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  1. A

    Clinical Experience for Med School

    Hello, I am currently working as a medical assistant in an urgent care, but patient volumes are low and they have cut all employees hours, including mine. As a medical assistant at the specific urgent care that I work at, I can triage patients, obtain their vitals signs, determine their chief...
  2. W

    MA job or take classes

    Hey, I'm a super nontraditional applicant hoping to apply this cycle, but I don't have that many great EC's. A little about me: in a PhD program currently (stats), hate it, and want to switch to medicine. I have most of the prereqs down (1 year of bio + lab, gen chem (missing lab), ochem + lab...
  3. G

    Position Available Clinical Assistant

    Medical Fellowship (Clinical Assistant): One Year Duration Job Location: Central Valley, CA (USA) Medical Graduates waiting to get into Residency program are eligible. Should be legal residents/citizens of USA or should have (self) work permit. Will be working with MD or Physician Assistant who...
  4. R

    Position Available Hiring Medical assistant

    I'm looking to hire for a medical assistant, part-time only for 2 to 3 days per week in Houston. for a Rheumatology practice, it's a very good opportunity to interact with medical students and gain valuable clinical experience. We have an academic title as well .Please PM me if interested.
  5. lialalala

    Medical Assistant vs. Medical Scribe

    I have clinical experience working in a big hospital watching hospitalized patients for 8 hours a day. Although I built great clinical experience, I do not have "shadowing" experience because I never worked beside doctors so I was planning to do a scribe job. I found a few places looking for...
  6. M

    Switch to similar MA job where I may get research experience?

    Hello! So I currently work as an MA in a hospital setting and am being offered a job with someone who will be a sub PI for a CRO and who is simultaneously starting their own private family medicine practice. In my first interview they claimed it would be both research and MA , however in the...
  7. S

    Research Assistant vs Medical Assistant for my two gap years?

    Hi! I'm currently a senior and I have two gap year offers, one for a research tech/assistant and the other is for a medical assistant for a private clinic. I'm going to take two gap years, and I'm split on which one to take. Research Assistant -- The lab is very productive, and the PI wants...
  8. W

    ShiftKey work as a CMA

    Hey everyone. I recently stumbled upon ShiftKey which is an app that lets you pickup bonuses shifts at facilities in your area as a CMA/CNA etc. has anyone had experience with this app? Reviews? Thanks!
  9. D

    CNA vs MA vs Scribing

  10. O

    Which should I choose?

  11. R

    Should I Obtain a Medical Assistant Certification?

    I am an undergraduate non-traditional senior (B.A. in Computer Science). My overall GPA is 3.85, science GPA is 4.0 as I’m taking my prerequisites, I have 17 hours of clinical volunteering, and I was just hired as a medical scribe (job title is “Medical Assistant”) for a psychiatry/neurology...
  12. M

    Medical Assistant Online Programs

    Hello everyone, Recently I found an online program for Medical Assistant. Courses which are in persons cost a bit too much for me to manage, so luckily I found this accredited institution that allows online classes at a much more affordable price, however there is no clinical part included...
  13. R

    Virtual MA

    For students who have completed med school, but are awaiting residency application for next year, let us know if interested in virtual medical assistant positions?
  14. C

    No shadowing but lots of clinical?

    I applied last cycle to no avail which I kind of expected because I only had hospital volunteer experience and worked part time as a physical therapy aide. This past year I have been working as a medical assistant at a clinic with NPs and PAs and will have about 1500 hours by the time I apply...
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  16. I

    How can I improve my application?

  17. Nexus40

    Gap Year Medical Receptionist vs. Scribing

    Hello everyone! I am currently in my gap year applying to med school. Just finished my secondaries and looking forward to gaining some great clinical experience during my year off. I am lucky to have gotten two job offers so far. One of the offers is a scribing job at a local hospital where...
  18. T

    Medical Assistant vs. Scribe vs. Autotransfusion Tech

    I know a lot of people looking to apply for medical school often work as medical assistants or scribes to gain "clinical" experience, but it seems to me that these things are becoming part of the pre-med checklist making the experience less unique compared to what it used to be. I recently...
  19. P

    Scribe wanted for pain practice in FL

    Hello All: We are looking for a scribe to help our pain practice in the east coast of FL in a great location near the beach. This is a good opportunity for med students, residents, or fellows or anyone in a transitional year in their career looking to get hands on experience. Please PM me for...
  20. P

    Medical Assistant or Psychiatric Technician?

    College Freshman here. I want to increase my clinical exposure and also possibly make some money at the same time. Is being a medical assistant, nursing assistant, scribe, or psychiatric technician worth it and/or helpful for med school apps? My school has an opening for a nursing assistant...
  21. M

    Gap Year Job dilemma

    Hi, I am a 4th year college student applying to medical school in June, which means that I am taking a gap year. I have the opportunity to work either as a Medical Assistant at a private allergy clinic (I'll have lots of patient contact, but the pay is low and only 35hours/week) or as a Junior...
  22. J

    Volunteering at Free clinic experience

    I just started volunteering at a Free Clinic in my area and I wanted to know how would this look on med school applications. At the clinic I am medical assistant ( take bp manually, height, weight, ekgs, ask simple questions such as " are you in any pain,etc...) and I also scribe for the doctors...
  23. N

    cGPA 3.5, sGPA 3.2--Early Grad? More

    Hello! Long lurker, new poster here. //waves I'm a junior at UCLA sitting at a 3.5 cGPA, 3.2 sGPA (2/3rds B's, rest A's or A-'s), a slight upwards trend in all GPAs, and according to my major requirements, capable of graduating next quarter (though by the looks of it, it'd be wiser for me to...
  24. gentlesky

    MA position in OB/GYN office- Edison, NJ

    There is an available medical assistant position at an OB/GYN office in Edison, NJ. This would be part-time position, as the office is not open everyday, so the days that you work will be slightly flexible. The position is subject to start immediately. I will be training the new MA at the tasks...
  25. Rennyrenren

    Interviewing for Medical Assistant position (Pasadena,CA)

    Hello everyone, I'm just posting here to see if anybody would be interested in a full time medical assistant position located in Pasadena,California. I am currently employed at this clinic and will be matriculating to medical school this year and am looking for a replacement for my position...
  26. R

    Temporary Medical Assistant, Alternate Path to Cert

    I'm doing some research on behalf of my better half while on a boring night shift. She is a newly minted MD who will likely not match this year. (scores quite good and clinical exp, but few connections...) She desperately wants to do something medical until next year. Somewhat ridiculous but...
  27. R

    Other MD doing MA / Interim Match period

    I'm doing some research on behalf of my better half while on a boring night shift. She is a newly minted MD who will likely not match this year. (scores quite good and clinical exp, but few connections...) She desperately wants to do something medical until next year. Somewhat ridiculous but...