1. A

    Temple (OOS) vs Midwestern AZ

    Hi all, I am an atypical applicant (several years out of undergraduate) and I am trying to decide between two schools to which I have been accepted. Both seem to have high quality clinical programs with ample patient populations. Temple: Pros: -Located in Philadelphia, seems like a nice/fun...
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  3. H

    SIU (IS) vs. MWU-IL

    Hi guys, I am having trouble deciding between SIU and Midwestern Illinois dental school. I would really appreciate any input. Thanks!
  4. F

    Alternate List/ Waitlist Post Interview for MWU AZCOPT Class of 2024

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone else was placed on an alternate list/ waitlist for class of 2024 after interviewing at Midwestern's optometry program in Arizona. -If so, how long did it take for you to come off the list (if you did come off)? -Is it because all the seats filled up for...
  5. C

    Should I email a school updates if I have already done so on AADSAS? (Waitlisted)

    I got waitlisted at MWU-AZ, and am not sure if I should email them updates about me acquiring my x-ray license and continuing to assist at a dental office for the past 8 months, as well taking an anatomy course right now. I updated AADSAS to reflect these changes a month ago, but just wanted to...
  6. M

    Midwestern-Glendale, AZ PsyD

    After looking through nearly every mention of the Clinical Psychology PsyD program at Midwestern U in Arizona in the SDN, I have a question--is the program still poorly regarded? I've been accepted to the school and want to make sure I'm making an informed decision. Their cohort size is ~23...
  7. D

    Des Moines University vs. Chicago COM at Midwestern University

  8. D

    DMU vs VCOM vs CCOM/MWU vs TouroCOM/NY

  9. I

    Midwestern CCP Fall 2019

    has anyone else applies to MWU CCP for early decision or regular?
  10. futuredrummerdoctor

    Any current/former AZCOM students?

    I am starting medical school this fall at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ and I have a few questions! MUCH appreciated if you could respond if you are affiliated with AZCOM, thank you!
  11. davdango

    ***The Official Midwestern-Illinois Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    PREVIOUS THREADS: Class of 2022 Thread Class of 2021 Thread Hello! I'm an incoming D1 who is super excited to start school. :welcome: Please feel free to discuss and remember to be courteous. PM me if you need extra help. Best of luck! :D Link to interview prep: Midwestern University College...
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  13. N

    Midestern Arizona dental school Vs UCSF dental school

    Hey Everyone, I am debating between UCSF and Midwestern. UCSF has the name recognition that is useful for apply for specialization and for jobs in academia. San Francisco city is super beautiful and offers so much to do. dental program is okay. it is not the strongest clinically. their...
  14. C

    2017 Midwestern University PsyD Program Thoughts?

    I have an interview scheduled for the end of November at MWU Downers Grove. I've read past forum post's about their program when they were recently APA accredited, although they are still considered a "new" and "developing" program. Does anyone have any opinions on modern day MWU at Downers...
  15. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Midwestern AZ

    Has anyone heard back from Midwestern AZ about acceptances for fall 2018?
  16. P

    Midwestern University (Glendale, AZ) C/O 2021

    Haven't seen a thread for MWU Pharmacy applicants for this year. Thought I would create this thread where anyone can share relevant information and ask questions. My stats were verified by Pharmcas 8/23. Who has/is applying? Has anyone heard back?
  17. Y

    Midwestern AZ vs DG? MBS

    Got into both schools' MBS program, debating which one would be a better fit. I am from IL but I don't mind at all moving to AZ. Have any of you heard about one being better than the other? I'm set on doing the 2 year MBS in hopes to get accepted elsewhere and drop out after the first year. Any...
  18. B

    Chicago State University or Midwestern University

    I've been thankfully accepted to the two pharmacy schools I wanted to be in, however it's a tough decision deciding which one I should go to... As a person with little slow learning capabilities what would anyone recommend, even though of course pharmacy school is still a challenge. Thanks!
  19. FnA Man

    AZPod does not have its own college, Why?

    When I was at a pod interview with a school in the Midwest, they seemed it was necessary to let me know that one of the other two schools associated with a DO school (Western U and AZPod) does not have their own college but is under the College of Health Sciences. As well they stated that they...
  20. VaniLLaKiLLa

    MWU-AZ Studio Apartment Inquiry

    So I sincerely apologize if this topic is in the wrong forum. I have recently been accepted to MWU-AZ's Dental Medicine program and applied for on-campus housing for my fiancee and I. We are hoping to get into a studio apartment with washer/dryer/dishwasher units pre-installed. I was...
  21. Fancy312

    Midwestern University (IL) MBS Program 2016

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone that has gotten any news at all regarding their application for the 2 year MBS program in IL???? Still playing the waiting game over here and constantly checking my email/mailbox :nailbiting::coffee: If you can reply below on how when you submitted everything...
  22. Fancy312

    MWU MBS 2016

    Hi guys, Just wondering the timing of when you guys submitted your app and when you heard back? Anyone still waiting?
  23. L

    MWU (Chicago) vs Temple University?

    Hello! I have been accepted into both schools, and I am having trouble deciding between the two. I know it's very late, but any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Along with any form of insight, I'd also love to hear more about the following: Class size: Being that both...
  24. 313heros

    MWU glendale pharmacy book list

    Does anybody know what books will be used for the first quarter at MWU pharmd program? Trying to familiarize what will come up in the quarter, material wise. Let me know.
  25. M

    MOSDOH or MWU IL Cost

    Hello all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I have been lucky enough to be chosen by two schools, but at the same time it has given me some headache because I am sitting here calculating the real cost of dental school. I understand that on paper the MOSDOH one is cheaper by about...
  26. T

    AZCOM or CCOM Rotations/Matching

    Hello everyone. I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to both of these institutions, and I had a small list of questions. 1. Board Preparation/USMLE: How active is each school's administration and curriculum in preparing students for the boards. 2. Match Lists and Future: I am from...
  27. T

    Accepted to AZCOM and CCOM; I appreciate all input.

    Hello everyone, I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to MWU-CCOM/AZCOM. I am a California native, and I definitely plan on coming back to CA for residency and eventually working here as a physician. I would be interested in EM/Trauma or Gen Surgery/Neurosurgery, but none of these are...
  28. Fancy312


    Hello All, I was wondering if there was anyone out there that applied to these 1 year masters programs and still pursued dentistry. I recently took my dat (literally yesterday) and did pretty bad, don't ask, I did horrible :oops: My initial step is to apply to these, programs, but I have a...
  29. N

    only if you go to any of these dental schools

    Hi guys, I am interested in your opinions of the following schools. Please comment only if you are currently a student at the school or if you were offered admissions and planning on attending. 1) Upenn dental 2) Roseman UT dental 3) MWU- AZ dental 4) MWU-IL dental 5) UNE dental 6) MOSDOH dental...