1. J

    Applying before MCAT score arrives

    Is it possible to apply prior to receiving my MCAT score? I bumped my test date to Sept. 3rd and will receive my scores (hopefully) late September, early October. Is it possible to apply with the rest of my application in August when the cycle opens?
  2. J

    Cannot secure science faculty letters

    I have been having extreme difficulty in securing science professor recommendation letters. This past semester I did wonderful and had an A in microbio. I got to know the professor through zoom, email conversations, etc…When I asked for a letter she stated since we never met in person, she...
  3. J

    Rescheduling MCAT

    I have decided to bump my MCAT test date back to allow more time to study. I don't feel comfortable moving forward. Is it possible to secure another test date without cancelling my current one? I'd hate to cancel and then not have another test date available.
  4. 5

    Scholl vs NYCPM

    I recently got accepted to both Scholl and NYCPM. I’m posting to this forum because I know that most of you are residents and physicians, and know more about the real world than we students do. I was wondering, even though both schools pretty much have the same education and curriculum...
  5. X

    Need Help With Deciding Between Two Schools

    Hi all, As some of you may/may not remember, I was set onto going to nycpm, but now that may have to change. I was offered a scholarship at Scholl but none at nycpm. I live in nyc already so there’s this cost of relocating to Chicago & finding an apartment & all that. Also, there’s this issue...
  6. X

    What current events can I talk about during my interview (if asked)?

    I want to refrain from talking about politics because I don’t wanna offend the interviewers. Also if their views are different from mine, that would be an issue lol. The only current event I can think of is how Norway has almost eliminated Down Syndrome, but again I don’t wanna offend the adcom...
  7. X

    Interview Nightmare. Need advice.

    I had my interview today at NYCPM & omg it was sooo bad. I butchered it (in a bad way of course). Everything was going fine until they asked me about my MCAT score & I threw my advisor under the bus saying that I was pressured into taking it with little prep (which I SHOULD NOT have done), but I...
  8. X

    Skirt or pants for an interview?

    Hi, I’m debating between wearing a skirt or pants to my interviews. I’m going to wear a blazer for sure but should I wear a skirt or pants?
  9. X

    Interview Day Anxiety

    Hi all, I have my first interview coming up in less than 2 weeks & I'm really anxious because it is at my primary school choice. I wouldn't be worrying if it was some other school first, since I would be able to practice lol. I panic inside & I tend to just freeze during it. I am afraid that...
  10. X

    Kent State Interview

    Hi all, I got verified today & also received an interview invite from Kent State. I’m creating this thread so that people can share their experiences interviewing at Kent state (if you did) & also travel info if possible.
  11. X

    MCAT score release

    Hi all, So I’ve sent my MCAT scores electronically to AACPMAS in October but it still showed as unofficial on my application. I emailed them & they said they’ve received my scores & that they are attached. However, today I got an email from NYCPM saying this: (click image). When I go to the...
  12. X

    Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine

    Hi, Is it okay if I don't attach a CV/Resume in the documents section for this school? I just want to make sure, as I don't want my chances decreased for one mistake.
  13. X

    How do I add Committee Letter?

    Hi all, On the AACPMAS it says to add the individual evaluator's name & info, but I want to add a committee letter instead (which my premed adviser will be sending). Should I tell my adviser to mail it to AACPMAS or should I put his name on the evaluator's name & info section on the app? I'm...
  14. X

    Should I include my culinary school transcripts?

    Hey guys, I’m in a dilemma here. Prior attending my current institution, I was actually in culinary school! I know the change is weird, but long story short: I hated it & I was there for like 2 semesters, because I realised my love for medicine & never looked back since. Now the thing is, I’ve...
  15. X

    Des Moines University doesn't take international?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently applying for Fall 2019 cycle, & saw that DMU doesn't except international applicants for the DPM program??? Whaaaaat lol I went to their website & this is what I found: NON-U.S. CITIZENS Applicants who are not U.S. citizens or legal permanent U.S. residents are not...
  16. X

    How to calculate Vmax & Km?

    Ciuld someone please explain how do I calculate Vmax & km with and without graphs on the mcat? Thanks in advance.
  17. X

    MCAT Exam Next Week

    Hi all, my test is next week and I was wondering what do you guys suggest I should focus most on? I was thinking of just focusing on SB the next 7 days, what do you guys think? Also few test day tips would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  18. X

    AAMC Practice Test 3 B/B #38

    Could someone please explain this answer?
  19. X

    AAMC Practice Test 3 B/B #4

    Why is the answer A and not C? I picked C because I was thinking of it in a mathematical way: It was given that: work= force x distance; power= force x velocity Therefore, power= (work/distance) x velocity (from the work equation I separated force=work/distance) So with that in mind, Work=...
  20. X

    Which AAMC FL is hardest?

    I was wondering which AAMC FL (1/2/3) did you guys find the hardest? I was thinking of doing the hardest one the day before my actual test.
  21. X

    How do I tackle MCAT passage-based questions?

    Hi everyone, My MCAT is in about a month & I am not doing well in the passage-based questions. It's not about the content anymore, since I believe I am good at it; because I can answer the independent questions very well, but I can't seem to do well on the questions which infers to the passage...
  22. X

    How do I tackle the passage-based questions?

    Hi everyone, My MCAT is in about a month & I am not doing well in the passage-based questions. It's not about the content anymore, since I believe I am good at it; because I can answer the independent questions very well, but I can't seem to do well on the questions which infers to the passage...
  23. TXDO

    What Are My Chances: WAMC Podiatry

    Hi guys, same old question but I did not find a right answer for my sister's situation. Well, she has 3.0 cGPA and 2.85 science GPA with 18 MCAT score. She's a junior now and wants to apply next year, so she wants to know if she could a decent chance to get in a pod school. Seriously, this...