letter of recomendation

  1. L

    Letter of Recommendations? Non-science vs Science?

    Do math professors count for non-science letters? Or should I use a freshman seminar professor as a non-science letter he is also my pre-med advisor so I'm sure I will get a good letter from him.
  2. S

    Post-grad asking profs for ELORs

    I graduated in May 2017, and i will be applying to vet schools this cycle. I have a very reserved personality, I keep to myself especially in large classes. My major had around 100 people in it, so our classes for our major had everyone in them. There were 2 classes i can think of that were...
  3. 1

    Help! Asking for LOR from non-professor who has never written one before.

    Obviously this person is very important in my life, especially for leadership and volunteer service experience who can advocate strongly for me. (he is a pastor) 1) Is there anyone else who asked for LOR from this kind of person? Is this a good idea? How did your admission turn out? 2) He is...
  4. A

    General Admissions & OTCAS Letters of Recommendation

    So I am applying this coming fall and I am in a predicament about who I should ask for a letter of recommendation. I am a biology major with a psychology minor. I need 3 letters total and I will be getting one from an OT, 1 from a psychology professor and the the other I am unsure of. 1. I...
  5. U

    Year-old unsealed letter...ask author for sealed resubmit?

    I have a strong, signed letter from a reputable person at a large healthcare related institution. Stupidly, when I asked for a letter of recommendation for my time interning under them in summer of 2016, I requested it as a signed letterhead pdf, and not as a sealed submission to a third party...
  6. aimstosneeze

    How much of a relationship do you need to have with your prof to get a "good" LOR?

    The common advice is to go to office hours and make a good impression. I'm having trouble understanding how much of an impression I need to make. I'm confident all of my professors know who I am. I sit up front and I participate in class. I go to each professor's office hours once or twice. Not...
  7. noticemeadcomsenpai

    Asking for a LOR from a professor I had 2 semesters ago?

    I went to nearly every office hour this professor had. However, I go to a big uni and there were usually about 5-10 other people there as well. I have LORs, but I was recommended to get more. What's your advice? I did well in the class btw. Appreciate any advice!
  8. ArtMajor

    Letter of Rec Advice?

    So I have 4 of my letters pretty nailed down at this point (got 3 professors that know me well.. 2 science 1 non, + a PI/doc) but for a last one I thinking of using the parent of the kid that I have been volunteering with through Big Brothers Big Sisters. She seemed to enthusiastic to write...
  9. M

    Letters of Recommendation? How many is too many?

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking about applying this application cycle after getting an "OK" from my University's Health Professions Advising Office. Right now I am filling out application for my University's Committee letter, which has a deadline March 1st. I am concerned how many letters to...
  10. Slippers

    Should I ask for a general or hospital-specific recommendation letter?

    So on PhORCAS, you can either email your preceptor a request for a general letter of rec that you can upload to each program you apply to. Or, you can ask them for hospital specific letters of recommendation (you email your preceptor a separate request for each program you are applying to)...