would be the best time to take it? I hear a lot of people saying get your applications in early because it might help your chances, is this true? I have been so...
  3. C

    GRE or SAT for post bacc?

    I am applying to post baccs end of 2017/beginning of 2018 and was wondering whether or not I should take the GRE or just turn in my SAT or ACT scores from high school. I got a 1920/2400 for my SAT and a 29 on my ACT. Should I study for GRE and take it or is it a waste of money and energy?
  4. L

    Advice on Masters or SMP? Low GPA

    Disclaimer: I know a ton of these exist and I truly apologize. I've read so many but I'm still stuck. I am a recent graduate and I completed my undergrad Biology degree with a cumGPA of 2.75 and a sGPA of 2.7. Clearly my GPA is awful and I attribute it to laziness along with culture shock. I...
  5. cactusflowerblossom

    General Admissions & OTCAS Programs still open to apply to that don't require the GRE

    For the the record, I AM taking the GRE (Feb 1st was the earliest I could get) but I don't have high hopes for it as I've had virtually no time to study for it recently and haven't done stellar on the math part of the practice ones back when I took a GRE prep course. Up until very recently I was...
  6. B

    Analytical Writing: GRE?

    I'm wondering how my writing for the GRE is. I've been practicing, reading sample essays, and trying to work at it. But I'm not sure how it's going... Here is an ISSUE prompt: “People who work in the arts and humanities should earn less than those who work in the sciences and economics because...
  7. S

    GRE Score report technical question.

    Hello everyone. I apologize if this isn't the best place to be inquiring about my problem. I've searched threads that ask a similar question but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer thus far. I had to fill out the form that is provided when you can't find an institution's code. I was...
  8. S

    PA application quandary

    Hey guys, I'm a Microbiology grad (3.52GPA at UT, 4.0 at community college) from UTexas at Austin in 2012 and started looking into the path to become a PA. I've been a molecular biologist / lab manager for almost the whole time since I graduated. I started looking at pre-reqs for PA school and...
  9. S

    General Admissions & OTCAS Sending GRE scores, even if not required?

    What's everyone's thoughts about sending GRE scores to a school that currently doesn't require them? I'm considering sending them to my top choice school to further show my investment/strong interest in the program, but then again they likely wouldn't hold any weight during the admissions decisions.
  10. A

    Question! Admissions

    Hello! So I am having a bit of anxiety so maybe someone can give me some advice. I had no idea what I wanted to do my first two years of college and kind of hopped around to three different schools. I will be finally graduating in May with a BS in AT and have worked my butt off the past four...
  11. eraldo_coil

    MHA MHA with Communications undergrad

    Hi SDN! First time poster here. I'll be graduating from university this December with a degree in Communications, and I have been very much interested in pursuing an MHA for the last several years. I've kept it in the back of mind while pursuing my undergrad, and now that I'll finally be...
  12. P

    GRE the second time was better in one section but worse in another, which to send?

    Good afternoon SDN, I am currently looking at graduate schools to apply for a DPT degree. I attend Drexel University with an overall GPA of 3.21 and science GPA of 3.23. I have had 1000 hours of experience at an orthopedic outpatient private practice working with people ranging from ages 12-90...
  13. P

    Updating GREs to schools

    I have taken the GREs already, but plan on taking them again since I want to score better. I am about to send in my PTCAS application with the low scores, but obviously I want the schools im applying to, to see my new and improved scores. My plan was to email them stating that I have new GRE...
  14. O

    DrPH admission-GRE Waiver?!

    Hello all, Has any one applied and got accepted (or know someone who did) for DrPH, anywhere in the US-CEPH accredited school, without GRE? Any list/names of schools that waive GRE requirement for DrPH admission? Example: Universty at Albany-SUNY
  15. a7xnck

    Unable to access my GRE account on ETS?

    Has anyone else been experiencing issues with logging into Upon entering my credentials and logging in I am brought to a "Review Personal Information Page" and then to a "Confidentiality Agreement" page. Once I submit the latter of the two, it brings me right back to the...
  16. C

    School specific questions format and GRE score q's

    For school specific questions on PTCAS, most have a max character limit of 4500, which is equivalent of the personal statement of PTCAS. Do we have to make it an essay format like personal statements, or can we write it in more free response, short answer format and be fine? Also I never got...
  17. P

    applying to vet school as a post-bac

    I am submitting my application (I little tight on time yes I know) and just want a little input, maybe even peace of mind. I graduated 4 years ago with a BFA in photography, decided recently that I wanted to be an equine veterinarian. I started taking classes last fall. I have two more classes...
  18. imandy95

    E-submiting PTCAS without GRE score

    I took the GRE last Tuesdays and scored a 157 Q and 150 V. However, I don't have my official scores, can I e-submit my application and then add the official scores once I get them. I don't want to wait another week to e-submit my application. Thanks, Amanda
  19. pmaq

    NEED HONEST OPINION about ONLY applying to schools that do NOT require GRE

    Would it be a bad idea to only apply to schools that do not require the GRE ? I narrowed those searches down to the schools (not requiring the GRE) I would like to attend I had planned on taking my GRE next month , but only two schools I want to go to require the GRE and I think I'll survive...
  20. B

    Waiting or Going for It? - Need advice on gap year

    Hello everyone, After getting my GRE scores recently (150 on quant and 154 on verbal), I am considering skipping this application cycle in favor of taking a gap year to study for the GRE, get more experience, and maybe pull up my GPA. My main question is: is there a downside to applying just to...
  21. S

    Psych GRE- Please help!!

    Hi Everyone! So I have been reading forums nonstop since this happened, and was looking for any insight from anyone who has previously taken the psych GRE ? I missed the registration deadline for the September exam by a day, and I have read other posts about standby testing , so that is...
  22. pmaq

    HELP , in dire need of tips & advice . DPT , GRE , the whole shabang !

    3.35 GPA , 500+ PT Observations hours and still need to take the GRE I realize my GPA isn't the best , but what are some things I can do to increase my chance. Also, does anyone know of any schools that are known for accepting applicants like myself ? I have been looking to apply to Western ...
  23. O

    Below Minimum GRE scores

    Hey guys! just had a quick question for you all! I was wondering if anyone on here has gained admission to Texas PT school (ex: UTSW, Texas State, Texas Tech) with below minimum GRE scores? I haven't taken my GRE yet, but would like some, somewhat good news if I don't get the scores l need...
  24. J

    2016-2017 DPT Admission cycle. Taking GRE

    Hello, everyone! I need some advice. I am planning to take GRE in the end of September - early October. Since some programs do not require GRE, can I submit my PTCAS application without GRE scores and update it later? If yes, do you recommend to wait and submit my application with GRE scores, or...
  25. U

    Early GRE opinions/retaking science classes

    To give everyone an idea of my application (mind that I'm a rising junior): Kin major/bio minor cgpa: 3.90 prereq gpa: 3.82 PRACTICE GRE scores: 152V 157Q Experience: 60 hours outpatient, 10 hours inpatient (I have two years of undergrad left so I plan on getting a lot more in about 3 or 4 more...
  26. M

    General Admissions & OTCAS GRE Study Plan?

    Hi all, I have a few questions about the GRE. I'll be applying to OTD programs next July (program start in 2018) and I was wondering when the best time to take the GRE was. I was thinking end of June/early July. Thoughts? Also I was wondering what study resources you found the most helpful...
  27. CoastalGLaDOS

    When to take GRE before applying to Clinical PhD programs?

    Hello everyone, I have one simple but important question I was hoping I could get advice on: when would be a good time to take the general GRE before applying to graduate school PhD programs in clinical psychology? I'm aiming for an early September date and (just in case) I'm also trying to...
  28. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Taking GRE after submitting OTCAS app?

    I am currently scheduled to take the GRE August 4th, but I was wondering if it is better to wait to submit my application until I can enter my score into OTCAS right after I take it, or if I should submit my application asap, and have schools wait to see my score once they receive my score...
  29. M

    Send 2 GRE score reports if one is lower? (prevet)

    If I took the GRE twice and my second scores are higher than my first and percentiles are higher too, should I send both of them to vet schools? Do they want to see that I improved or just send the higher one?
  30. A

    Is Magoosh worth it?

    I took the GRE yesterday and I did pretty horrible on it. I studied for about two months using mostly Kaplan and Barron's essential words. So obviously that didn't work out for me and I need to do something different before I retake it again in a month. I've heard great things about Magoosh...
  31. A

    Took the GRE today and didn't go well....

    So I took the GRE today and it didn't go well at all. I've been studying for two months, but I'm just not good at standardized tests and I freak out under time. I did really well on the practice tests, but when it came down to test time, I froze. I'm planning on taking it again in a month, but...
  32. B

    Goucher Post-Bac admission

    I recently graduated from Johns Hopkins with a 3.5 gpa (psychology and anthropology). I would have had a 3.67 if it weren't for one semester during my freshmen year when I lost a family member and left the country for the funeral during my finals period. I have a 1900 SAT score, a 4.2 high...
  33. B

    How long to study for the general GRE?

    Hello! I am a pre med student majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and Biology. Because of certain things I have to take a gap year before medical school so I am thinking about doing a masters because even if I didn't have to take a gap year I'd still want to do a dual MD/ research degree. I...
  34. A

    GRE EST 2nd edition (3 books)

    Hello everyone, I am selling Official Guide to GRE 2nd edition by EST who are creators of GRE exams. There are total of 3 books, for verbal section, quantitative section and study guide. All are in brand new conditions. Please reply for more details or email me at: [email protected]...
  35. J

    MSW/MPH, Clinical Programs - Can I get in?

    Hello! I'm looking into applying to MSW/MPH programs, as well as clinical psychology programs. I am wanting to do work with individuals with eating disorders, and I hope to open my own private practice later on down the road. The only thing that scares me about this process is that my GRE...
  36. Enzo07

    Sending GRE scores early?

    Hi, I used the search function, and couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I know you can take the GRE early, but can you send the 4 free score reports at time of application, for the following year's application cycle? I am a rising junior (as of Fall '16), and have way more time to...
  37. G

    post bac help for low gpa in undergrad

    Hello All, So I currently finished up year 1 of my gap year and have been working as a medical scribe. I got out of senior year in a really bad personal situation, so thankfully this year has given me the chance to piece my life back together. Long story short,I initially decided to retake...
  38. C

    GRE Prep Materials

    I know there are many threads on this but all the ones I've found are at least 12 months old. Hoping to get some updated responses here. Any recommendations for my first go-round at the GRE? I'm taking the test at the end of August. I am particularly worried about the math section as that has...
  39. cdo96

    Good GRE Score?

    So... I got my GRE scores back, and I'm trying to understand them, so I guess I'm just curious, what is a "competitive" GRE score? I'm trying to see if I need to retake them- and most of the vet admissions websites are vague about their scores.
  40. J

    DPT Application Advice

    Hey guys I need a little advice on applying to DPT programs. I do not believe I have the strongest application at the moment, but I am looking to strengthen it before this upcoming application cohort. So far my stats are: Undergrad: Ithaca College Major: Clinical Exercise Science Overall...