1. C

    Information Systems Major?

    Hi everyone! When I went to college, I started off as a biomedical engineering major, but switched to Information Systems because I realized that it would be an easier major. However, my advisor is telling me not to major in this because it would be too hard to keep my gpa up with the...
  2. Z

    Majors for Pre-Medical Studies

    Hi, So I'm reaching my, technically, junior year in my Pre-Medical Studies. Right now, I am a biology major deciding to pursue a Bachelor of Science. I'm not the biggest fan of Biology. This is for me, but also for different people debating a major. Here's my issue right now: I prefer a more...
  3. M

    Major to Minor After Acceptance

    Hello all! I hope you're still having a great interview season! I just had a quick situation that I'd absolutely need and love to have your advice for. When I submitted my AMCAS primary, and until this morning actually, I was a double major in Neuroscience and Philosophy. I just found out that...
  4. P

    Majors for Medical School

    Hello, I am currently a health science major but am unsure if this major will compromise my candidacy for medical schools. I am under the impression that GPA and MCAT score are primarily considered when applying but a friend recently told me that I should be a biology major if I want to be a...
  5. D

    Switch Undergrad Major?

    I am a sophomore student who recently changed majors to exercise science/pre-pt after realizing engineering was not something I was interested in. I originally chose to switch to exercise science because I could still graduate in 4 years and go on to PT school. Now however I am seeing the...
  6. J

    Philosophy or Psychology Major?

    Help! I like philosophy and psychology both equally and Im not sure which one I should choose along side doing my premed reqs.
  7. G

    FIU PT Majors + Pre-requirements

    I'm applying to FIU because it's 12 minutes away from my place. I had a stressful time looking trough the majors, and trying to find something related to PT. These are the recommended bachelors in their page: Psychology, Sport & Fitness Studies, Recreation & Sports Management, Biology. (They...
  8. RedLeopard

    Need Help Deciding

    I will be a junior next year studying Computer Science but have had second thoughts about my major and am thinking of adding pre-med to my courses. I've always been interested in emergency medicine due to the fast-paced environment and being able to interact with a lot of unique patients...
  9. V

    What should I major and minor in as a pre-med student?

    Hello everyone, I will be a college freshman in the fall and I am having trouble deciding on what I should major as well as minor in. I have declared my majors as biopsychology and sociology and my minor as Spanish. But I am also interested in music. I'm not sure if I want to minor in music...
  10. rjmacready

    Grad School Before Vet School: What Are You Majoring In?

    Hi all, I still have a year and a half left of undergrad (getting a B.S. in Zoology) and my GPA has been hovering right around 3.00 for the past year (mainly because I suck at math and physics), so I am strongly considering getting a masters or PhD in something to bump my GPA up before...
  11. J

    Impact of Undergraduate Degree

    I currently am a marketing and international business co-major at a nationally ranked business undergraduate university. Assuming I take all my "Pre-Med" prerequisites and do well on the MCAT, will my major negatively impact my chances at getting into medical school? I was thinking about picking...
  12. iceblinkluck

    Supplemental minors?

    Hello! I am new to this site and thought it would be a good place to get advice from other Pre-PT/PT students. I am a freshman bio major about to complete my first semester with a 3.6 gpa (it would have been higher if I hadn't gotten two B's, both of them B+'s though) and have been working as a...
  13. S

    Unique premed question?

    Hey, So I'm new to this forum (as in having an account) but have used this forum multiple times before. My question is fairly simple/straightforward (I think). I'm currently a sophomore in college. Over this past summer I realized I wanted to become a doctor and go into the field of medicine...
  14. i_cry_:'(

    Bio vs Psych major (PA as back up)

    I need to choose a major asap since I will just end up lasting more than four years in undergrad if i don't choose now. I am choosing between bio and psych. The main issue is that I am contemplating doing a bio major because: i can take the prerequisites for both pre-med and physician assistant...
  15. K


    Currently a student at Penn state on the kinesology track ( i changed from drexel nursing to here) I was seeing if switching to immunology and infectious disease would be a good idea for med school? Kines is cool but im not just feeling it.
  16. Teaisbomb

    Lots of question, any advice would be helpful.

    Relatively useful information: going to be a high school junior, 3.9 GPA, 26 ACT, very VERY limited in-state college options (two or maybe three that are useful to the medical field), seriously interested in becoming a type of psychiatrist. I'll start with my ACT. It's my first and only score...
  17. T

    All the hate on multiple majors?

    Preface: I hereby declare that multiple majors do not in any measurable way increase your chances of getting into medical school or the MD/PhD program. Do not crucify me. However, one of the biggest slights against modern education is the notion that majoring in more than one thing, or even...
  18. RedDevil202013

    Change of Major from Bio to Economics?

    Hello all, I need your advice on what I should do with my Major. I just finished my Sophomore Year in Undergrad and currently majoring in Biology. To be honest, I am tired of the bio courses because they are not fun at all and they seem tedious especially the way they're taught at my University...
  19. I

    Pre-Med advice for incoming College Freshman

    I am currently a senior in high school, and I will be graduating in two months. I am already accepted and decided on a college. For the past few months I have poured over forums, blogs, websites, and videos about majors beneficial to med school. I know the average saying "Major in what you...
  20. R

    Bio Education Major good or bad for med school

    I'm a biology education major with a minor in physical science education. Here are what I perceive as being pros: 1. I'll learn to work with kids and get experience working with kids. I'm pretty sure I want to be a pediatrician. 2. I'll have a clear career path if I decide not to go into...
  21. nopuedodecidir

    Chem or Biochem Major for Drug Design as an MD/PhD or as a med school backup

    Hello, So, I'm a premed at Cornell who primarily intends on going to medical school, but would like to have a solid backup plan that I would enjoy in case things don't work out or even something that I could do as a physician-scientist. I think that what I would be most interested in doing is...
  22. S

    Should I major in politics or biology?

    Tell me what you think.
  23. missrv

    How do i stand out med school application?

    When i apply to medical school i want to stand out from the thousands of applications they receive. Which subject should i major in? I want to major in biology or chemistry specifically for medical school but i know that doesn't really stand out and If the medical school route doesn't work out I...
  24. xkc9126x

    Any Design majors in Dental School?

    Hi, trying to reach out and see if there are any design majors (communications design/web design/graphic design/animation/architecture .... etc) that got into Dental School for advice for prospective applicants? Wasn't really sure if I was suppose to put this thread in Pre-Dental, but I want...