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  1. C

    2015 Dr. Collins PCAT

    I have all of the Dr. Collins 2015 PCAT study guides and practice tests, including the July 2015 updates, and am selling them for a very good price! Message me if you are interested.
  2. 8

    PCAT Prep Courses in Chicago Suburbs?

    Hey guys, I'm located in the Chicago, IL suburbs. I want to take the PCAT this summer, so I was wondering if there are any PCAT courses (like Dr. Collins) being taught in the area. Thanks!
  3. P

    PCAT study material Barron's Kaplan McGrawHill

    6 pcat study books and over 1000 flash cards for PCAT exam. Very good condition. These books will prepare you. Worked for me! PM me with an offer. Thanks.
  4. D

    Dr. Collin's 2015 PCAT & Updates for Sale

    Hi, I'm selling my Dr. Collin's PCAT prep 2015 edition with all current updates. I bought it new for $375 directly from the Dr. Collin's website, but I am willing to negotiate a price. If interested, please let me know at: [email protected] Thanks! :)
  5. F

    PCAT preparation? Any advice

    Hey everyone! I plan to take the PCAT this coming July and I was wondering if you have any advice- study aids, tools, websites, anything that could prep me in advance for this test. What has helped you ace it? I have biochem, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology left as course I did not...
  6. C

    Should I retake the PCAT?

    Hi, I took the January 5th PCAT and my preliminary scores are: Quant: 99% Chem: 99% Verbal: 99% Bio: 98% RC: 78% Composite: 99% Since I was born and raised in the US, would that RC score be too low?
  7. K

    For Sale PCAT Materials

    I have Collins 2014 with 2015 updates with no annotations I have Kaplan 2015-2016 edition but I used the practice tests I have PCAT Destroyer 2015 edition Have all of them for $200 I scored in 98% percentile on the PCAT
  8. C

    Selling Dr. Collins 2015 New!!! $300

    Selling Dr. Collins for $300 dollars. Hey guys I'm a junior here in Michigan. I just took my PCAT on January 6th and got a preliminary score composite of 80 percentile. I got 94th percentile in Chemistry. 80+ in both Quantative Ability and Biology. And 30-45 in the Reading and Verbal sections...
  9. P

    For Sale Dr.Collins PCAT 2016 update version for sale.

    Bought the Dr. Collins for the January PCAT. It really helped me get the 90 percentile from 40 percentile the last time. Just send me a message if your are interested. Thanks
  10. N

    DR COLLINS 2015 PCAT Review for SALE!!

    Hey guys! I am selling my Dr Collins PCAT Review! It is last years edition (2015). Looks brand new..no marks or writing on it! Email me at [email protected] for more info if you are interested :)
  11. S

    QUICK QUESTION!! Can I (quietly) chew gum during the exam?

    I know I won't bother anybody, but I don't it to be counted as a "snack" and then get in trouble for it.
  12. G

    selling Dr collins 2015 with july updates

    Hello I'm selling my Dr Collins 2015 PC AT with July 2015 updates. Send me message if interested.
  13. B

    PCAT in one week!! Having second thoughts

    Hello all, I am scheduled to take the pcat in a little over a week, but I am beginning to have a mental breakdown before this test. I have a 4-yr degree in a sci. related field, but some of my upper level sci prereqs really lowered my overall gpa so I recently retook orgo 1 and physics 1 and...
  14. B

    Looking for Dr. Collins PCAT package 2015-2016

    Please message me if you are selling a Dr. Collins PCAT package for the year 2015-2016.
  15. L

    For Sale Dr. Collins Pcat review 2014

    Selling this for cheap, $60 shipped. Includes all parts. Good condition, no marks on the pages. Please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you.
  16. R

    When should I buy the Dr. Collins self study packet?

    I plan on taking the PCAT around September 2016. I was thinking of buying the self study packet, but I want to get the most recent, updated version. So when should I purchase that? Is it around the time when the live classes start? Thanks in advance!
  17. P

    Pcat Advice !

    Hi guys, I just ordered my Dr.Collins Pcat study guide-it is the 2015 version and I will be taking the Pcat for the first time in January. I have about 3 weeks total to study. I was wondering what is the quickest way to get through the information? Are the study guides necessary to go through...
  18. Y

    Dr. Collins PCAT for Sale

    Dr. Collins material include january and july updates. I bought it for 300 recently and took the test and got a 95% composite. I hope I get in to pharm school and so have no need of the material. I'm willing to sell mine for $200. Don't be scammed by other sellers that sell cheap copies here...
  19. I

    Dr. Collins 2015/2016

    Hello, I'm selling my Dr. Collins january and july updated for $120 free priority two day shipping. Message me if interested to [email protected]
  20. T

    Wanted: Dr. Collins PCAT

    I need Dr. Collins study guide, was wondering if anyone was selling theirs. I don't want any copies or PDF forms. I'm paying half upfront and the rest after I receive the package, as I've been scammed before. Email me at [email protected] with pictures please.
  21. H

    PCAT Dr. Collins (All Updates) & Kaplan 2015-16

    I'm selling the pcat dr. Collins with Fall 2014, January 2015, July 2015 updates for $120 The kaplan book has no markings in it the reference sheets were pulled out but still there. $40 Price can be negotiated Dr. Collins is pdf form Kaplan is a textbook
  22. T

    Helpful Tips for PCAT that i found useful

    Hey guys just took the PCAT about a week ago and wanted to help those who are stressing out about it my scores were VERBAL:82 Biology:97 RC:49 QA:98 Chemistry:97 Comp:96 I only used Dr. Collins and literally studied 10 days prior to the test cause i had all my other tests i had to worry about...
  23. F


    So I took the PCAT in September and did absolutely horrible. I plan on taking a year off after undergrad since I am a senior this year and will be graduating. I opted out of the option to send my score to schools, so they are just available to me. I also did not update this on pharmcas. Will...
  24. T

    Should I submit my Pharmcas without pcat score?

    Okay so here is my situation. I have basically everything submitted to pharmcas. Transcripts, LORS, and Personal statement. I just recently took my pcat last week and I am still waiting for the official scores to post up. Should i send my pharmcas without my pcat scores first? It gets a little...
  25. I

    I have DR.Collins 2015 july

    July 2015 updated for $140 free priority shipping. [email protected]
  26. I


    Hi, I just took the PCAT and I'm selling my Dr. Collins material for $140 free priority shipping. I am also willing to give you some advice in my best parts 91 chem, 90bio, 88math. The others I did good but not so great on because I didn't put much effort into them.
  27. I

    Having a very difficult time deciding what courses to take next semester to prepare for PCAT

    Hi! I know this is so annoying and long but I would appreciate any advice anyone has!! I plan on taking the PCAT this upcoming summer, July 8-9. If you have taken it already or know a lot about what is on it please help me decide what courses to register for to ensure success on the exam...
  28. xherbear

    Retaking PCAT after PharmCAS submission...is it okay?

    I am taking my first PCAT on November 5th (3 days from now). To be quite honest, I am not ready....at all. All of my focus and dedication went to organic chem and anatomy, so I did not have time to study. I have a feeling I will score very low on this exam. The thing is, most pharmD schools run...
  29. M

    October Pcat!! 2015 Prelim

    Hello:whistle: I take the test on Friday. I think the October test week has already begun :sneaky:. I used the Dr. Collins and the Pearson Practice tests, my first two practice scores range on 80-99 and 75-95, respectively. I am gonna do the last one tomorrow. Let us know how was your...
  30. P

    For Sale updated Dr. Collins 2015

    Hello, finished my PCAT and got a great score :). I am selling my 2015 updated DR.Collins material. Honestly, this is a must use material in order to achieve a good PCAT score send me a PM if you are interested in buying.
  31. P

    Prepharmacy math course help!!

    I was suppose to start college in the fall as a freshmen but i ended up dropping it. It was becasue i was so frustrated with everything. Over the summer i found out that i was not able to recieve my scholarship because my school didnt receieve my new act score they needed in time which i had no...
  32. J


    Hey Pcat Studiers, I'm DONE taking the PCAT and im looking to sell my 2015 Collins study material! It is the latest verison and in new condition. For all of you feeling iffy about this material, my advice is DON'T, because the Dr.collins study guide helped me tremendously and is very precise to...
  33. J

    Selling My 2015 Dr.Collins the Latest version!

    Hey Pcat Studiers, I'm DONE taking the PCAT and im looking to sell my 2015 Collins study material! It is the latest verison and in new condition. For all of you feeling iffy about this material, my advice is DON'T, because the Dr.collins study guide helped me tremendously and is very precise to...
  34. A

    Did Rutgers pharmacy receive your pcat scores?

    Hello all, Did Rutgers pharmacy receive anyones pcat scores? i took my pcat in July 2015 and it currently says Pcat results are required. Does anyone knownif i should take any further action? Thank you
  35. G

    September 2015 Official Score Posted?

    I logged onto the Pearson website this afternoon at around 2pm and my official score report was posted (with the writing score). I wrote the PCAT Sept 18th and I checked back at 8pm and the score report wasn't there anymore. Is anyone having this same problem. I'm worried my writing score will...
  36. H

    When To Take PCAT?

    Hi guys! Just found out about SDN so I'm still getting used to everything and exploring the site. I was wondering when I should take the PCAT. I have already completed most of my Pre-Pharm Program. I am in the middle of my O-chem 1 therefore have not taken o-chem 2. I was wondering how much of...
  37. H

    Buying PCAT Dr. Collins 2015

    Anyone selling the Dr. Collins PCAT with the most recent update? Please email me with the following at [email protected] -the year of the guide and the month of the update -condition of the material (any missing pages or any writing/highlighting) -price -any other material included? Any...
  38. A

    For Sale Selling PCAT materials

    Hello everyone, I am selling Dr.Collins 2015 with updates of 2014 January, 2015 January and July. I am selling kaplan book for 2014 and also Pearson test which will be valid till this year. Everything is in good condition and there are no markers or highlighters on any of these study guides.
  39. L

    What are my chances? (statistics)

    So I'm applying this fall to three Pharmacy schools: University of Texas, Texas Tech, and University of Houston and am super nervous about getting in because of a few factors that I am very embarrassed to have. My first choice school is UT austin but I am afraid I am not going to get in because...
  40. P

    For Sale Kaplan PCAT practice tests

    Selling code for 2 Kaplan PCAT practice tests for $15. First person to message me gets it. It includes full length explanation to the answers. Great way to get in some more practice for the PCAT. Message or email me- [email protected]