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    Does spouse criminal record affect my chances?

    Hi everyone. I’ve been combing through all the wonderful advice on this site for a while now, but this is my first post. I’m an early 30s non-trad, applying to MD and DO programs in the 2022 cycle. Here’s the dilemma: After 5 years with my now-husband, we decided to get married. Shortly...
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  3. N

    Lose-Lose Gridlock

    Thank you in advance for your advice. I’m having trouble in residency and thinking of trying to find an alternative. I will try to stay vague so my PD doesn’t learn about this from SDN somehow. I matched into my top choice and I’m loving the program. It’s a very poor hospital system with tons...
  4. agdcmg7

    Relationships, kids, and struggles of medical school.

    Hello Future DOctors, I was just wondering how everyone is able to keep their relationships together at home with their spouse and kid(s). We moved out of state away from our extended family support system and it has been a rough year. We have one daughter, who has adjusted well, but the time...

    Army Spouse Employment

    I will be entering medical school next fall and I'm currently trying to decide if the HPSP is right for me/ my family. It seems like there is A LOT to digest in regards to the current status and future changes to milmed specifically dealing with GME. While I am keeping all that in mind I was...
  6. F

    How to Be a Helpful Spouse During Residency Application Process

    Hi All. I am pretty new to SDN, and I figured this would be a good place to ask about residency how-to's. My husband does so much of the research for anything medical school related (obviously, since he's the one in medical school), so he doesn't always convey to me what I could be...
  7. FutureDO2020

    Navy SO looking for residencies near Navy Bases

    I was wondering how many other people on here have a military SO/spouse and are wondering what their options are for residency. Of course I will be looking into ACGME residencies near my SO's base and am aware that we may have to continue being LDR for the entirety/some of my residency. Has...
  8. H

    Navy/Army scholarship plus having a spouse

    Hey guys, So I am entering my D1 and have been on the phone with my current dentist. He has been pushing me to go the Navy/Army route. I am super interested as it makes the most sense financially, however, I am unsure. I have a serious girlfriend and we will be engaged within a year or so. She...
  9. W

    How does my spouse effect financial aid?

    So I am marrying a med student the summer before he heads to med school. He has no undergrad debt and I have a good bit of undergrad debt. He got lots of grants for undergrad based on his parent's financials. So my questions are: does he have to do this year's FAFSA in regards to us and not...
  10. J

    To Post-bac or not to post-bac

    Hi everyone! Was hoping to get some advice about what to do with the year coming up. I am applying next month to both MD and DO, though MD is preferred and have also applied for a post-bac master's starting this fall. I think if I do well in the post-bac, I have a really good shot at getting...
  11. N

    Accepted to 1 year postbac at 31 - cold feet?

    Hi there, I've been extremely lucky enough to be accepted to a top 1-year post-bac program with linkage opportunities. For a variety of reasons, I followed a different track in life, and am currently seeing success in the business world. I'm comfortable financially and happy in my role. Though...
  12. T

    considering spouse for nontrad med school admission?

  13. S

    Depressed during spouses residency

    I don't expect anyone to have an answer but I am just feeling very alone. My BF and I have been together for three years, and I helped to support him when he did not get a residency during his first match. He is now halfway through his PG1 year, and it seems to be going very well for him. I, on...
  14. P

    Wife starting school this year!

    Hi folks, I am an engineer and my wife is finally starting medical school this summer. We are fortunate enough to be able to support her leaving her career and starting school because of my career. I know that at certain points in this wonderful journey to medicine I will need some support to...
  15. B

    Army Getting stationed together w/ spouse's non-military med residency- Anyone have any experience/tips?

    My wife and I are both graduating in 2018. I'm army dental HPSP, she is non-military medical residency (family med). We looked at what duty stations would be best for her to apply to a family med residency nearby. I'm pretty sure I find out in December, but she finds out in March. Has...
  16. F

    Wife of medical student who failed Step 1 twice

    Hello, In need of some support/advice on how to handle the stress of being married to someone who has failed the step 1 twice (passed the 3rd time with decent score) and is currently studying for Step 2 (written and practicial). I know I have a bit of a control problem anyway but this is driving...
  17. YellowTurtle

    Husband is starting to get disappointed

    Hey all. I'm an MS3 who has been very undecided all throughout medical so far about deciding which specialty I will apply for in the match. I've always shied away from surgery because my marriage and my mental sanity are my highest priorities and I need balance in my life outside of work. I...
  18. D

    Matching into spouse's residency program

    I have a question about matching into a spouses residency program. My fiance in a surgical residency as a PGY2 . I am applying to pediatrics and would like to match into his hospital/university. The peds program there is not really competitive. I was wondering how much weight the program will...
  19. O

    Wife of Pre-Med non-traditonal

    Hi all! I feel so fortunate to have found this blog. I am in desperate need of some support. Here's my backstory: My husband is a non-traditional (perspective) med student who completed a post-baccalaureate program this Spring. He was a career changer, working for 7+ years as a...
  20. T

    Getting a Dog to Help With MCAT Stress

    My husband is studying for the MCAT to take this summer. I noticed he's been very stressed out and isolated. I was thinking about getting him a puppy to help relieve some of his stress and take away some of the unavoidable depression that comes with preparing for the MCAT's. Would that be a good...
  21. P

    spouse of a future surgeon

    My SO announced that surgery is the specialty of choice. I am VERY nervous about what this will mean for our future. SO began acting with what SO described as "the surgery attitude" immediately following the rotation. I could live with it because I thought it was short term, now SO wants to...
  22. ccrain24

    Move before or after medical school? I need some advice, preferably from experience.

    I want to move to Washington (state) for personal reasons after I graduate. (girlfriend wants me to move with her, her family is moving so she does not have a choice. It's a very serious relationship, the second serious relationship for me.) Should I move to Washington first to qualify for...
  23. L

    Is pre-med the right choice if you have kids and a spouse?

    It was a long-lost childhood dream, but I'm not so sure if it's a practical choice. I've been through an emotional rollercoaster. I quit college in order to get out of my parents' home because I was abused, even though they were paying for my college. I just couldn't stand it anymore. It's been...
  24. D

    does anyone know of any indian females in residency looking for arranged marriage?

    Guys I know this is kind of strange, but I have a friend whose son is starting his first year of fellowship in GI who is looking for an arranged marriage. He's within driving distance of Chicago. She told me that any caste (?) system is ok. I think her son is around my age 28-29 and they are...