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  1. F

    PT Application Help

    I am working on my application for the 2016-2017 cycle for physical therapy program and was wondering what other people thought about the essay prompt. It is: "What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?" I feel like this prompt is...
  2. P

    Loma Linda University 2017

    Hey everyone! I thought I would make a thread for all of those applying to Loma Linda for this cycle! Feel free to post your stats and anything else related to Loma Linda! I was also wondering how long it takes the Admissions Office to get back to you after you submit the supplemental...
  3. pmaq

    HELP , in dire need of tips & advice . DPT , GRE , the whole shabang !

    3.35 GPA , 500+ PT Observations hours and still need to take the GRE I realize my GPA isn't the best , but what are some things I can do to increase my chance. Also, does anyone know of any schools that are known for accepting applicants like myself ? I have been looking to apply to Western ...
  4. O

    Below Minimum GRE scores

    Hey guys! just had a quick question for you all! I was wondering if anyone on here has gained admission to Texas PT school (ex: UTSW, Texas State, Texas Tech) with below minimum GRE scores? I haven't taken my GRE yet, but would like some, somewhat good news if I don't get the scores l need...
  5. TravisDPT

    Leave DPT Program for PA school?

    Looking for advice/anyone who has been in a similar situation. Currently in my first clinical rotation (inpatient acute care) after finishing my first year of my DPT (3-year program, class of 2018). Having second thoughts about wanting to be a PT, and am leaning towards applying to PA school (2...
  6. R

    RUSH SPT: Video Blog Resource for Student Physical Therapists

    Hey everyone, I want to share a resource that I have been working on for the past few months. I have developed a video blog named RUSH SPT that discusses academic strategies for PT school, financial information, and shares clinical experiences from my classmates and myself. I have also added a...
  7. R

    Video Blog Resource for SPTs and Pre-PT Students

    Hey everyone, I want to share a resource that I have been working on for the past few months. I have developed a video blog named RUSH SPT that discusses academic strategies for PT school, financial information, and shares clinical experiences from my classmates and myself. I have also added a...
  8. Y

    Recommended Supplies & Note-taking/Studying Method for PT School?

    Hello everyone! I've recently been accepted into PT school and was wondering what any current PT students would recommend in terms of supplies they found useful, as well as how they took notes in and out of class? I am planning on getting a 2 inch binder to hold printed powerpoint slides for...
  9. T

    A "C" In Chemistry

    Hi, I'm just looking for some help. Next week I have finals and it's looking like I might end up with a "C" in Chemistry, which is a science pre-req (as you all probably know). I have a lot of hands-on experience as a rehab tech, at a muscular dystrophy camp and working with football players...
  10. Z

    Pt schools with no cadaver lab/ simulated lab

    Wondering if anyone knows of any schools with no cadaver lab for gross anatomy or a simulated/ artificial cadaver lab? really want to be a pt but the cadaver lab seriously freaks me out and has me worried.
  11. J

    Attention all older PTs

    Just wondering.... For those who were able to get the PT degree before the DPT was the standard, if you had to go through it all again but instead had to pursue the DPT, and all the debt that came along with it, would you? Essentially, is the job worth the debt t comes with. Any and all replies...
  12. S

    Knowledge is power

    Looking for some words of wisdom and hopefully some uplifting advice regarding the application process for PT school... Really hoping to stay away from negative energy so please only helpful (not hurtful) comments. They say knowledge is power and that is what I'm here for. I am new to the...
  13. K

    Owning a horse in PT school

    Debating on whether or not to take my horse to physical therapy school. For those that are in the program, do you have any free time? Are there any current students that have their horse with them? Need some advice
  14. N

    Medical sales instead of PT?

    Ok so I'm a student currently at FAU in my junior year, and we have a class called intro to excercise health promotion. The teacher often brings in guest speakers to discuss different career paths one can take the the excercise science and health promotion degree (which I am going for). We...
  15. M

    Medical School v.s. Physical Therapy School

    Hello all, I have recently completed my bachelor's degree at Stockton University. My goal throughout my time as an undergraduate was to become a Physical Therapist. With a 3.65 (*two withdrawls* from NON science courses) and as President of the Physical Therapy undergraduate club I was accepted...
  16. B

    Briar Cliff U

  17. T

    Fielding any questions on PT school

    I am a first year student at Marshall University. If you all have any questions on what to expect, what to study, finances, or how to prepare, feel free to ask them here or shoot me a message and we can exchange emails. I remember coming into PT school I didn't know what to expect and its hard...
  18. N

    Help! Bad semester undergrad previous program

    Hello, I am currently preparing to apply to PT programs, but I am a little afraid of a bad undergrad semester. In undergrad, I was in nursing school for a semester, but had to withdraw due to grades. I experienced a lot of outside problems that semester, that reflected in my academics. So...
  19. K

    DPT Admissions Decisions

    Hey everyone. I recently just graduated from USF in the Fall of 2015, and have applied to PT schools for Fall 2016. Here are my stats: University of South Florida, Graduated Magna Cum Laude on December 11th Major: Biomedical Sciences Minor: Psychology Cumulative GPA: 3.75 GRE: V:152, Q:153...
  20. T

    30 year old trying to get into PT school..

    I've recently made a career change to quit my job and go back to school and take the prerequisites for most PT schools. A few things worry me though. First, my cumulative GPA is not good. I started college in 2004 and got horrible grades in the beginning. Around my junior year I began to...
  21. P

    PTA with desire to be DPT!

    Hello everyone, so I'm just looking for some feedback and insight. First off, I currently have a Bachelors degree from UNT in kinesiology with a GPA 3.34 and pre-req around 3.0. I applied to many DPT programs but did not even get an interview invitation. I had to start looking for alternatives...
  22. N

    Undergrad PT Internships?

    Hey guys, First just wanted to say I'm new to this website so if i screw something up forgive me. Second, I was recently offered an Internship under a DPT for sports rehab (one of the main fields im interested in). For a degree in exercise science we have an internship course the last semester...
  23. M

    Advice for a beginner(PT)?

    I have decided to pursue a Physical Therapy degree 2 months ago. I am currently attending a Community College, majoring in Pre Physical Therapy. This associate will obtain all the prerequisites for Physical Therapy school. I transfered from University to College, so I can have a better chance...
  24. D

    PT School - Pick Your Clinicals?

    Like any other health professional grad program, clinical internships are crucial to developing as a practitioner. My question is... Does anyone know of any PHYSICAL THERAPY PROGRAMS that let you PICK YOUR OWN CLINICALS? I am 99.9% confident that I know what speciality I want to enter into...