1. ayed22

    D4 with 350K D-school Loans + Endo debt

    Finishing dental school with about $350k in loans (after interest). I was fortunate enough to also get into endo as a D4, but that will add another $220k in loans. It's a few months before the program starts and I am stating to get cold feet due to the cost. What would you do if you were in my...
  2. A

    GradPlus Loan Advice/Recommendation Needed

    Looking to get some perspective on a GradPlus loan I'm thinking of taking out this year. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Normally, I only borrow only what I need. This year, due to the new lower 5.3% interest rate compared to last year's 7.08%, I was hoping to take out the maximum...
  3. T

    Asking for Advice About Loan Repayment Strategy

  4. D

    Dental School Finances. Debt, income, and the future of dentistry

    Hello, I would love to have current dentists, dental students, and pre-dental students to weigh in on my financial situation as it pertains to dental school and loan repayment. I am a 21-year-old male who will be starting my D1 year this fall. My estimated cost of attendance is ~$375,000 not...
  5. O

    ROTH IRA/investing vs. paying off loans

    Hi all, I am posting this in regards to one of my cousins since I, fortunately, do not have loans to pay off. My cousin is a current PGY1 resident with ~300k loans (undergrad + med school). My question to you all is if he should max out on his roth IRA ($6,000) or should he use that money to...
  6. 1

    Is there any Canadian Student Attending US Dental School? [Seeking advice for Tuition Loans]

    Hi, I have a question about asking tuition loans for US dental schools as a Canadian citizen. I heard that usually, students ask both the Canadian government and the private banks for getting the loans. However, I have no idea what's the maximum amount that we can get from government loans...
  7. D

    Loans for Ortho Residency

    Hi all. I am starting an ortho residency in a few months and trying to figure out how to pay for tuition for the residency. What have people used in the past and which of these would you suggest? I have started looking into the Wells Fargo Medcap Loan but curious if there are similar loans out...
  8. B


    Hello, I am international trained dentist, can I get around 200k dollars like federal student loan(aid) through FAFSA or they wont give me so much money for my 2 year program.... cos i dont know any cosigner
  9. B

    co signers

    When you cannot pass your final exams of getting a license to practice and cannot pay your student loan what happens with your co signer? is he or she must paying it ?
  10. B

    student loans

    What happens when you have 200k loan and you fail your finally exams of getting a license to practice in US.. is there any chance to do the exams again and again ?
  11. C

    PSLF Guy

  12. D

    Loan Advice - Orthodontics

    Hi. So - I love orthodontics and am committing to this no matter what. But I want help with the financial situation, because we aren't taught much of this in school. After dental school, I will be $400,000 in debt. With ortho residency, it will be $600,000. I know I should choose a cheap...
  13. medstudent1215

    Help with Interview Decisions

    Hey all, I am in a financial bind and am struggling to afford all my interviews. I have 7 more interviews scheduled so far and now have an acceptance to Alabama COM! I am trying to decide which (if any) interview's I should now turn down, but that is tough to do without ever even seeing the...
  14. 7

    Can you get a 1.5 million dollar dental practice loan?

    Just out of curiosity, will a bank ever lend you a 1.5 million dollar loan to purchase a dental practice. Suppose you wanted to purchase a 2 million dollar dental practice, how would you go about financing it? I'm assuming they would like to see prior production totals to see that you can...
  15. M


  16. D

    Loan Repayment Programs

    I was just wondering if I graduated from a medical school in Pennsylvania if I could go to another state say like Oregon and use their repayment option or do I have to use the state's program that I graduated from? If I can use any other state, which states have the best loan repayment programs?
  17. gdbath1995

    Private Loans?

    Does anyone have any experience taking private loans instead of federal loans? Pros and cons?
  18. S

    Cannot get a loan

    Hi everyone, I was accepted into the school of my choice this past November, which I think was the best day of my life, as many years of hardwork paid off (redoing courses, redoing MCAT, volunteering, shadowing, writing personal statement and all those damn secondary essays) . However I am...
  19. M

    Loan Repayment for Working in Low Income Area.?

    Kind of a dumb question, but what is the program called where you work in a low income area for 4/5 years and they pay off your student loans? I continually hear about this and have no clue what it’s called. Do you have to apply for this before dental school begins? (I’m assuming it’s very...
  20. T

    Loan for Canadian student studying pharmacy in US?

    Hello guys, I am a Canadian student and I am going to study pharmacy in the US. My plan is to study and work in the US after graduation. I have several questions regarding loans. My expenses for pharmacy school will either be: a) 55K USD (with living) * 4 years = 220,000 USD b) 75K USD (with...
  21. Piglet2020

    Financing Med School

    Hello! I would like to learn more about loans/grants for medical school. I submitted my FAFSA yesterday. I don't think I would be eligible for free $ as my parents' income is over the need limit. So far, my state school hasn't sent me any info yet about financial packages. What should I do now...
  22. O

    entering vet school with no money

    hi, i'm almost done with my prereqs for vet school, got my bachelor's years ago and am a returning student at 26. only worked as a lifeguard, swim instructor, music teacher since then and didn't save up much since i spent it on my first bachelor's which i got with no loans and no debt at the...
  23. E

    Jobs that Count for Public Service Loan Forgiveness in Radiology

    Hey peeps, I am a newly graduating 4th year medical student with a lot of debt and in the process making decisions about loan repayment. I know there is the public service loan forgiveness program that applies to employees of nonprofit hospitals (503b I think). What kind of jobs and How many...
  24. Piglet2020

    Med Merit Scholarships

    Do merit scholarship decisions come out around the same time as financial aid packages (~Spring)? Can it be combined with need-based grants/FAFSA? How likely do med schools give merit scholarships anyways? Is it just for top percentile students? I don't think I would get a full scholarship for...
  25. G


    hi, I am an undergrad pre med student. I would like to stay in state if possible. There are two MD and two DO schools in my state. I was wondering, about the DO schools, what debt is like after graduation and residency and getting a career. They are more expensive than the MD schools here. Looks...
  26. M

    Private or GradPlus?

    I am interested in seeing what people think/have done in terms of private loans vs GradPlus loans? I want to look into private loans but my university is really pushing GradPlus loans - I am not sure this is the direction I want to go in since their interest rate is fixed and is most likely...
  27. G

    Explanation of loans to a newbie?

    Hey guys! So I got accepted into pharm school for this upcoming fall semester. During undergrad I was fortunate enough for my parents to pay for my tuition at a state school. Now that I'm going to pharmacy school, I have to start taking out loans. Can someone explain to me which loans to take...
  28. P

    Mortgage/rent payment in Residency, especially intern year

    I'll make this quick. I just matched at a program in Pittsburgh and will make 52k/year. My calculations tell me I will bring up (after taxes) $1350 bi-weekly. I will have a wife that will be UNABLE to work and we are assuming it will be for the entire first year +. I have looked at a number...
  29. germindian123

    Doctor Loan Mortgage Programs

    Hey guys I posted on this huge thread but I figured I could also just start a new one since it is so old https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/doctor-loan-physician-loan-programs.385616/page-15 Anyways, I'll be purchasing a home this coming summer and have been looking into the doctor loan...
  30. P

    Buying a House in Residency

    Could someone who bought a house at the start of residency please weigh in concerning your experience? I am pretty well versed with the physician loan thing, but for those who bought, what price of house would you say would work on the average low 50K salary? Has anyone found a good resource on...
  31. P


    Why on FAFSA does it recommend entering parental info if you're going to be a medical student? What's the advantage/disadvantage/difference between entering parent info and not?
  32. Kavity

    Grad Plus or Federal loans?

    Which is better to take out, a private loan or a Grad Plus loan? Also, how does loan forgiveness work after graduation? Is it better to take out a Grad Plus loan (does it also count in loan forgiveness?)?
  33. L

    FAFSA/UC-transfer student/turning 24 y.o

  34. Plasticbag80

    Paying security deposit/first and last rent

    Hi guys, So I'm a rising MS1 at a public institution in CA and I'm paying for my education through (mostly) federal student loans and grants. My problem is paying a security deposit and first months rent upfront when signing a lease to an apartment since my loans don't get disbursed until I...
  35. F

    Loan Disbursement

    I'm entering the second year of my DPT program and am really concerned about my loan disbursement for this coming year. I live and pay tuition with 100% loans, so I have the Graduate PLUS Loan in addition to the Federal Unsubsidized Loan. I recently learned that my loans will be split completely...
  36. odpropofol

    Dental School Loans: Estimated Family Contribution

    Does loans for dental school work the same way as undergrad: you only have to pay your EFC and the rest is covered by the school or do you pay sticker price for all school?
  37. i D M D

    TAKE ACTION NOW: Fight for federal subsidized loan for dental students

    Write your lawmakers today and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 4223, the “Protecting Our Students By Terminating Graduate Rates That Add to Debt” Act or POST GRAD Act. Taking action will only take a minute and will further support ASDA’s lobbying efforts on this bill at National Dental Student Lobby...
  38. F

    Loan Repayment for Emergency Medicine, Radiology, or Pathology?

    I'm still in high school so these specialties aren't definite, but I figured this forum would be better as the question would be answered by people with experience. I was very interested in getting loan repayment through working in an undesired area, but it appears that only those in primary...
  39. OT1224

    Other OT-Related Information Follow dreams or delay gratification?

    *NOTE: I just got accepted to SUNY Downstate Medical Center. So I want to decide between SUNY and TWU. Ignore my comment about NYU. Too much $$) Hey guys, I have asked this question to my friends but I want to ask you guys for insights. I am born in NYC and moved to a teeny town in Texas...
  40. M

    Loans after BS

    So.. quick question. I am a Junior in college currently going abroad Fall 2016-Spring 2017 (a whole academic year). Being abroad it will be simply hard to apply to dental school that June 2017. Therefore, I plan on applying June 2018 (Once I graduate college). My questions is.. Since, I am...