1. N

    Rush University Biotech Masters Program

    Hi everyone. Recently I applied to the Biotechnology Masters Program at Rush University and I recently did a phone interview. Does anyone know how soon the decisions come out or if anyone has already been accepted please let me know how long it took to get back to you? Thanks it would mean a...
  2. doctor_deebee

    Post-Bac, pre-medical courses

    Hello! This is my first post. Please bear with me because I wasn't able to find any topics close enough to my situation. I'm currently finishing my bachelor of science in Family, Youth, & Community Sciences at the University of Florida. My goal is to finish my medical pre-req courses and apply...
  3. Z

    New York and Florida PostBaccs

    Hey there, I am a career-changer looking for a postbacc program. I have local housing in New York and Florida and I currently live in New York. (in-state tuition is why im telling you this!) My first thought was I wanted to stay in New York so as to keep my life relatively normal taking these...
  4. F

    Post-Bacc Physiology Question!

    Hello SDN members! A little background: I am currently beginning my final semester at a state university pursuing an "informal" style post-bacc where I simply take upper division biology courses that I have never taken before as well as repeating some pre-med pre-reqs that I didn't do so well...
  5. astrostellar

    DIY post-bacc @UNE vs online UNECOM program

    I understand the UNECOM online postbacc pre-reqs are fairly well-regarded. However, I've honestly been looking for an excuse to move back to Maine for a little bit (I'm native to Maine and actually was accepted to UNE for undergrad in 2009 and didn't go... worst decision), and I was wondering if...
  6. B

    Going to a Post-Bac w/ Some of the Pre-Med Requirements Completed?

    Hi Everyone, I am currently a college senior hoping to apply to some post-baccalaureate pre-medical programs in the upcoming application cycle. I had some concerns though, and I was wondering if anyone could relate and give me some advice, as it is much needed! 1. As a college senior, would I...
  7. Mason91

    Master's recommendation? Boosting GPA

  8. F

    UPenn Post-Bacc

    I’m planning to start the UPenn pre-health post-bac program this Fall 2016. Anyone interested in sharing an apartment with me? I’m looking for a female roommate to share an apartment near UPenn campus. I have not find anything yet but if you are looking for a roommate then hit me up.
  9. C

    31 yr old Non Trad 3.0-3.2 GPA from Top 3 Ivy - Fresh Start in TX 2nd Bachelor's vs Formal Postbacc?

    Hi fellow forumers! I'm a 31 (almost 32) yr old Non Traditional aspiring pre-med who has been lurking for awhile, getting educated on the many helpful threads, and am looking for some advice on what to do next. After a lucrative but unfulfilling decade-long corporate career, I'm interested in...
  10. T

    want to pursue medicine and no support. thinking of moving out of state for postbacc. advice?

    Sorry for the long-winded post. I am probably going to sound like I'm rambling and I apologize! I'm pretty tired and feeling really discouraged. let me know if any more info is needed. I just graduated with my bachelors in Psychology in May and have decided that I want to pursue medicine. my...
  11. B

    Goucher Post-Bac admission

    I recently graduated from Johns Hopkins with a 3.5 gpa (psychology and anthropology). I would have had a 3.67 if it weren't for one semester during my freshmen year when I lost a family member and left the country for the funeral during my finals period. I have a 1900 SAT score, a 4.2 high...
  12. IvyLeagueGunnin0920

    Foreign degree, US community college, Harvard Post Bacc , Stanford Graduate

    Hi guys, this is my first post so please bear with this noob. I am concerned about my chances at a US MD school. My situation is a little messed up. I used to be an international student here in the US. I graduated from a foreign university with a horrific GPA of 2.64. I then earned an...
  13. I

    Advice moving forward (crappy GPA etc.)

    I'd like to lay out my case and maybe get some feedback on which direction I should take moving forward. One way or another I know my sGPA must (emphasis on must) improve. Disclaimer: Haven't taken my MCAT, but planning on dedicating a solid 3-4 months starting August and taking it in January...
  14. Student1222

    Help me with my list of SMP

    Hi, I am deciding on doing a SMP because of my low GPA. Here are my stats and ECs. 3. 21 cGPA 3. 24 sGPA MCAT not taken. GRE 317 (unofficial score) ECs. - 1 year of research at Lab at Cleveland Clinic (have done poster presentation about it as well) - 2 year of research at a Psychology Lab...
  15. Mr.SoloDolo

    Mills Post-bacc 2016

    Hey Everybody I will be beginning the Mills post-bacc pre-med program this coming fall 2016 and I wanted to find out, is anyone on these boards doing the same? Also, I'm planning on living on-campus in grad housing and I'm interested in hearing where others plan to live. Feel free to join the...
  16. ebbo

    Leaving active-duty Army, advice on plans appreciated

    Hello, SDN! I come here humbly seeking the advice of those before me. I am due to leave active-duty Army by the end of the year, and I am going to get back on the med school track after. Ideally I wanted to apply for a post-bacc, pre-med program, but I have too many science credits from the...
  17. R

    Loyola Marymount University Post-Bacc vs Harvard Extension

    I wanted to ask if anyone has had experience with Loyola Marymount University's Post-Bacc program. How well is this program perceived by ADCOMs? Are there ample benefits to the program outside of the classroom, such as research opportunities, clinical experience, etc. Is it worth the cost of...
  18. Y

    Academic Enhancer Program - GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences Certificate

    Hi everyone! I currently work as one of the Supplemental Faculty for this year with the GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences Certificate Program. We wanted to make a post/thread on here to give information about our program and answer any questions about the program if anyone was...
  19. dentalgirl27

    Creighton University pre-dental post-bacc Program 2016

    Hello fellow pre-dents! I started this thread as a means of communication for all those applying to the Creighton University pre-dental post-bacc program. There are some from past years but I didn't see one for this year! I thought it could be a good place for applicants to post questions or...