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  1. D

    Loan Advice - Orthodontics

    Hi. So - I love orthodontics and am committing to this no matter what. But I want help with the financial situation, because we aren't taught much of this in school. After dental school, I will be $400,000 in debt. With ortho residency, it will be $600,000. I know I should choose a cheap...
  2. Aquabluequartz

    Thoughts about State Level Loan Repayment Programs??

    I am referring to those programs listed here: Some of these loan repayment programs seem really great to me (ex: Illinois provides 120k towards loans for 3 years, Delaware provides 70k for...
  3. whosnisarg

    Freaking Out about Debt! It's Crazy!

    Hey guys, In a bit of a pickle - just doing some math (and stressing myself out like crazy)... If I were to go to my in-state dental school (Rutgers), I'd still be in a pickle of $250,000 - and if the dream of specializing comes true - about $350,000 total. Now, that's minus the interest and...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Military: One Way to Get an MD Debt-Free [Episode 266]

    Become an MD Through the Army, Debt Free! [Show Summary] Are you interested in practicing medicine in an environment that allows you to focus on clinical excellence? Do you want to have the option of practicing medicine in a host of different environments? Is it important for you to emerge from...
  5. D

    Loan Repayment Programs

    I was just wondering if I graduated from a medical school in Pennsylvania if I could go to another state say like Oregon and use their repayment option or do I have to use the state's program that I graduated from? If I can use any other state, which states have the best loan repayment programs?
  6. petomed

    USUHS and pre-existing student loans

    Are the same loan forgiveness / repayment options available as with regular military personnel if pre-existing or undergrad loans are not already paid down before beginning the 7+ year active duty requirement? Example: - $40,000 old undergrad debt remaining after completing USUHS + residency...
  7. J

    Anyone with NHSC Loan Repayment switched jobs?

    Has anyone with a 2-year full-time NHSC loan repayment commitment (not scholarship) switched jobs during the time period? I have read that - with approval - you can theoretically switch locations as long as the location to which you are moving has a high enough HPSA designation. Curious if this...
  8. C

    Married Loan Repayment Advice

    I am graduating med school this year with ~350,000 in student loans (federal direct unsubsidized and direct grad plus loans). I am married to a high income earner with annual income ~150,000 and likely to increase over residency. For this reason, if I choose the REPAYE repayment plan, (which it...
  9. E

    Jobs that Count for Public Service Loan Forgiveness in Radiology

    Hey peeps, I am a newly graduating 4th year medical student with a lot of debt and in the process making decisions about loan repayment. I know there is the public service loan forgiveness program that applies to employees of nonprofit hospitals (503b I think). What kind of jobs and How many...
  10. C

    Questions about PSLF

    Hi there! As a prospective dental student for the class of 2022, I am currently doing some research on game plans for how I am going to tackle student debt once I graduate. I know it is a ways off, but I was particularly curious about how hard/competitive it is to qualify for the PSLF program. I...
  11. A

    Endodontist post-residency income and loan repayment

    Hello, I want to get some feedback from endodontists on what their experience has been like in trying to find job right after residency. Would be great if you could mention some tips on whether you went to private practice route, corporate, or travelling endodontist and what geared you towards...
  12. M

    Do employers pay off student loans?

    Hello, I am an OMS4 going into physical medicine and rehabilitation. I am trying to make a loan pay off plan and wondered if hospitals or private practices ever pay off student debt as a signing bonus and if so, how much they usually offer. Any insight on this is much appreciated.
  13. D

    When to start worrying about applying to HPSP, NHSC, etc?

    Hi, I am applying this upcoming cycle and will hopefully be receiving interviews and acceptances later this year. When should I start meeting with recruiters, applying for thing, etc. I have quite a bit on my plate right now, so I've been putting that stuff off, but I'm wondering when would be...
  14. Chimikins

    Loan Repayment Programs

    Hey everyone, I'm currently hounding the internet for any programs/ scholarships that can potentially help me find a job and graduate with lesser debt after I graduate from vet school. I've only found one that I don't qualify for yet. Are there any more that you guys know of? For anyone who...
  15. Kavity

    Grad Plus or Federal loans?

    Which is better to take out, a private loan or a Grad Plus loan? Also, how does loan forgiveness work after graduation? Is it better to take out a Grad Plus loan (does it also count in loan forgiveness?)?
  16. Armyhealth

    Army Healthcare Recruiter here to answer any questions.

    I am currenlty working as a Army Healthcare Recruiter. I have been doing so about 4 years. So far I have had HPSP in medical, dental, optometry, nurse practioner, CRNA and veterinary programs. I also have had someone accepted into the Masters in Social Work, GPN program at Baylor and LTHET...
  17. O

    Employment & Professional Networking Loan Forgivness OTD

    As a student hoping to start occupational therapy school in Fall 2017, I was hoping to get some info on different loan forgiveness options that people have come across. I'd love to hear from those that have actually taken part in the programs and paid off their student loans through these...
  18. Sheneman

    Military Pharmacy Option

    I have been thinking about multiple routes I could take to pay off college, as well as have a career in the field of Pharmacy. In college I was approached by the Navy and the recruiter about a program they have where they provide you with a monthly stipend, pay off your college, and if I'm not...
  19. LavenderFire

    Dental Students Now Eligible S2S Loan Repayment Program

    Hi All, I get e-mail updates from NHSC and they are now letting dental students apply for the Students to Service Loan Repayment Program. I'm just starting school next month but I thought this information might be useful to someone in their last year of dental school. Here is some information...
  20. i D M D

    TAKE ACTION NOW: Fight for federal subsidized loan for dental students

    Write your lawmakers today and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 4223, the “Protecting Our Students By Terminating Graduate Rates That Add to Debt” Act or POST GRAD Act. Taking action will only take a minute and will further support ASDA’s lobbying efforts on this bill at National Dental Student Lobby...
  21. F

    Loan Repayment for Emergency Medicine, Radiology, or Pathology?

    I'm still in high school so these specialties aren't definite, but I figured this forum would be better as the question would be answered by people with experience. I was very interested in getting loan repayment through working in an undesired area, but it appears that only those in primary...
  22. L

    Federal loans vs family loans & loan repayment programs

    Hi all- So I will be starting medical school this fall. TBH however, the finances of the whole ordeal are really killing my spirit about the whole thing. I am looking for some advice from medical students who have applied to or are familiar with the loan repayment programs. A bit of...
  23. R


    HI guys, is it worth to apply in one year certificate programs, whose tuition is so high like 80k and with high living expenses. Does this in any way help us to get in DDS/DMD PROGRAM at the end of the day?
  24. chompsss

    Years in Residency Count Towards PSLF?

    So, I think I've been able to determine that the years spent in dental school don't count for PSLF while on HPSP and even not while on HSCP, despite being "Active Duty." On the attached sheet, which is the Public Service Employment Certification form, under the Military section, it says...
  25. C

    NHSC Student to Service Loan Repayment Program

    Hey all! Has anyone who applied to this heard back? In the original webinar, they said we should be hearing back by Jan 31rst. I got the Confirmation of Interest email and filled that stuff out, but haven't heard back on whether or not I've received an award. Anyone else?
  26. theboatman

    Question About Financial Aid and Undergraduate Debt

    Hi there, So I took out some loans for undergraduate (around $12k) that I could hypothetically pay back now. However, I will be matriculating this year and have a question regarding financial aid. Do financial aid offices take into account my undergraduate debt in my financial aid package...
  27. w4nt2baDDS

    HPSP Value Analysis

    I just made a decent value analysis for the HPSP. I punched the numbers for UCLA (aprox. $240K of debt just from tutition and mandatory supplies) and am amazed at just how financially valuable this scholarship really is. Take a good look at the excel spreadsheet I made and let me know what you...
  28. J

    Loan Repayment

    Just curious if residents could give feedback regarding loan repayment options and which ones are realistic during residency and into your career as an Ortho Attending or in private practice.
  29. GradSchoolLoans

    Student loan debt is so confusing wants to eliminate this frustration. With, you can refinance your total student debt at the lowest rate in the country, saving on average $26,000, as soon as you match, deferring your payments until after completion of residency or fellowship and you will...
  30. GradSchoolLoans

    Reducing loan payments lowers your interest on your student loans, therefore reducing your monthly payment.
  31. GradSchoolLoans

    Do I have to make student loan payments while in residency? allows for you to defer all payments while in residency.
  32. GradSchoolLoans

    How much money can I save with refinancing my student loan debt? calculates that on average each medical student, resident student, fellow or doctor can save about $26,000.
  33. GradSchoolLoans

  34. hawkeyemedical

    125K Loan repay / Family Med Oppty / University Community in Upstate NY!

    Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in a welcoming upstate NY community (in close proximity to Buffalo, NY) is seeking a Family Medicine physician for an outpatient only practice! Hospital has both a Hospitalist and Intensivist program, so there would be NO CALL! Opportunity to teach as...