interview attire

  1. yuh

    School tie for interview?

    Interviewing at a school soon and have the option of getting a tie and/or pair of socks with the school’s colors and logo. I’m leaning towards socks, but would like to hear thoughts on tie. I would only wear one or the other. Any help is appreciated.
  2. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's North Central College MOT Interview

    Hello everyone! I was hoping someone on here could give me some information on their experiences with North Central College, any current students or anyone who has interviewed with them. I was invited to an interview in March and I would love some tips, advice, or guidance in preparation for...
  3. SummertimeHappiness

    Women Interview Attire - Bags!

    Hello all! I have been struggling so hard to find the perfect interview bag. During my med school interviews, I carried around a heavy leather Tumi bag that became really cumbersome during the tour portion of the interview (especially if it was hot outside, bleh). I vowed not to do this for my...
  4. K

    SOS Interview Apparel Help Needed ASAP

    My first interview is on Friday and I fly out for it tomorrow. I had heard that people normally wear suits to the interview, so I put on my navy suit today. I've been hitting the gym a lot for the past couple years since I got that suit and my shoulders and chest are too big for it now. All I...
  5. D

    Women Interview Attire - Dress?

    All of my friends currently in medical school, including my top choice school, say that wearing a business professional dress is perfectly suitable. However, it seems like everyone on SDN is saying a pant suit or skirt suit with a blazer is mandatory for women. Personally, I don't feel very...
  6. M

    Appropriate interview option

    Hello fellow premeds, I’m curious if this outfit would be appropriate for interviews.

    Interview Attire - Male

    I've read much about Professional School interview attires here on SDN. Though the general consensus is to go for a conservative look, I think it really won't matter that much as long as I don't go for something crazy. My question is for those of you with experience in professional...
  8. Cwinship

    DAT Summer Guide Service

    To all planning on taking the DAT this summer or in the future, I will happily answer your questions.
  9. E

    Better than Chocolate?

    Quick survey for my fellow premeds on the interview trail. Let me set the scene: You woke up early in the morning, and went through the awkward choreography of putting on your "conservative applicant" costume: dress pants/dress skirt, formal top, blazer, pantyhose/dress socks, uncomfortable...
  10. M

    Interview Attire for Women: Camel suit

    Hi, I been buying some suits for my interview. I have a really hard time finding some that fit me because I have a petite frame but not a petite height. So most suits look unflattering on me. I do have an old suit that fits. But I was unsure about it because it may be too "fashionable." I heard...
  11. A

    Women's Interview attire question!

    This is a random question, but something that I really would like an answer to. Do we (women) need to keep the buttons closed for the suit jacket during interviews? My jacket that I got a few years ago still fits me great, but shows my waist line when I button it up.. any ideas?
  12. M

    What to wear for USC interview?

    Hello! I have an interview and bench test at USC on 21,22 October 2017. The dress code is "interview attire" for day-1 and "business casual" for day-2. Hey! What can I wear? What is a safe bet for females?
  13. H

    Interview Attire Questions

    Are wedges appropriate for interviews? (Especially with a pencil skirt)
  14. Y

    Apple watch at interview

    I'm planning on not bringing my phone with me to my interviews, but I was going to get the new apple and bring that instead. Do you think having the apple watch during an interview might look unprofessional or am I overthinking it? I was just wondering since it's pretty much like another phone...
  15. H

    Facial hair on portrait and interviews

    Warning, this question might seem kind of vapid. So we have to include a picture of ourselves with most secondaries. Would it be a bad idea to keep my facial hair for this picture? This question applies to interviews too, probably more so actually. I'm an asian guy (mid 20s) with a short...
  16. epsoftball9

    General Admissions & OTCAS Interview help/tips!

    Hello, I have been selected for another interview and I am stressed out trying to prepare for it (I have 3 weeks still). I interviewed at west coast university and felt like it went alright, but I know I am capable of better. I am very charismatic in interviews and am 110% comfortable talking...
  17. LittleEngineCould

    How much of a factor is attractiveness in admission? [Conspiracy]

    I've been looking at class photos from some schools and I have this growing paranoia that, when all else is near-equal, there's a "beauty pageant" component in the AdCom's decisions; either subconscious bias, or voluntary to maintain the school's appearance. "I have a 3.98 GPA, 524 MCAT with...
  18. Cheezy89

    How to crush your PT school interview!

    My tips to crush your PT school interview! Please let me know if you have any questions; very Happy to help :)
  19. queerMD

    Feminine-presenting interviewee wearing a tie?

    This is my first time posting, but I have an upcoming interview and would like to get opinions on my interview attire. First off, let me say the med school at which I’m interviewing is LGBTQ friendly, asking applicants their gender identities and preferred pronouns. On my application, in...
  20. ifnotnowwren

    Women's Interview Attire #4

    Hi all, the last interview clothing thread was created in 2011 and reached almost 5,000 messages. I thought it would be nice to create a new one and to have the first post include some common knowledge as gleaned from the previous threads. Special thanks to @DokterMom, @gyngyn, and @Winged...
  21. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Interview Questions

    Hi all - applying to programs this cycle. Hoping to hear from those of you that have interviewed with OT programs before or those that are in school right now - what are the interviews like? What kind of questions did you get? Anything specific to prepare for? What did you wear? Any information...
  22. rasmussen5357

    Interview Attire

    For interviews what is your go to shirt color? I have a navy suit but cannot decide between a traditional light blue shirt or light pink and plaid shirt. I know for most job interviews they recommend a more classic look but I was thinking the pink would show a little more personality despite not...
  23. mandu_cheeks

    Drooling over a dress suit. Is the color too bright for interviews?

    Hey there, I wanted to take advantage of the Nordstrom anniversary sale to purchase my interview suit. I usually never spend more on ~$10-30 on any clothing item, so this will be an opportunity to splurge! I was drawn to this dress suit (see below), but was worried that the color/fabric might...
  24. TaupePremed

    Men's dress shoes: Help me buy some, ideally slip-on

    I have normal feet. My sneakers are size 10 (US men). I have two pairs of dress shoes, one is size 9.5 and one is size 10. I really want slip-on dress shoes that are easy to put on and take off. Both of my current pairs of dress shoes are extremely hard to put on, but they are exactly the...