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    12+ Interviews and No Match or SOAP, How to strengthen application for next cycle?

    Hey Guys, Congrats to all those who Matched Monday and will find out where tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky. I had 12+ Interviews and all went GREAT (or so I thought) and ranked every single one but no luck. My stats are as follows: Osteopathic Medical Student Step 1: 218 COMLEX 1...
  2. P

    UK vs UMass vs UT Houston?

    I’m having a tough time deciding between the three programs and how to rank them on my list. I’m an FMG currently interested in doing a stroke/behavioral fellowship in the future with no particular geographic ties within the country. I’d like to be involved in clinical research but my priority...
  3. L

    What if the program director does not interview you?

    1. Hey guys, so I have an interview at this place, where according to the itinerary, the PD and/or the chair are not taking my interview. Is that normal? Does it matter? The PD will be welcoming, and is taking some interviews that day, but not mine. 2. In this case, is there any way I can meet...
  4. BeenThereDoneThatOrtho

    Osteopathic Orthopedic Residency 2019 Match

    All the other threads were a little dated. Any thoughts on going to Riverside or Modesto, where would you go? Thanks.
  5. S

    Missing last letter of rec for VIRMP

    VIRMP deadline is this Monday (good luck to everyone!) and the last of my letter of recs is not yet in. I've touched base with my clinician last week and she reiterated that she would write me a strong reference, but the VIRMP application still has not yet received her letter. She would've been...
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    Matching at internships without passing NAVLE?

    I'm getting ready to submit my application for rotating internships and getting ready to take the NAVLE for the first time this winter. I know there's a second testing window in April, but playing the devil's advocate here... what happens if you match at a rotating internship but you fail the...
  7. D

    Do I Have A Chance To Match At Stanford OB/GYN With Sub-Par Step 1?

    I got my score back recently, and ended up with a 222, which was significantly lower than I wanted. So now I'm stressed, because it's already lower than the national average, not to mention an Ivy-League standard. I did well on my OB/GYN rotation and got strong comments. I haven't started...
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    Academic Internship Program Reviews

    Hello everyone, like many of you out there I am currently getting my application all ready for a rotating internship! My goal is to stay in an academic environment and go for a surgery residency in the future, so I'm limiting my application to a variety of different university rotating...
  9. G

    IMG Family Medicine Applicants- Match 2019

    Hi guys, I'm a Caribbean school graduate completely new to sdn. Couldn't find a place for IMG's applying to family medicine for this cycle. Hopefully we can get this one going and support each other during this time. Step 1: 213 Step 2 CK: 226 Step 2 CS: Pass Step 3: Not taken YOG: 2018 Visa...
  10. CerebralCat

    IMG Internal Medicine Applicants - Match 2019

    The IMG thread last year was super helpful and encouraging to read. Decided to start one for this year's cycle! Let's support each other through this stressful process. Share your scores and application stats (if you wish) - this helps other applicants gauge their competitiveness. It can also...
  11. D

    Other Gap year PGY1 to PGY2

    I am currently in a prelim year, I'm applying for R, A, and C programs this ERAS season. However, I'd like to not repeat an intern year, going mostly for R programs. Any thoughts of what I could do in a gap year if I matched into an advanced spot besides trying to get another prelim spot? I was...
  12. claner1

    2018-2019 PM&R Interview Experiences

    Happy ERAS opening day tomorrow! Wanted to start this thread so we could all collab and discuss as the interview trail unfolds. Best of luck to everyone!
  13. P

    Both matches?

    Hi there. I am confused on how it works if I participate in both the AOA and ACGME matches. So from what I am gathering, I will be placing my ranks all on one list regardless of accreditation? So for example #1 ACGME program, #2 AOA program, #3 ACGME program. How will the match system work like...
  14. I

    Official Eternal IM WAMC Thread

    Thought I would start this new thread for WAMC even though still early for upcoming match cycle. I am an AMG in between MS3 and MS4, on research year. I had originally wanted to do derm, but after this year of research, decided that I am more interested in internal medicine. I would like to...
  15. D

    Please, I really appreciate your advice for this year match

    Hello Guys, I matched this year but my visa underwent administrative processing. It's still pending but the program couldn't afford to wait for me. They requested a waiver from NRMP one month only after the Residency start date. The waiver is granted and they released me. Its really hard for...
  16. CardiacLion

    Applying EM; Withold comlex scores?

    Hey guys, Applying ACGME - EM this cycle. Had pretty good stats up until this year: STEP1: 246; COMLEX 1: 689 STEP 2: TBD (8/29 Release); COMLEX 2: 512 Solid CV with multiple research/volunteer experiences, and believe my SLOE's will be all honors. Had a pretty steep drop from COMLEX 1 to 2...
  17. P

    Failed Step 2 CK. What should I do?

    Please refrain from "just give up" as advice. I know that the odds are against me. This is something that I'm very passionate about and I'm willing to do what I can. I'm ready to fight. I am an US IMG (didn't graduate as yet). Question: Retake step 2 ck, take step 2 CS and apply to match 2019 or...
  18. SJ1990


    hi, I am an Indian medical graduate preparing for step 1. My fiance is a 2014 graduate from India. Have been working under an Internist at a tertiary care hospital and has few international publications as 2nd and 3rd author. He has been preparing for step 1 too.plan to give it around feb.-Mar...