1. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical This Week: Dr. Rizal's Medical School Application Master Class + Office Hours

    Hi everyone! We have two FREE events this week to help you get into medical school. These events are geared towards premeds who are applying to medical school this year. Medical school applications open in ONE WEEK. Learn how to STAND OUT and ask Dr. Rachel Rizal any specific questions you...
  2. C

    Using MSAR to craft a school list - questions about process

    I used MSAR to create a spreadsheet listing all accepted students' GPA/MCAT percentile data, as well as IS/OOS interview data for each school to do a first round pass of schools that might be good targets based on my own residence/stats, and I have a couple of questions about this process: 1)...
  3. P

    2020 MSAR Update

    AAMC disadvantaged status, additional language, and med-underserved area origin is cool. NYU's disadvantaged status is 3%, lol
  4. V

    Matriculated number bigger than interviewed number

    I saw this on MSAR and was so confused. Why is the number of matriculated international students more than the number of interviewed students?
  5. I

    Free MSAR Data

    Manager's taking the day off, and I have 30 minutes worth of work to do for the day (VERY slow day), so if anyone is curious about any schools on MSAR, I'll try to share it every 15-30 min or so. Truly hate the 8-5 system. Schools (MCAT, cGPA, sGPA at 10th/median/90th): Stony Brook...
  6. E

    Are MSAR GPAs AMCAS GPAs or the schools' interpreted GPAs?

    I've been looking through the new updated MSAR, and I was wondering where the GPA values MSAR reports come from. Are they AMCAS GPAs, or are they "interpreted GPAs" (like the last x units taken or something) that the school provides? My cumulative is not very salvageable but my science GPA is...
  7. M

    Decline in international MD/PhD acceptances

    I'm an international student planning on applying to MD/PhD programs in the upcoming cycle. I knew this was going to be an uphill battle and that things would be stacked against me as an international student so last year I made a spreadsheet including every program that said they accepted...
  8. Python Forever

    How to interpret reinvented GPAs (if at all) with MSAR?

    For students who underwent a long but successful post-bacc (80+ units), and recovered from a sub 3.0 GPA, how should one interpret their performance using the MSAR? For example, I'm looking at a 3.3x cGPA and 3.4x sGPA depending on how the next year plays out for me. I had a 2.5, but bounced...
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Use the MSAR to Choose the Best Medical Schools for You

    If you are applying to allopathic medical schools, you will need to purchase access to the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) website. It costs $28 for one year of access. It is published each spring, usually in April, by the AAMC and includes the admission statistics for all...
  10. chemdoctor

    What does case by case mean on MSAR?

    I was looking at some schools and noticed that it said "case by case"/ Obviously, it means that it depends but what does it depend on? Stats?
  11. D

    MSAR help needed - finding programs that accept online coursework

    I can't figure out how to use the MSAR to see which medical schools accept online prerequisites/coursework. Can someone help? Yes, I already know the stigma with online classes and whatnot. I'm not looking for someone to offer advice that I should do X at a community college or retake Y at a...
  12. lilsebastian18

    Concerned About Silence?

    Just realized that the Admissions' section on the MSAR has when applications review begin for a particular school. Literally had no idea that was a thing, until last night, so no one rain on my parade, k thanks. Some schools have not even begun the review process and most just started in the...
  13. A

    Using MSAR for interviews

    Hey, I have my first med school interview scheduled (woohoo!) for the end of August. I was curious if I should buy access to the MSAR if it has any useful information I could use for the interview. I am not entirely sure if it is worth me buying access at this point as I have already sent all of...
  14. T

    cGPA/sGPA and interpreting the MSAR

  15. unicorn_poop

    MD what are my chances at these medical schools?

    Hello, I'm a California resident! 3.65 sGPA, 3.7 Total GPA, 515 (127, 128, 130, 130) MCAT. (It's really sad, my total GPA would be closer to a 3.8 if I just took Spanish at a community college. It TANKED my GPA, such a bummer) I have 2000+ hours of clinical experience (working as an EMT...
  16. U

    MSAR 2018 stat to best assess chance of applicant admission

    Question rephrased: For a grouping of schools with similar MCAT/GPA medians, which is most likely to accept a single applicant? Question specifics - Measuring relative competitiveness of schools with acceptance stats: which is better, all else being equal, when making school selectivity...
  17. W

    3.4 GPA, 517 MCAT, Great GPA Trend; How to pick schools

    Deleted for privacy reasons. But I really appreciate everyone's help. Good luck this cycle.
  18. Govols22

    MSAR Matriculated vs Accepted Stats

    Should we only take accepted stats into account? Or should we also acknowledge matriculated stats? For example, someone's MCAT could be less than the 10th percentile for Accepted students at a school, but that MCAT score would be 25th percentile for matriculated students at that school. If...
  19. M

    MCAT subsection score matters for deciding which schools to apply to?

    Hello, I'm trying to make a list of schools to apply to but I'm not sure whether I should be considering the subsection breakdowns when applying. If my overall score is at the median of the school (516) but my CARS score (125) is not within the 10th percentile of a school, should I bother...
  20. DrFloodWater

    ALL MDs 2017 - Data For Selecting Schools

    I was frustrated with the search functionality of MSAR. It is very limited in what you can search by (stuff that actually matters) So, I created a spreadsheet that you can search things on, compare much more easily, and filter things. I used the spreadsheet from DrTroll as the skeleton for mine...
  21. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    When to start apps as a Canadian applicant?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently waiting on interview results up here in Canada but anticipating the possibility I will need to re-apply this coming cycle. Will be applying in both Canada and US this year if necessary. I'm looking at buying the MSAR and picking appropriate schools for my stats but...
  22. H

    New MSAR

    I was wondering if the newest MSAR has been released yet for the 2017-2018 application cycle? If not, if I buy the current version now - will I automatically have access to the new one when it is released or will I have to buy it again?
  23. F

    MSAR vs startclass

    What are your thoughts regarding MSAR vs startclass?
  24. Q

    Please help me cut down my school list

    So I've been going through the MSAR and looking more into which schools I'll apply to this June. I'm at 39 schools so far and looking to cut that down to around 25. Here's the list: Baylor Brown BU Case Western Columbia Cornell Dartmouth Duke Emory Georgetown GW Harvard Icahn at Mt...
  25. A

    When to buy MSAR

    I will be applying the 2017-2018 application cycle. I recently got back my MCAT score, and I'd like to start making a list of schools to apply to, but I was wondering if I should wait until the next edition of the MSAR is released, or if I should just buy the one that is out now.
  26. Asclepius293

    Med School Application List - Feedback Appreciated!

    Hey all, Michigan Resident here. 3.79cGPA, 3.66sGPA, 511 MCAT (127/131/127/126). Over 2,000 hours non- clinical volunteering. 300 hours clinical. 100 hours shadowing. 3 individual research projects over 3 years. Cancer lab research for the last year. Interesting experiences such as teaching...
  27. A

    MSAR Screening

    Hi, so I bought the online MSAR and I'm not sure where on each school's page you would find the information on whether or not they screen before the secondaries. Thanks guys!!
  28. M


    can someone educate me how to use MSAR to help with medical school list to apply in June? thanks in advance
  29. shtumpa

    MSAR Specialty Choices

    In the MSAR there is a tab "specialty choices" that list the specialties chosen by students by percentage. I am looking at the Einstein list [and other schools I've seen the same issue] and something does not seem to make sense: 1) The percentages add up to 58%. Are 42% of students choosing...
  30. Govols22

    So what's the deal with MSAR and research?

    I am looking through the MSAR "Percentage of Applicants with Volunteer and Research experience" page for each medical school , and I am somewhat surprised. I'm not surprised that 98% of accepted applicants from Stanford had research experience,but outside of schools like Mercer, it seems like...
  31. AAMC Pre-med

    Free Virtual Medical School Fair on February 4, 2016

    Join the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) February 4th from 12pm to 8pm EST to live chat with admissions reps from 25 medical schools to learn more about what makes their programs unique. You’ll be able to ask them anything from application requirements to financial aid options...
  32. E

    MSAR errors?

    So I'm noticing a lot of discrepancies between data in the MSAR and data provided on medical schools' websites. For example, MSAR says Temple accepted 32% OOS last cycle, where as the Temple website says it accepted 53% OOS. This is a huge difference. Which is more reliable in general?
  33. K

    What schools are worth applying OOS?

    What data is most important in considering whether to apply to a school as an OOS applicant? Percentage out of state? What is a reasonable OOS percentage to make it worth applying to a particular school? Thanks :)