1. D


    Why is it that dipeptides and tripeptides can be absorbed in the intestinal wall but disaccharides have to be broken down to monosaccharides to be absorbed? Thank you!
  2. Polycherry

    Why does fetal distress (hypoxia) cause bradycardia and not tachycardia?

    In a non stress test performed in the labor room, fetal bradycardia is a danger sign indicating fetal distress (hypoxia). Why does fetal hypoxia cause bradycardia while hypoxia in adults cause tachycardia? What is the mechanism for both and why is it reverse?
  3. F

    Post-Bacc Physiology Question!

    Hello SDN members! A little background: I am currently beginning my final semester at a state university pursuing an "informal" style post-bacc where I simply take upper division biology courses that I have never taken before as well as repeating some pre-med pre-reqs that I didn't do so well...
  4. neva525

    Physiology lab practical exam-what am I doing

    Hello everyone. I'm in 2nd year of college. I'm writing you in hopes you can tell me how to properly do capillary puncture from the finger of a hand. I don't know if you guys had to do it for your physiology practical exams, but I have to. I need to do it in order to pass my physiology exam...
  5. A

    Where can I get a 1-credit Physiology lab?

    Hey guys!!!! One of the dpt schools requires me to take Physiology Lab by Spring, 2017 in order to keep reviewing my application :( I have taken a 4 credit physiology course in my undergrad program but it was lecture and problem solving involved, no lab. I am currently out of the country for...
  6. A

    1-credit Physiology lab? Can it be taken online?

    Hey guys!!!! One of the dpt schools requires me to take Physiology Lab by Spring, 2017 in order to keep reviewing my application :( I have taken a 4 credit physiology course in my undergrad program but it was lecture and problem solving involved, no lab. I am currently out of the country for...
  7. Polycherry

    Is the amount of blood same in the pulmonary and systemic foetal circulation?

    We learn that the stroke volume is the same for the right and left side of the heart. So the amount of blood in either circulations should also be the same. (is it? I myself doubt this statement. As in, does it need to?)There's also a list of adaptations in the pulmonary vasculature that...
  8. B

    NC State [NCSU] Masters of Physiology 2017

    I'm applying to the MR of Physiology program at NCSU in Fall of 2017. If you were accepted, what were your stats like? What's is the lowest uGPA that you've heard was accepted?
  9. M

    Malaria Chemoprophylaxis Mode of Action

    Hi, Apologies if this is a dumb question, but 1) What is the mode of operation of malaria chemoprophlaxis (it seems to me, the drugs are the same as those used to treat malaria, so is the mechanism of action just to have your body filled with drugs which will destroy any plasmodium which...
  10. Sameffect

    Getting into Dental Schools with C or B-

    Hey everybody ! I'm a student who is taking 16 credit hours in this semester. I am managing a club of which I am the President, taking part in all of my group activites of my pre-health frat club, shadowing a dentist and working a part time job. Right now, I am on my way of getting 3 As, 1 B and...
  11. Masonh928

    How does undergrad physiology contrast to medical school physiology?

    While I know what there's an immense difference in taking, for instance, a semester of physiology during undergrad, but what if I were to major in Physiology/Anatomy ? Would majoring in Physiology still be little compared to Medical School Physiology? Just as a note, I'm not just considering...
  12. rs_med_student

    Should i Read Guyton?

    Hello guys. i am a hopefully soon to be 2nd year med student obviously i did my physiology class and i did fantastic. the Q in the tite has been on my mind for quite a while. we used guyton's textbook of physiolgy...the freakin bible of physiology i liked it a lot and found it fairly easy to...
  13. rs_med_student

    BOTH is reading Medical BIBILES good?

  14. rs_med_student

    Physiology Tips Needed:)

    Hello. i am a first year med student. i just finished my general physiology class and i did very well in it. we used Guyton & Hall as a source...a classic and i love it i wanna ask what are the best chapters Guyton is known for? and what are the chapters/subjects that are best studied from...
  15. A

    Advice for O Chem?

  16. D

    DAT physiology

    I just finished cliffs AP bio and everyone is saying the physio section sucks so what would u guys recommended is a good source for that section??? Videos? Notes? I have the Kaplan blue book but have not touched it thus far lol..And Not feralis notes pls, the physio chapter on those notes is...
  17. D

    Which type of physio class to take? (human or animal)

    Hi SDN'ers, while I am planing for my Fall class schedule, I am kinda having a conflict with which type of physiology class to take this Fall. One class is an intro to human physiology class with lab but it's a lower division class (btw, I'm going to be a senior student this Fall), so I don't...
  18. C

    UC Berkeley Extension Classes - Professor/Class Reviews

    Has anyone taken these class with these professors at UC Berkeley Extension? Could anyone comment on the quality of professor and level of difficulty? I can't seem to find any recent threads on this... Genetics (online) with Susan Parkinson Immunology (online) with Monica Ranes-Goldberg...
  19. doc4kids93

    I want to be a DO and a biology teacher. What should I do?

    I am currently a senior in undergrad. I will be graduating August 2016 with a B.S. in Biology. I aspire to become a Pediatric Anesthesiologist. However, after taking my physiology course, I realized that I want to also one day teach Human Physiology as a teacher. How would I go about doing...
  20. D

    3D Anatomy Software Question

    Howdy SDN, Does anyone have recommendations for 3D Anatomy Software to use when studying for anatomy? I am a very visual learner and am having trouble visualizing the fine anatomical structures necessary for doing well in veterinary school anatomy. Any free or paid software recommendations...
  21. Jessie61195

    Should I Take Physiology?

    Hello everyone. I am planning to attend an Anesthesiology Assistant program next year, and I signed up to take Human Physiology w/ Lab this upcoming Fall semester. I am taking it with Organic Chemistry Lab, Biology 2 w/ lab, and other health science courses. The only reason I am taking Human...
  22. itsJazz

    Human vs Animal vs Comparative A&P

    I was planning to take human A&P before taking the DAT (next cycle), but all my pre-dental peers talk about taking comparative versus regular animal physiology/vertebrate anatomy, so I can't really get much of a comparison among the three. Granted, since I'm not a biology major, human A&P is...
  23. Elsevier

    USMLE/COMLEX Advice for USMLE Step 1 from Elsevier Authors

    Elsevier Authors offer their advice for USMLE Step 1! 5 Study Tips for USMLE Step 1 By Drs. Ted O'Connell, Ryan Pedigo, and Thomas Blair, authors of Crush Step 1 How to Succeed in Physiology – the course, Step 1, and beyond By Dr. Linda Costanzo, author of Physiology Special SDN offer! Save...
  24. A


  25. coda4451

    MCAT Question: How does the ear detect different Frequencies?

    After sound in the air gets converted into vibrations in the fluid of the inner ear, this vibration travels along the scala vestibuli to the apex of the cochlea and then back down along the scala tympani to the base of the cochlea where the round window is. I understand that different regions of...
  26. C

    Advertisement USMLE step 1 now by Draw it to Know it

    Remember 1st year of med school? No worries. Get ready, fast, for the USMLE, Step 1 with Draw it to Know it. With Coupon: Royal15 ;)
  27. Jsor20

    Extra Courses to prepare for NEW MCAT

    Hello everyone, I am preparing to take the MCAT at the beginning of 2017. I have one more semester to take a couple extra classes. To anyone that has taken the NEW MCAT, or anyone who has good info, what are the best courses besides the required courses. I am deciding between a physiology course...
  28. L

    Specific questions regarding a DO-PhD for neuro

    I've browsed through a lot of the threads on the differences between a DO and an MD, why anyone would ever want to do a DO-PhD instead of an MD-PhD, why you would even bother with the PhD when as a physician you can do academic research anyways, etc...And I don't feel like my questions have been...
  29. CharleyVCU1988

    Odd QBank Question about tourniquets and acid-base

    24-yo man having anterior cruciate ligament repair with hamstring graft. Tourniquet inflated to 300 mmHg as a method of decreasing blood loss. Patient stable intraoperatively and the procedure lasts just over 60 mins. What type of acid-base disturbance is expected with deflation of the...
  30. ForHumors

    Cardiac Physio- Right atrial pressure as a proxy for EDV

    Hey guys, I have something that I can't seem to find well-explained. Venous return and cardiac output curves use right atrial pressure on the X-axis. Costanzo says that it is used as a proxy for end diastolic volume but does not explain why right atrial pressure can be used instead in this...
  31. bombai

    Physiology and Genetics Courses

    I'm a non-traditional pre-veterinary student (I already have an M.A. and a B.A.). I'm taking all the prerequisites I can at the junior college level. I already have taken Biochemistry (2 semesters) at the university level. I am having difficulty finding Genetics and Physiology courses that seem...
  32. A

    NBME Physio Shelf

    Hey! So I have to pass the NBME physio shelf in 6 days. Any advice on what sources to use? I REALLY need to pass and I'm not too strong in physio. So far I've heard: 1-BRS Physio (I'm not a huge fan of the outlines and don't know this will teach me much - it seems better to review) 2- UWorld...
  33. selena

    For Sale The most popular MEDICAL and BIOLOGY BOOKS " Physiology,Genetics,Anatomy,Health,Fitness

    Today i bring you a list of most famous MEDICAL AND BIOLOGY BOOKS but this time ,in digital format (PDF) with many Features , the most important is low cost compared to the paper books (Students can save up to 80% when buying online version) and all other advantage of PDF BOOKS...
  34. K

    What type of doctor or therapist is this?

    I'm a junior in high school and I'm currently studying different science courses to prepare myself for a career in the health sciences. I would really love to pursue a career in rehabilitation, because it's something I've always loved, and I think I would do well there. However, I'm not sure...
  35. tasar1898

    EDV in Diastolic Heart failure

    Hello everyone , i dont know if this is a stupid question but its driving me crazy!! IF LVEDV is the volume of blood contained at LV at the end of diastole , and diastolic dysfunction = problem with filling , how is it possible for EDV to be normal in diastolic dysfunction ?? From my...
  36. K

    BRS/Medical books

    Looking for following books. Latest editions preferred, but will consider one edition old books. Minimal highlighting, wear/tear, writing, underling, etc please. Message me how much you are selling for! Costanzo Physiology Mosby Renal Physiology BRS Physiology BRS Gross Anatomy Moore...